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    Observer Awards: Wrestlemania Style!

    Class A (Your Top Three Choices) Lou Thesz/Ric Flair Award This award is given to the professional wrestlers who have the ability to carry an entire promotion (Wrestlemania) by themselves. 1. Hulk Hogan 2. Steve Austin 3. John Cena Most Outstanding Wrestler 1. Shawn Michaels 2. Randy Savage 3. Chris Benoit Best Box Office Draw 1. Hulk Hogan 2. Steve Austin 3. John Cena Best Feud 1. Andre/Hogan 2. Savage/Steamboat 3. Megapowers EXPLODE~! Best Tag Team 1. Demolition 2. Edge/Christian 3. British Bulldogs(just by talent alone) Most Improved 1. The Rock 2. John Cena 3. HHH Best on Interviews 1. The Rock 2. Shawn Michaels 3. Million Dollar Man Most Charismatic 1. Ultimate Warrior 2. Hulk Hogan 3. The Rock Best Technical Wrestler 1. Ricky Steamboat 2. Bret Hart 3. Kurt Angle Best Brawler 1. Bad News Brown 2. Steve Austin 3. HHH Best Flying Wrestler 1. Shawn Michaels 2. Jeff Hardy 3. Rey Mysterio Jr. Most Overrated (Overpushed) 1. Deisel 2. Mr T 3. Yokozuna Most Underrated (Underpushed) 1. Jeff Hardy 2. Steamboat 3. Dynamite Kid Best Match 1. Savage vs Steamboat 2. Savage vs Warrior 3. HBK vs Razor Best Non-Wrestler 1. Uelker 2. The Fink 3. Pete Rose Best Announcer 1. Ventura 2. Heenan 3. Ross Worst Announcer 1. Cole 2. Lawler 3. Duggan Best Major Show 1. X-Seven 2. III 3. XX Class B (Pick One) Worst Major Show: IX Best Wrestling Maneuver: Eddy's shoe falling off to surpise Angle for the roll up. Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic: Piper being half black/ half white. full idiot, somewhat racist. Worst Match: Blindfold Match Worst Feud: Piper vs Bad News Best Gimmick: Demoilition Worst Gimmick: Red Rooster Best Wrestlemania DVD: X-Seven Best Babyface: Hulk Hogan Best Heel: Million Dollar Man Best Manager: Heenan Worst Wrestler: Giant Gonzalas Worst Tag Team: Blu's Brothers Worst Manager: Wippleman Most Embarassing Wrestler: Mr. T Worst Non-Wrestling Personality: Pam Anderson
  2. Perfxion

    Brushes With Dubious Fame

    I met The Coach at a 50s diner in Stamford. He is like 6'5” or around that height. He is a nice guy. Even though I wanted to kick him in the nuts for being so awful. I met Aludra Blaze/Medusa back stage at the only WWF show ever in Stamford. She was really nice, and hitting on my older brother. I met former Sec. Of State Colin Powell back in 99 at a school trip and he was one of the nicest people I ever met. I also sold a smaller weber grill to Ahmad Rashad at my old job.
  3. Perfxion

    Quarterfinals, TSM Worst Poster Tournament

    I guess, 34 isn't that bad. But I guess I need to do alot more +1 to hit 1000
  4. Perfxion

    Round Three, TSM Worst Poster Tournament

    Mecca edgehead69 MVP Vanhalen Enigma EHME/Simon Brigante Marvinisalunatic Mole
  5. Perfxion

    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    No, its the really old, stupid, pointless, and unfunny joke that you can't say Chris Benoit anymore.
  6. Perfxion

    Round Two, TSM Worst Poster Tournament

    Mecca truthiness Bruiser_Brody Superjerk MVP jericholic82 Dustinbeaverton Vanhalen Enigma majormayhem1 EHME/Simon Brigante Kawalimus Marvinisalunatic flairfan Illustrious One Mole
  7. Perfxion

    Campaign 2008

    I just came from the local polling booth today in Houston, Texas. Dems and Republicans are both polling at different locations. Like same district splits them 6 miles apart. Secondly, and more important for tonight. The only way a person could vote in the caucus tonight is to vote between 7a-7p in the primary durring the day. This will make the number of voters much less than before. So I am going back tonight to cast my second vote. The way I see it, with yard signs all over the place, Hilary's camp is in full force trying to get votes. Which has me thinking she does not have a shot for winning the election. Hell I even got a call from her this morning. Granted it was a voice recording but still very annoying to recieve at 8:00a on the freaking dot.
  8. Perfxion

    Round One, TSM Worst Poster Tournament

    canadiandestroyer213 Bob Barron cabbageboy truthiness Art Sandusky Chazz Superjerk edgehead69 MVP (Should have this one in the bag) Failed Bridge Scroby Czech Republic Narcoleptic Jumper Razateca Bix Vanhalen Battlenuts Y2Jerk ( SO Bad he is listed twice) milliondollarchamp majormayhem1 EHME/Simon Adebisi Joey Bagadonuts Kawalimus Iggymcfly Usethesledgehammeruh MarvinisaLunatic Cheech Tremendous twiztedmind MOD/ADMIN BRACKET Vote for One of three Mike IllustriousOne Downhome Mole
  9. Perfxion

    Jay-Z vs. Linkin Park

    Why bump this OLD thread to post that retarded video? Couldn't that just stay in the hell of Youtube.
  10. Perfxion

    Dumbest Comment of the Day at TSM

    Let me guess, something along the lines of "News, we are talking news, not gossip, but news"
  11. Its would be debatable to guess the level of star Ray Allen of the Celtics is but he would be my pick. Since I met him when him and my brother were in the same English class in college and got an autograph of him back in 1995 after his winning shot against GTown in the Big East Championship finals. Could any sport get to or pass the level of popularity that the NFL has? Can any other sport make an all day event of the draft and a damn near month event of the combine seem like must see TV? I already know the only sport close enough to get about 100 million viewers or more watching at once is the World Cup finals but any chance for anything else?
  12. Perfxion

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    Um, most who keep using Vick, Tyson, and Kobe's name as main stream understand that most of that comes from 2/3 of them being CONVICTED FELONS and Kobe had a rape case that was thrown out, but everyone thought he was guilty. Mayweather is the ONLY person the WWE could get right now. No current MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, or hell PGA player is going to be allowed to wrestle. And the few that are will not. Plus, Mayweather is one of the highest grossing stars of 2007 so it isn't like this is some nobody. Also, Mayweather getting only 20 million is a PAY CUT for him.
  13. Perfxion

    Heath Ledger dead

    You bumped this thread to post a bunch of unfunny jokes, why?!
  14. Perfxion

    Dumbest Comment of the Day at TSM

    That question isn't so stupid as its a wrestling guy vs one of the few MMA fighters to get on Sportscenter and the cover of ESPN the mag. I know they aren't in the same class but from an outsiders POV, The Iceman is one of the few somewhat known names in UFC. And Lesnar did get very little press on ESPN about his fight. So from people who could give two shits about MMA its could be a big fight between two known(even if very little) names.
  15. Perfxion

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    Mayweather is the biggest name in boxing right now. Comparing him to Tyson is retarded. Tyson was good back in the day but his biggest claim to fame is being a CONVICTED RAPIST! I am not 100% sure but Mayweather hasn't raped any 16 year olds. OJ is one of the most known football players, and not from being the juice, from being the stabbing ex-husband. This is getting some press, but not alot because CONGRESS is looking into the top two sports stories of Spygate and Mitchell Report.
  16. Not that the media would not do it. But I hope they DON'T SHOW his face or release the name of the gunman. I really feel these crimes would go down if the media doesn't make the killers into celebrties like the Colimbine kids or as mention in this thread VTech. It would be better to only focus on the victims and the greif of the school. Leave everything else out of the question.
  17. Perfxion

    Campaign 2008

    I live right outside of Houston, TX. There are NO buses in the city I live in. And to get to the nearest bus stop from my house is 6 miles of driving. And that bus only goes up and down 1 road(FM 1960). The problem is to get to the nearest mall is 30 mins away. To get to downtown(within 610 loop) is a hour drive. Public Transportation is just out of the question. But figure since most major oil companies in the US are around Hobby or Bush airports. So gas at the prices now or higher is only going to fuck things up even more. I am surprised nobody has made any plans to help drop the prices for the only major crisis that I care about.
  18. Perfxion


    I am in need of getting a new TV. But I am going to breakdown and get a new one, I am on a tight budget so I saw this one and was wondering what anyone thought of this. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1172880155897
  19. Yes, racing is a sport. Just not as major of a sport. Its behind the big three (NFL, College Football, and MLB) in terms of its popularity, but its isn't mainstream enough to get all kinds of people watching 3 hours of left turns. Q: Which one is the more popular sport: College Football or MLB?
  20. Wilt, because he is the winner of the all time Kobe gunner award Q: What is the number two sport/league in the country: NCAA college football or MLB?
  21. Worst Sports town: (All Time) Hartford, CT because being right between NYC and Boston makes it an afterthought. (Currently): Miami because nobody who lives their are fans of any sport sans football. All people who like baseball follow their teams during the pre-season, but then have cable to keep watching other teams. NBA is more of an after thought for most of the country. And their college football team gets more news for police records and deaths than touchdowns and wins. Q: See below
  22. Perfxion

    NFL PLAYOFFS! Divisional Demolition

    Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots J'Ville plays 45 mins of in your face, tough, run up the gut, smash mouth football. But the game is 60 mins long, so NE makes a comeback and keeps on scoring. NE wins 34 to 24 San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts No Gates + Returning Harrision + Better Run game stoppage by Sanders + The Good Manning brother = Colts winning 35 to 14 New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys TO is playing, Giants do not have good stop for TO. Eli will look to have a good game, but the Giants will play like the Giants we know and have close to 150 yards in penalites so Romo doesn't have to be Mr. Perfect. He will break his bad game snap and will win this one. This game is going to be ugly but a win is a win. Cowboys 24 to 17 Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers Bitter cold game will have passing games slowed down a little due to recievers dropping would be open catches. Seahawks forgot what a running game is. Green Bay has developed into a great running team and they can throw. This could be the big blow out of the week. I see Green Bay pouring it on 42 to 17. Then next week is is going to be Superbowl talk of Farve vs Brady neverminding the fact both teams are going have tough rematches from earlier this season. The Media is completely sleeping on all 13-3 teams this year and it seems the only teams to get any coverage are J'Ville, NE, Eli rollercoaster and Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo staged love affair. But thats a rant for another thread.
  23. Perfxion

    A Presidential Quiz...

    Top 3: Hillary Clinton : 27.0 Barack Obama : 27.0 John Edwards: 22.0 Bottom 3: Ron Paul 3.0 Fred Thompson 7.0 Ducan Hunter 7.0 I am a registered Jackass and my highest RINO was 9/11 Rudy
  24. Perfxion

    Campaign 2008

    Why are you happy that a bunch of people will end up paying 25% more per fill-up of gas? So someone living on a $8.50 to $10.00 an hour wage has to pinch their money even more just to get to and from work?
  25. Perfxion

    TSM Person of the year

    One of those threads... Anyways, I was thinking of 4 simple questions to see who we would pick as the biggest news stories of the year. 1: Who is your opinion is the biggest news grabber of 2007? 2: What was the biggest story for the year? 3: What was the story with too much main stream attention? 4: What was the story with the least ammount of mainstream attention that deserve much more? My answers: 1: I picked Britney Spears in media's endless obsession to make everything into the major story breaking news story. 2: The Dog Fighting Saga that is Michael (Con)Vick. He has to be the dumbest person in America. 3: Senator Craig and his wide stance. 4: Jena 6 being a real news story in 2007 with backwoods town logic last seen in 1957.