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    XPW is being revived?

    Why would anybody want a refund after getting to see the single sickest bump in the history of professional wrestling?
  2. I've heard the book called "Fanny," "Marius," and "Marius & Fanny." If somebody's read it and wouldn't mind summarizing the last four or five pages of it for me, that would be golden. I understood the rest of the book but the last few pages have a ton of hard words I can't understand. Thanks in advance.
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    For those of you who have not yet heard the sad news - Darren "Dynamite D" McMillan passed away on the evening of April 11 as a result of complications of cancer. D was an awesome wrestler and an even better person. D is in the middle, next to "Movie Star Mike" Smith and Terry Funk
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    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    phoenix is the video several seconds behind the audio for you too?
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    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    phoenix, thanks man, I got it working! Much appreciated.
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    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    Where on the paltalk window am I supposed to be seeing the video? Like lower right, left, top, bottom?
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    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    OK im getting audio but not video, what do I do now?
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    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    So just search for "wrestling"?
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    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    The room is full right now.
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    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    Yes explain explain please. Is it free?
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    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    This looks suspiciously different than the previous post. Haha yup
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    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    The stream request? I could really use one if anyone has one. Come on, its 2007, someone please hook me up.
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    OAO WrestleMania 23 Thread-April 1st, 2007

    Anyone have a live stream? Please?
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    The Angel/GQ Money feud continued with Liberty or Death with Angel/Lizzy vs. GQ/VC and then culminated at the death match tournament (the next show) with Angel beating GQ. The Lizzy/VC feud ended at Liberty or Death with the above tag team match.
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    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Apparently Angle is charging $10,000 per show for non-TNA indys. Northeast Wrestling (northeastwrestling.com) currently has him booked.
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    TNA stupidity so great it warrants its own thread

    This beats out anything in this thread already (as found on DOI, who says they got it from Gerweck.net): - Before Jay Lethal came out recently at an iMPACT! taping Nash told the live crowd if they would make noise for him he would donate $1,000 to charity. Then Borash said the same thing which got the crowd chanting his name.
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    The below column is a special edition of “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job.” Official editions will be written in a more formal tone than this one is. During the first half of 2002, I was a guest columnist on XPWrestling.com. This is one column that for whatever reason never ended up going up on the site. Until now, it has never been read. It was written in the weeks leading up to Genocide. Enjoy. For more information on the “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” retrospective, please scroll down to the end of the column. Nowhere else will you experience: - Tommy Dreamer talking about the porn industry - Shane Douglas shedding his true feelings on Terry Funk - The Blue Meanie opening up about Jasmin St. Claire and her sexual harassment of a specific former-XPW wrestler - Josh Lazie telling everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about Sabu Welcome to XP fucking W, where bleeding was only HALF the job! Do you have a question about XPW? E-mail [email protected] and get it answered! CAUTION: Enter at your own risk. Barbed-wire and florescent light tubes are around every corner. XPW Insight (Edition #2): Can The Enterprise Overtake XPW? Hey peeps. I’m Jonathan Barber and am back with my second edition of “XPW Insight.” You remember me, right? I’m the guy who did that column on the New Jack/Vic Grimes feud about two months ago. This time, I’m going to write column a column about The Enterprise. XPW fans have realized by now the importance of The E’s ever-growing power over XPW. The question is this - is it possible for them to actually conquer XPW as we know it? Let’s take a look at each of the determining factors of this question, ranging from their dominance over XPW’s title situation and Kaos’ influence to their recent acquisition of The Sandman and perhaps most importantly the one faction that stands in their way of complete control:, The Black Army.  KAOS: The reigning (and inaugural, may I add) XPW Television Champion is, besides perhaps The Sandman, The Enterprise’s greatest asset. Late 2001 was when the birth of Kaos’ new persona, “The Rock Superstar” emerged. He’s now a cocky, flashy, and downright hip superstar, and so far his new style has seemed to work to his advantage. At last year’s “Damage Inc.,” the still-fan favorite Kaos upset Konnan in the final round of the XPW’s Television Title Tournament to be crowned the first XPW TV Champion. After the match, though, was the real story, as Kaos turned on his uncle Supreme and joined their arch-enemy, The E. Since his TV Title win, Kaos has been hotter than ever, and hasn’t shown any signs of cooling off any time in the near future. He’s successfully defended his TV Title against all contenders, including Nosawa (twice, each time in “Matches of the Night”), Angel, Psicosis, Chris Hamrick, and, in quite a surprise, “The Original Gangsta” NEW JACK! Even more impressive was the bout where the young stud ended the year-long undefeated streak of XPW’s resident behemoth, Pogo the Clown, at November 25’s “Retribution.” By doing that, Kaos had accomplished what superstars like Angel, Kraq, Steve Rizzono, John Kronus, Big Dick Dudley, and even current XPW World Heavyweight Champion “White Trash” Johnny Webb weren’t able to do! In that time, Kaos has also compiled quite a bag of finishing moves. He’s always used the Flying Guillotine, The Kaos Cutter, and The Kaos Driver, but he’s recently added two new ones, those being “The Falling Star” (a Crucifix Powerbomb into a Piledriver combo, which he debuted at Freefall) and the immensely popular “Kaostrify.” The Rock Superstar now looks to be the complete package and is one of the keys to The E’s success. He’s now reunited with his former arch-rival, Steve Rizzono, and those two, when on the same page, have always been quite a formidable duo to mess with.  THE TITLE DOMINANCE: The E has a strong grip on XPW’s titles. Kaos has held the XPW Television Title since late August 2001, and The Sandman, their newest member, recently defeated Supreme (albeit with some helpful interference by The E) at Freefall to win XPW’s extreme title, the King of the Deathmatch Championship. Also at Freefall, E member G.Q. Money received a World Heavyweight Title shot against Webb. Kaos has been hot ever since he joined The E late last year. He’s successfully defended the title against several of XPW’s top superstars (see above), and has even scored major upsets over Pogo the Clown and New Jack. At Freefall, he successfully defended the title in a “Gauntlet Match” against THREE different competitors, those being Angel, Chris Hamrick, and Nosawa. “The Rock Superstar”’s dominance of the XPW TV Title seems unending, and it only adds to The E’s power. At Freefall, The Sandman challenged Supreme for XPW’s King of the Deathmatch Title. Before the match, Sandman came out to the ring and berated Supreme, claiming to be the true “Hardcore Icon” and insisting that he’s the only man who’s dared use kendo sticks, barbed-wire, and tables in such violent manners. This sparked Supreme to challenge Sandman to a title match, which was readily accepted. Supreme dominated Sandman during most of the match, throwing him into a bed of barbed-wire and a bed of nails. However, The E interfered and assisted Sandman in pushing Supreme down onto one of the beds, giving Sandman the title win. The E had a brand-new member, and it was their most powerful weapon, yet. Sandman’s title win at Freefall brings The E’s title count to two, and Webb’s World Heavyweight Title looks to be their next goal. Lastly, it was at New Year’s Revolution II that G.Q. Money won an elimination battle royal consisting of The Enterprise, La Familia, and The Black Army, giving him a shot at Webb’s XPW World Heavyweight Title at “Freefall.” This was G.Q.’s first title shot, let alone World Heavyweight Title shot, and he made quite a showing for his first main-event level bout. Going into the match, the stipulation was that if Webb won, XPW TV went back to one full hour per week for at least a year, but if G.Q. won the title, the show would be completely run by The E. Although G.Q. gave Webb everything he had, , Webb came out on top with the 1-2-3 win in the end to retain his title and force XPW TV back to a full hour. Nonetheless, getting a shot at XPW’s top title only further strengthened The E’s dominance of power in XPW.  THE SANDMAN: The addition of the original “Hardcore Icon” to the Enterprise is a key to their abuse on XPW. Sandman is the only main event level grappler in the faction (although Kaos has a chance of climbing to that level), and even pinned XPW World Champion Webb, only to have the decision reversed due to some cheap calls. He’s held the ECW World Heavyweight Title on five different occasions (the all-time high) and has defeated all of ECW’s greatest superstars at one time or another. Since coming to XPW, he’s went toe-to-toe with top superstars like Vic Grimes, Konnan, Vampiro, Webb, and now Supreme. The hardcore influence that Sandman brings to The E is invaluable. Sandman can take anything, from barbed-wire being wrapped around him to Singapore cane shots. He is arguably XPW’s top superstar, and he brings valuable name power as well as weaponry to The E. However, he will not stay with them forever, so they’d be smart to use them to their fullest advantage while he’s on their side. To do that, they must treat him with great care. One never knows what Sandman will do next, and that’s his main weapon: unpredictability. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’d turn on them and join The Black Army. They must be careful to not upset him, let alone infuriate him, as that’s when he becomes the most dangerous. The slightest diss, insult, or tension in the faction could force Sandman to turn on the group, and that would probably end up being The E’s worst nightmare…ever. Sandman is hardcore beyond hardcore’s most violent stages, and that’s just what XPW stands for: violence. Up until recently, he was XPW’s most popular star to date, as he represented everything that professional wrestling fans craved. However, he gave all of that away to join The E, so he must have had a very good reason for doing so. Sandman is definitely going to play an integral part in the seemingly endless war between The Black Army and The Enterprise.  EVAN KARAGIAS’ INFLUENCE: On February 16, 2002’s edition of E/XPW TV, former-WCW Cruiserweight Champion Evan Karagias made his XPW debut and joined The Black Army. He made an impressive debut at Freefall against Psychosis. The match was one of several potential “Match of the Night” candidates and it offered a great taste of the former-WCW cruiserweight division. Fans saw a spectacular mix of high-flying, mat wrestling, and athleticism, (as well as one of the most vile-looking clotheslines ever seen in an XPW ring) which made for a very high-quality showing by the teen hearthrob. With Karagias now a member of The Black Army, he has several intriguing fantasy to look forward to. Opponents like Kaos, Chris Hamrick, and Steve Rizzono will give him a chance to shine in XPW, but he must take the bull by the horns, so to say, and waste no time in getting to work in trying to end The E’s hot streak. Karagias is a very valuable asset to The Black Army, as he’s the only universally-recognized name (besides perhaps Vic Grimes) that’s a member of their faction, and his potential, like Hamrick and Kaos’, is unlimited. He brings that rare mix of technical skills, unending high flying tactics, and hardcore weapons that is a rare find in XPW. He’s the only superstar (besides Nosawa) in The Black Army that can match Kaos in mat wrestling and high flying technique. Like The Enterprise’s grasp of Sandman, The Black Army must be careful not to lose Karagias’ services, either, as they will lack a valuable asset without him.  TV TIME: For the past two weeks, we’ve seen XPW TV be cut to a half-hour instead of a full hour per week. On February 9, 2002, XPW TV’s first half-hour went as planned. The second-half-hour, though, was a different story, as the screen went blank and came back on to reveal a new segment called, “E-TV,” which was conducted by (you guessed it!) The Enterprise. Since it’s relatively well known that XPW is no fan of the old WCW (or the WWF, for that matter), it was only suiting that The E had a segment hosted by “Tony Shablowme” (who was obviously G.Q. Money dressed up in drag) and “Mike Tenish” (who was played by Kaos). “The Professor” (Mike Tenish) showed off some of his wrestling knowledge by rattling off names of foreign wrestling promotions and wrestlers, and then passed it down to “Cock Hendrix” (T.J. Rush) for an interview with E diva Veronica Caine. As the show went off the air, The E issued to Rob Black’s Army a message that was quite simple: The E is taking over. On February 16, The E had another 20-minute segment towards the end of XPW TV. Once again, The E mocked WCW with a segment parodying their movie, “Ready To Rumble.” The E gloated about G.Q.’s then-upcoming title shot against Webb, and it seemed like there was some heat between G.Q. and Kaos, but as the show went off the air, they made up and were back together, stronger than ever. It may have lasted for only two episodes, but The E having their own segment on XPW TV was a major shot toward The Black Army, which brings us to…  THE BLACK ARMY: The animosity between The Enterprise and XPW owner Rob Black’s Army began as January 12’s “New Year’s Revolution II” came on the air, with The Black Army getting the best of The E in a brief brawl. The night was far from over, though… NYR2 was hyped to feature the debut of a superstar that nobody would ever expect to appear in XPW, an announcement that would change professional wrestling as everyone knew it, and the debut of a new XPW X-Girl. None of those things happened. The next week on XPW TV, it was revealed that The E was behind everything - they had screwed XPW’s fans into believing that NYR2 would be a historic night. Rob Black’s Army was furious and over the next few weeks, the rivalry between the two factions heated up immensely. The feud has not shown any signs of ending, and it looks to only be becoming progressively more bitter. The question is whether The E can overtake The Black Army and reign supreme over XPW. Webb and G.Q. Money became embroiled in a feud over the XPW World Heavyweight Title. Over the past few months, E and Black Army members have engaged in several matches with one another. G.Q. Money and Angel have faced off, but it seemed that Angel came out on top (no pun intended!). Kaos has retained his XPW TV Title against Angel and Nosawa on a few occasions, while Webb has defeated several E members, including G.Q. Money, Steve Rizzono, and T.J. Rush. At “Redemption,” though, Kaos scored a huge win over Webb. Even though Kaos wasn’t with The E at that point in time, that victory has to give The E major confidence when they look back - after all, one of their guys beat the current Heavyweight champ! A powerful blow was struck the night after NY2, when Rob Black banned The E from appearing on XPW TV. Would they find a whole? Of course. They weaseled their way back onto the show by starting to air paid advertisements in which they trashed Black and his goons. They even went as far as taking the last half-hour of XPW TV and using it to air their own segments. However, when G.Q. Money lost his title shot against Webb at Freefall, the stipulation forced XPW TV to go back to its regular full hour, without anymore E-TV. Even the X-Girls have faced off as a result of this feud. At Freefall, Lizzy Borden ripped off Veronica Caine’s top to win the “Buck-Naked Match,” but the lights went off and The E covered up Caine with a towel, much to the fans’ dismay. Once again, The Enterprise had screwed the fans. Later on that same night, The Black Army did get considerable revenge upon The E by gaining one key victory: thanks to Webb’s successful title defense against G.Q., XPW TV was forced to go back to one full hour, without The E’s segments. The coup de grâce came after that match when The Black Army ran in and attacked G.Q., going so far as to shave the hair off of his head! Also at Freefall, The Black Army lost a key element to their force (at least for several months) when New Jack tossed arch-rival “Vicious” Vic Grimes off of a 40-foot scaffold in the most dangerous bump in the history of professional wrestling. Grimes landed on the back of his neck and back. He has been to hell, but can he return from it? With the exception of G.Q. losing his title match, Freefall was clearly The E’s night, as they gained the all-important allegiances of the new King of the Deathmatch The Sandman, while The Black Army lost in Grimes a key member of their squad. Lastly, although he didn’t come through with the title win, G.Q. Money struck a huge blow in The Black Army at NYR2 when he won the elimination battle royal to earn a shot Webb’s title, thereby proving that The E were out for complete dominance.  THE FUTURE: The future for The Enterprise looks very bright, but how it plays out depends in large part on the development of The Black Army’s roster. Both factions have shown interest in acquiring the services of the newly-introduced Chris Hamrick. Evan Karagias will undoubtedly play a big part in The Black Army’s future as well, and hopefully he will engage in some great bouts with opposing members of The E. The Black Army has several superstars that, when at their best, are valuable weapons, such as Kraq, Kronus, and Nosawa. However, it seems like these superstars have not appeared much in XPW as of late, and a lot of The Black Army’s success hinders on willingness of their members to show up and wage the war against The E. With Vic Grimes out for seemingly the next few months, The Black Army has lost a key asset. Grimes’ battles with New Jack were bloodbaths, and even on his worst night, he is the toughest superstar in the Army. Much of The Black Army’s success rides on whether Grimes makes a successful recovery. Meanwhile, the unpredictable Sandman is The E’s most valuable star and they would be smart to wage war immediately while they still have his allegiance, as it’s inevitable that he won’t remain with them forever. Lastly, The E would be smart in trying to recruit the services of D (formerly Dynamite D) and The So-Cal Jobbers Union. While they’re no main event level stars, The Union would help dramatically in numbers, as is evident by how they dismantled Pogo the Clown at Freefall. With war being waged with the Army at the present moment as I speak, The E would be very smart to take in The Union under their roof.  THE LAST WORD: In summary, The E’s most valuable weapons are Kaos and The Sandman, while The Black Army’s prized possessions are the now-injured Vic Grimes and XPW World Heavyweight Champion Webb. The E has a solid bunch of smaller threats, like Steve Rizzono, T.J. Rush, and G.Q. Money, while The Black Army’s up-and-comers mainly consist of Kraq, Angel, Nosawa, and their newest member Evan Karagias. If Black is able to recruit Chris Hamrick as he’s expressed interest in doing, that would make for quite a team of high flyers: Nosawa, Karagias, and Hamrick! If The E want to gain complete control of XPW (which they obviously do), I’d recommend that they go after dominance immediately. With Grimes out for several months and Kraq not doing all that much at the moment, now would be The E’s best opportunity to achieve superiority. Also, Sandman has always been hard to trust, having had more alliances and enemies than can be counted. One never knows what he’s up to - it’s always possible that he could turn on The E at any time. They should seek control of XPW right now - before The Black Army can recruit any newcomers (like Hamrick) and before Vic Grimes can make his return. As was stated above, The So-Cal Jobbers Union would add a dramatic edge on The E’s part in terms of strength in numbers. Plus, D’s amazing technical exploits would add even more talent to a faction which is already stacked with just that (Kaos, G.Q., Rizzono, etc.). The Union is a bunch of young dogs looking for somebody to bite and the added value that they’d bring would make them more than worth taking under The E’s wing. As The E’s most valuable member, Sandman may very well be the determining factor in who wins the war between The Black Army and The E. The E must stay on his good side, as the possibility of him turning on them and joining The Black Army is certainly a possibility after his sudden betrayal of XPW’s fans at Freefall. Sandman is a superstar; better yet, he is a legend, and The E would be ignorant to do anything that would provoke him to leave their side. It now looks as if The E and Black Army are basically even in terms of talent, so I’d recommend that The E not waste any time and attempt to gain supremacy over XPW right now. They’re on a hot streak, as they hold two of XPW’s titles, recently gained a new member in the all-powerful Sandman, and have the sexual allure of Veronica Caine. Time is valuable, and wasting it is a sin. Now is the time for The E to shine. I’m Jonathan Barber, and ‘till next time, have a nice day (Foley rules!)!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GENERAL INFORMATION “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is an independently-produced, ongoing historical retrospective which details in extraordinary depth the fascinating history of Rob Black’s XPW (Xtreme Pro Wrestling). Officially endorsed by adult film legend Ron Jeremy ( http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KF2BRGPB ) as well as by pro wrestler / promoter / trainer / musician / radio host / magician Verne Langdon (http://www.vernelangdon.com/), the retrospective will go behind-closed-doors and detail everything one could ever want to know about XPW. The Objective The phrase, “to leave no stone unturned,” is very common nowadays--so common, in fact, that it is often exaggerated. When “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” vows to leave no stone unturned, it is not exaggerating. On the contrary, “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is intent on bringing readers dirt that has been concealed among “the boys” since XPW existed and - until now - has never seen the light of day. This fact is evidenced by the involvement of such world-famous entertainers as Ron Jeremy, Shane Douglas, and Tommy Dreamer in the project. “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” has all of the necessary resources at its disposal and plans to use those resources with the purpose of bringing to the reader the roller-coaster experience that was XPW. The Content With over 30 people contributing exclusive comments, it is impossible to do the retrospective’s content justice, but readers can expect a major focus on the more controversial aspects of XPW’s history, such as Rob Black’s friendships with Paul Heyman and Buh Buh Ray Dudley and where exactly the negotiations with ECW went wrong, what exactly happened at the HeatWave 2000 riot, drug use in the XPW locker room, and the inside scoop on whether or not the wrestlers got sexual favors from the porn stars. Find out what The Messiah doesn’t want his fans to know about his personal life and his former-relationship with Rob Black and Lizzy Borden. Follow Josh Lazie as he tells stories of his experiences traveling all around the world with Sabu, including how they got jailed together in Mexico (as well as how El Hijo del Santo played into the story). Learn the stories that Jasmin St. Claire has tried to prevent from being published about her history of harassing XPW wrestlers. Get the inside scoops on the roles that Hayabusa, Bruce Hart, and Atsushi Onita played in XPW. Plus, each person who did an interview (see the list below) was asked for their favorite/funniest John Kronus story. Kronus - a former-ECW Tag Team Champion as one half of “The Eliminators” with Perry Saturn - is known not only as being one of the most notorious ribbers in the wrestling business but also for doing crazy stunts with the purpose of entertaining “the boys.” Many of these humorous drugs, sex, and alcohol-related stories will be published in “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job.” The Wrestlers The best part about “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is that it will be told from the accounts of the people who were there to live the XPW experience, among them Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas, Jerry Lynn, Missy Hyatt, and tens of others. Virtually every major wrestler who you could think of who wrestled for or were directly associated with XPW have done extensive shoot interviews about his or her XPW runs and their comments will be incorporated into the retrospective with the purpose of providing first-hand testimony. Everybody was asked about their opinion of how they got into XPW, their opinion of Rob Black and of Lizzy Borden, and then of course more specific questions about their particular involvement in XPW, as well as their favorite party/road stories from XPW. The list of people who have done interviews so far include: * “The Franchise” SHANE DOUGLAS (made very candid comments on a number of different subjects---for a full summary of what Douglas discussed, go to http://www.declarationofindependents.net/d...ages/xpwsd.html ) *WWE/ECW superstar TOMMY DREAMER *Jerry Lynn *The Blue Meanie *Missy Hyatt *Chris Hamrick *Ron “The Truth” Killings *Devon Storm (a.k.a. Crowbar) *“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels *Shark Boy *Kevin Kleinrock (former-XPW VP) *Josh Lazie (former-XPW Talent Relations Director, manager of Sabu, and ex-bassist for the world-famous band DANZIG---for a full summary of what Lazie discussed, go to http://www.declarationofindependents.net/d...s/xpwlazie.html ) *Kris Kloss *Larry Rivera *CZW promoter/wrestler John Zandig *Gary Yap *Verne Langdon (the trainer of Homeless Jimmy, Messiah, Dynamite D, Webb, Damien Steele, Angel, and others) *Plus over 20 different wrestlers including - but not limited to - Kaos, GQ Money, Altar Boy Luke, Pogo the Clown, “White Trash” Johnny Webb, Dynamite D, Steve Rizzono, and tons of others Many more to be announced! Those who were contacted for interviews about their XPW tenures but declined include: *Sabu *New Jack *Evan Karagias (wanted $100 for an interview) *The Messiah (wanted $200+ for an interview--very unprofessional--stalked, harassed, and made absurd legal threats towards creator of "XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job") ***Lizzy Borden (has moved on from wrestling and doesn’t wish to comment on it) *Jasmin St. Claire (acted like a prima donna [read: Pre-Madonna] and acted extremely unprofessional, saying she was higher than doing wrestling interviews and making physical threats towards "XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job") *Veronica Caine ***Although Lizzy Borden did not grant an interview, she was very helpful in supplying rare XPW footage and photographs which will be used to supplement the voluminous information that is presented in the “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” retrospective. More and more people who were formerly associated with XPW continue to be contacted for interviews and updates will be given if anyone noteworthy agrees to get involved. In addition, “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job”’s narrative/written content will be *supplemented* by previously unreleased video footage, photographs, and other exclusive multimedia. To read the editions of “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” that have been printed up to this point, please visit: http://www.declarationofindependents.net/d...xpwhistory.html Be sure to start at the bottom of that page, as the article at the top is the most recent chronologically and the last article is the first article chronologically (assuming you want to read them in chronological order, that is…if not, then dive right in!). For any questions about the retrospective, please e-mail [email protected] Also e-mail that address if you wish to be added to the “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” mailing list. Thanks for your interest.
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    After the Fall is definitely a good representation of what XPW was about. Virtually all of the Public Enemy footage was new; a lot of the other stuff had been released already, so for me whose seen all of the XPW footage out there it wasn't stupendous, but for a new fan the footage has a great mix of stuff.
  19. Sounds like a cool show. I would love to see New Jack vs. Tonga Kid in a weird sort of way. Tonga Kid used to be friends with Mustafa so perhaps New Jack would fuck him up.
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    2007 Wrestling Dead Pool

    Another score for me (Ernie Ladd)
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    Pogo jobbed to Zach Gowen on the JCW show in Cali the other day.
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    BAW Show 2/Portland Trip

    Awesome New Jack/D'Lo story.
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    Ecwa super 8

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    Monkeys Eat Bananas, Horses Eat Oats

    Thanks for posting. Does ANYONE know who Jado & Gedo worked? I can't find it anywhere. I saw there was a 6-man tag before SmackDown with Jimmy Yang...were they in that match?