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    I don't know much about Crayz--only what I've read on SCU and what Kaos has told me. I think I saw one of his maches from the SCCW fancam with Honky Tonk Man and Yokozuna, but other than that know little about him.
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    WSX cancelled by MTV

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    WSX pulled from air next Tuesday.

    Holy shit, EMAXSAUN posted on TSM!!!
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    What happened when XPW/WSX's Kaos met Chris Farley, Chris Jericho, and Sage Stallone all in one night. Check out my WSX TV report at WrestlingObserver.com for this amusing story. http://www.wrestlingobserver.com/wo/news/f...t.asp?aID=18658
  5. What is Vinnie weighing in at now?
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    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    And don't forget Deathmatch legend as well.
  7. Thanks for posting these. I had been wondering why Nitro jobbed to Crazy...now I know.
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    BWO 2/24/07 show Phoenixville, PA

    Please tell me Eric Tuttle is a part of Team Tuttle.
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    Booking information of Indy Wrestlers

    Contact Kingdom James at myspace.com/kingdomjames ... He'll hook you up.
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    WON News + Notes, 29th January Issue

    Thanks for posting these Decembrists. I look forward to them every week.
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    WON News + Notes, January 29th Issue

    Thanks for posting these Decembrists. I look forward to them every week.
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    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    But there have been recaps of it already (see WrestlingObserver.com).
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    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    Am I the only one having trouble finding WSXtra on the web site? How do you watch it - where's the link?
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    I expect to be able to do go about my daily business without being harassed, stalked, defamed, libeled, and threatened, as Leah/Veronica Caine has been doing. I regret the position I've been put in (the defensive), but I have no choice. She's going to college to become a nurse. As of 2006 she was still acting in porn on occasion but I think she's distancing herself now.
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    VERONICA CAINE-“XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” update Thursday, January 25, 2006 XP fucking W: the worldwide phenomenon where the phrase “expect the unexpected” gained a brand new meaning, and where BLEEDING was only HALF the Job! “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is sorry to announce to fans and readers that former-XPW personality Leah a.k.a. Veronica Caine will not be participating in the retrospective. Despite CONSTANT professionalism by “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” during its dealings with her (the significant other of former-XPW World Heavyweight Champion “White Trash” Johnny Webb) over the past six months, and despite promises on her part on many occasions to grant an extensive interview about her XPW tenure, she - in the past 72 hours - has (with no provocation) harassed, stalked, defamed, AND encouraged physical harm by friends of hers upon the creator of “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job.” It goes without saying that “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is very much surprised and blindsided by Veronica’s recent behavior. Having been wholly professional throughout dealings with Veronica, “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” has nothing whatsoever to hide from anybody, and would believe these stories about Veronica’s recent actions to be nothing short of entirely made up had it not witnessed them first-hand. This is not the first time over the past six months that Veronica - who flashed the crowd several times as a fan at an early 2000 XPW show at the Hollywood Palace and as a result was ejected by Josh Lazie - has engaged in unprofessional behavior towards “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job,” but hopefully it will be the last. “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” truly regrets having to acknowledge such incidents, but it was she who began a campaign against “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” (again despite CONSTANT professionalism on this side) in public writings on her web site and in personal correspondence to friends and fans. This situation is in some ways reminiscent of Jasmin St. Claire’s blowup towards “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” some months back. Nonetheless, “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” looks forward to continuing to bring fans and readers the inside scoop on XPW, as told by world-famous sports and entertainment luminaries including Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer, Ron Jeremy (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KF2BRGPB), Josh Lazie, Jerry Lynn, Missy Hyatt, as well as tens of others who wrestled and/or worked backstage for XPW. To those who experienced first-hand what XPW was all about, its impact on the pro wrestling business will not soon be forgotten. In other news, GQ Money (WSX ring announcer Fabian Kaelin) did a great interview with Trash Talking Radio last night. Visit TrashTalkingRadio.com to hear Money discuss XPW’s legacy, Ron Jeremy, his TNA stay, Oprah Winfrey, Rob Black, WSX, and much more. NOTE “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is aware that it promised exclusive comments from Lance Storm and Steve Rizzono in the next update, but because this is an impromptu update which was made necessary by Veronica Caine’s sudden behavior, “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” must delay those comments till the next edition. Stay tuned. NEW EDITION of “Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” COMING SOON A new addition of “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is nearing completion. It will focus on Dynamite D’s fallout with Slammers Wrestling Federation promoter Verne Langdon, the formation of the dWo (Dynamite World Order), and the impact of Southern California Championship Wrestling on what would eventually become XPW. The article will feature exclusive comments from TNA superstar CHRISTOPHER DANIELS. Keep your eyes posted. WRESTLING SOCIETY X A special note that starting next Tuesday from 10:30-11, you can watch “Wrestling Society X” on MTV. The show will feature many former-XPW stars, including Kaos, Altar Boy Luke, Chris Hamrick, Justin Credible, New Jack, Vampiro, Sean Waltman, Johnny Webb, and Kris Kloss. Log onto wsx.mtv.com for more info. “Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” meets The BLUE MEANIE Perennial fan favorite The Blue Meanie approached “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” wanting to participate in the historical retrospective and his offer was quickly accepted. Meanie intends to set the record straight on several topics. As the promoter of 3PW, Meanie saw first-hand and wants to set the record straight on what transpired when XPW started running shows in the Philadelphia area in August 2002. Meanie also had a lot to get off his chest about his ex-girlfriend, porn star extraordinaire and XPW diva Jasmin St. Claire. Meanie’s comments - as well as first-hand accounts from Shane Douglas and Christopher Daniels - will play a major part in the section of “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” which focuses upon the real-life downfall of inaugural XPW World Heavyweight Champion and John Cena trainer “The Real Deal” Damien Steele. “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is honored to add the involvement of former-ECW and WWE star The Blue Meanie - who was in WWE TV main events with John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) just one year ago - to the list of notable luminaries who are participating in the retrospective. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to LIZZY BORDEN! On Wednesday night, December 21, 2006, XPW’s “Queen of Xtreme” Lizzy Borden celebrated her 30th birthday with a totally insane party which was hosted by “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job”’s own Ron Jeremy. For an article about the event, visit http://www.avn.com/index.php?Primary_Navig...ntent_ID=281040 and to view photos from the crazy night, go to http://www.avn.com/gallery/view_album.php?...izzy-s-birthday. XPW AFTER THE FALL DVD released by BIG VISION ENTERTAINMENT Big Vision Entertainment - operated by former-XPW Vice President Kevin Kleinrock - has announced the release of the newest XPW DVD, “After the Fall,” which features not only cover art to die for, but also some of the best matches in XPW history, including: *the death-defying tornado (literally!) tag with Messiah & Vic Grimes vs. Sabu & Homeless Jimmy *Jerry Lynn vs. Super Crazy in one of Lynn’s greatest matches EVER (and that’s saying something!) *the epic Vic Grimes vs. Little Guido vs. Altar Boy Luke elimination match that had the rabid Viking Hall crowd on the edge of their seats *Raven vs. Vic Grimes in a one-time only encounter “XPW After the Fall” is currently available for purchase at BigVisionEntertainment.com and Highspots.com. DEVON STORM TALKS XPW Devon Storm (Crowbar in WCW) discussed very candidly his 2002-2003 XPW run, including - but not limited to - topics such as his thoughts on Rob Black and Lizzy Borden, his XPW gimmicks (“Judas” and later “Salem”), he and Altar Boy Luke’s storyline that was developing in XPW, the role of religion in his real-life, and his relationships with Shane Douglas, Altar Boy Luke, Vic Grimes, and Daffney (Lucy). Perhaps the most insightful part of the interview was Storm’s commentary about his late friend, Jerry Tuite (The Wall/Malice/SNUFF). FULL SUMMARY OF RON KILLINGS INTERVIEW Ron Killings wrestled two matches in XPW, both of which were tag team matches. He was paired with Shalid Jihad and Raphael Mohammed to form The New Panthers, which were based on the real-life Black Panthers group. Killings did not like the gimmick itself, but he made the best of it. At the hotel and on the road, he hung out primarily with The Sandman, Chris Hamrick, Steve Rizzono, and Pogo, and although he only had two matches, Killings holds the claim to fame for cutting one of the funniest promos in the history of XPW. Mercilessly, he ripped into the XPW fans at Liberty or Death in ways that must be seen to be believed, and up until now has yet to be released publicly. As special thanks to you Xtreme supporters of “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job,” here is the fancam version of “Ron Killings: How to Bond and Make Friends with XPW Fans.” http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L1VJ4FVQ (special thanks to Slava Siderman for the footage) Killings’ interview focused on Liberty or Death and Baptized in Blood 2: Night of Champions, the two XPW shows which he was a part of. Killings does not recall who contacted him about becoming a part of XPW, but he was very positive about everybody who he met while a part of it. He never had a problem with bosses Rob Black, Tom Byron or Kevin Kleinrock (“I love Kevin.”). He never had any of his checks bounce, unlike some wrestlers in XPW. Killings said that there were plans to continue bringing him back to XPW and move him away from The Black Panthers so that he became more of a singles wrestler, but for whatever reason he did not return after the two shows. Some people have claimed that Killings was booked for XPW’s first show on the East Coast, Hostile Takeover; Killings says he was never booked. On a side note, an interesting tidbit about Killings is that he is such a bad driver that his name is on an actual list with over 20 rental car agencies throughout the United States which forbids him to use a rental car to get around while on the road, because he has either crashed, totaled, damaged, or lit on fire so many rental cars in the past. Steve Rizzono told a story of how he, Hamrick, and Killings were driving in California one time on the day of an XPW show. Killings was behind the wheel and Rizzono says that he feared for his life. TOMMY DREAMER TALKS XPW FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER WWE employee and “ECW on Sci Fi” superstar TOMMY DREAMER recently became arguably the most well-known wrestling superstar to get involved in the “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” historical retrospective. For the first time EVER, Dreamer talked about his adult film cameo (“Whack Attack 5” - also featuring “Brother” Buh Buh Ray Dudley and Alex “Big Dick Dudley” Rizzo). In a funny note (because no XPW retrospective is complete without some humor, considering that that was what so many people loved about XPW TV), while we were speaking, Tommy was on the Internet simultaneously Googling “Whack Attack 5” with the intent of finding the DVD for himself. He was finding results for “Whack Attack 5: BUTTHOLE BUFFET” and kept asking if that was the correct DVD, to which I kept saying, “I’m not sure; I think it’s just called ‘Whack Attack 5’ without any subtitle.” At that point, he joked “You’re writing the thing, you should know.” Finally, upon my mentioning that the DVD cover has an image of Ashlyn Gere, Tommy and I came to the conclusion that he WAS indeed looking at the correct product. Nonetheless, “butthole buffet” will remain a probable candidate for two words that will never come out of Tommy Dreamer’s mouth one after the other, in succession, ever again. While Tommy’s WWE contract does not allow him to OFFICIALLY endorse the “XPW: Bleeding Was ONLY Half the Job” (whereas porn legend Ron Jeremy WAS able to officially attach his name to it as an endorsement, seeing as how he is not under contract to any one company--see http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QKS44NTL for his endorsement video) because he is under contract to WWE/ECW, Tommy did say that he approves of any effort to promote indy wrestling. Tommy did not comment on the HeatWave 2000 incident. The insight that Tommy contributed to “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is EXTREMEly appreciated. Tommy Dreamer can be seen each Tuesday evening on the Sci Fi Channel. COMING IN FUTURE “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” UPDATES: *A fascinating list of exactly which former-XPW wrestlers/employees have been put back in touch with each other as a result of the “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” *Exclusive comment from LANCE STORM about XPW *Steve Rizzono discusses his 1996 dark match against WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) - the match just so happened to be JBL’s WWE debut, and a start to a magnificent run which saw Bradshaw capture the World Heavyweight Title! GENERAL INFORMATION “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is an independently-produced, ongoing historical retrospective which details in extraordinary depth the fascinating history of Rob Black’s XPW (Xtreme Pro Wrestling). Officially endorsed by adult film legend Ron Jeremy ( http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KF2BRGPB ) as well as by pro wrestler / promoter / trainer / musician / radio host / magician Verne Langdon (http://www.vernelangdon.com/), the retrospective will go behind-closed-doors and detail everything one could ever want to know about XPW. The Objective The phrase, “to leave no stone unturned,” is very common nowadays--so common, in fact, that it is often exaggerated. When “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” vows to leave no stone unturned, it is not exaggerating. On the contrary, “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is intent on bringing readers dirt that has been concealed among “the boys” since XPW existed and - until now - has never seen the light of day. This fact is evidenced by the involvement of such world-famous entertainers as Ron Jeremy, Shane Douglas, and Tommy Dreamer in the project. “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” has all of the necessary resources at its disposal and plans to use those resources with the purpose of bringing to the reader the roller-coaster experience that was XPW. The Content With over 30 people contributing exclusive comments, it is impossible to do the retrospective’s content justice, but readers can expect a major focus on the more controversial aspects of XPW’s history, such as Rob Black’s friendships with Paul Heyman and Buh Buh Ray Dudley and where exactly the negotiations with ECW went wrong, what exactly happened at the HeatWave 2000 riot, drug use in the XPW locker room, and the inside scoop on whether or not the wrestlers got sexual favors from the porn stars. Find out what The Messiah doesn’t want his fans to know about his personal life and his former-relationship with Rob Black and Lizzy Borden. Follow Josh Lazie as he tells stories of his experiences traveling all around the world with Sabu, including how they got jailed together in Mexico (as well as how El Hijo del Santo played into the story). Learn the stories that Jasmin St. Claire doesn’t want you to know about her history of harassing XPW wrestlers. Get the inside scoops on the roles that Hayabusa, Bruce Hart, and Atsushi Onita played in XPW. Plus, each person who did an interview (see the list below) was asked for their favorite/funniest John Kronus story. Kronus - a former-ECW Tag Team Champion as one half of “The Eliminators” with Perry Saturn - is known not only as being one of the most notorious ribbers in the wrestling business but also for doing crazy stunts with the purpose of entertaining “the boys.” Many of these humorous drugs, sex, and alcohol-related stories will be published in “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job.” The Wrestlers The best part about “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” is that it will be told from the accounts of the people who were there to live the XPW experience, among them Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas, Jerry Lynn, Missy Hyatt, and tens of others. Virtually every major wrestler who you could think of who wrestled for or were directly associated with XPW have done extensive shoot interviews about his or her XPW runs and their comments will be incorporated into the retrospective with the purpose of providing first-hand testimony. Everybody was asked about their opinion of how they got into XPW, their opinion of Rob Black and of Lizzy Borden, and then of course more specific questions about their particular involvement in XPW, as well as their favorite party/road stories from XPW. The list of people who have done interviews so far include: * “The Franchise” SHANE DOUGLAS (made very candid comments on a number of different subjects---for a full summary of what Douglas discussed, go to http://www.declarationofindependents.net/d...ages/xpwsd.html ) *WWE/ECW superstar TOMMY DREAMER *Jerry Lynn *The Blue Meanie *Missy Hyatt *Chris Hamrick *Ron “The Truth” Killings *Devon Storm (a.k.a. Crowbar) *“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels *Shark Boy *Kevin Kleinrock (former-XPW VP) *Josh Lazie (former-XPW Talent Relations Director, manager of Sabu, and ex-bassist for the world-famous band DANZIG---for a full summary of what Lazie discussed, go to http://www.declarationofindependents.net/d...s/xpwlazie.html ) *Kris Kloss *Larry Rivera *CZW promoter/wrestler John Zandig *Gary Yap *Verne Langdon (the trainer of Homeless Jimmy, Messiah, Dynamite D, Webb, Damien Steele, Angel, and others) *Plus over 20 different wrestlers including - but not limited to - Kaos, GQ Money, Altar Boy Luke, Pogo the Clown, “White Trash” Johnny Webb, Dynamite D, Steve Rizzono, and tons of others Many more to be announced! Those who were contacted for interviews about their XPW tenures but declined include: *Sabu (did not want to do any sort of interview regardless of pay---said he would not do the interview even if he were to be paid $5,000---was professional, nonetheless) *New Jack (no interest in talking about XPW) *Evan Karagias (wanted $100 for an interview) *The Messiah (wanted $200+ for an interview--very unprofessional--stalked, harassed, and made absurd legal threats towards creator of "XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job") ***Lizzy Borden (has moved on from wrestling and doesn’t wish to comment on it) *Jasmin St. Claire (acted like a prima donna [read: Pre-Madonna] and acted extremely unprofessional, saying she was higher than doing wrestling interviews and making physical threats towards "XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job") *Veronica Caine (Acted like a prima-donna [read: Pres-Madonna] and extremely unprofessional, harassing, stalking, and threatening/encouraging physical harm on the creator of "XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job") ***Although Lizzy Borden did not grant an interview, she was very helpful in supplying rare XPW footage and photographs which will be used to supplement the voluminous information that is presented in the “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” retrospective. More and more people who were formerly associated with XPW continue to be contacted for interviews and updates will be given if anyone noteworthy agrees to get involved. In addition, “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job”’s narrative/written content will be *supplemented* by previously unreleased video footage, photographs, and other exclusive multimedia. To read the editions of “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” that have been printed up to this point, please visit: http://www.declarationofindependents.net/d...xpwhistory.html Be sure to start at the bottom of that page, as the article at the top is the most recent chronologically and the last article is the first article chronologically (assuming you want to read them in chronological order, that is…if not, then dive right in!). For any questions about the retrospective, please e-mail [email protected] Also e-mail that address if you wish to be added to the “XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job” mailing list. Thanks for your interest.
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    2007 Wrestling Dead Pool

    Gary Wolfe, Sabu, Buddy Rose, New Jack, Tommy Rich, Ernie Ladd, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, The Godfather, Killer Kowalski, Kevin Von Erich
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    The Youtube Thread

    I don’t care if you leech, just have fun watching the videos. Hilarious Giant & Hogan promo (Fall Brawl ’96): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/30A74BFF4C21CCAA Bagwell's Glacier impersonation 1 (1-9-97 Nitro): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/F3A860C477B28E24 Bagwell's Glacier impression part 2 (9-1-97 Nitro): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/C867E01F3C46538A Jeff Jarrett Returns to WCW the night after appearing on WWF No Mercy ’99: xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/05A21F2854CB25CD 23 seconds of Mean Mark (Undertaker) clips from WCW: xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/EFB49A38470E3591 Pam Anderson vignette on beach (aired at RR95): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/5C1B634B58018344 Jericho will fight Benoit anywhere (lead up to SummerSlam '00): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/95C567895FBDA3C7 Pillman contract signing with WWF: xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/9AE7A4BB2861D1EC Vince announced Pillman's death (Badd Blood ’97): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/E81088030C717017 DX-Sable-Super Soakers vignette (6-1-98 RAW): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/478C9EF51FCBE34D ECW action figure commercial (11-5-99 TNN TV): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/47467EE7027D2662 WWE.com recap of ECW Japan Tour (October 2006): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/03B40F1E089F06AB Funny Hype Central spelling mistake…OOPS!!! (10-15-96 ECW TV): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/0374A5673220535F Hack Myers promo on Sandman as champ: xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/8C5913F53AD2D12D Axl yells at D-Von (11-12-96 - Middletown, NY): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/71F61D707399CBD6 Headhunters & Damian Kane promo (3-19-96 TV): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/62BB087D11A408A3 Tommy Dreamer goes into the crowd and celebrates: xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/D0F6E9F053894DDC Dreamer & Beulah entrance vs. Taz (8-24-96): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/E4D4C2E67BB473F5 Blue Meanie & Dudleyz promo 2 (3-5-96 TV): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/0CE1693D01F6D278 Dudleyz promo (8-20-96 TV): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/0587379C0272BE2C Dudleyz promo 2 (8-27-96 TV): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/649851C0269EC833 D-Von promo 2 (6-18-96 TV): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/6CCDA9B926B4C1A2 Sign Guy promo (10-22-96 TV): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/05AFE1C571FAF188 Hilarious Buh Buh Ray Dudley antics with Lady Alexandra at ECW A Matter of Respect: xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/4E749BFD2998E004 RVD promo (10-22-96 TV): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/1EBF87246A0842E3 Sabu promo (11-28-06): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/43189AFC698B598A Sabu returns to ECW & reunites with Paul E. (NTR95 or 96…I forget which): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/C4EAC1990BF3B2CA New Jack is bloody and beaten (6-22-96): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/3C2FD1ED67F81F9D New Jack destroys Sal Bellomo (9-14-96): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/91C11888639C8B06 New Jack Balcony Dive at NTR99 (two views): xxhttp://download.yousendit.com/2D96848F12761812 Stuff I uploaded in the last week. They'll only be up for like two more days so get them now. I know they're not youtube, but still...
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    WON News + Notes, January 22nd Issue

    Thanks for posting these Decembrists.
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    WON News + Notes, January 22nd Issue

    That's kinda what I figured, thanks for clarifying.
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    WON News + Notes, January 22nd Issue

    Thanks for posting these Decembrists, but am I the only one who is totally confused by the Joe/Angle/concussion tidbit? How would Joe call a match with a concussion?
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    Ya, I'm pretty sure GFY is a re-release. I still got a lot of those old WOW Magazine ads.
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    Bam Bam Bigelow passes away

    Just the other day I was watching his RF shoot the other day. He lambasted a caller for "sticking a dildo in his ear." It was one of the best improvised promos I've ever seen. RIP Beast from the East.
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    Damien Steele is a sad story. His story will be covered in depth in "XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job." Without spoiling that coverage, let's just say he had a lot of personal demons, both personal and professional. Around early 2000 Steele's life started taking a downward spiral as a result of drugs, marriage problems, etc. He was also a victim of Jasmin St. Claire's constant harassment. For awhile he was UPW's posterboy who they pushed relentlessly. In fact, he played a major influence in the development of Cena's early career. It's interesting because based on my experiences, when you ask somebody about Steele's wrestling ability, it's either one way or the other - they will either say he was a great worker or they will say he was a bad awful worker; there's no in-between with anybody as far as their opinion of his workrate. Damien Steele was a case of someone having a lot going right for them and then suddenly it all came crashing down. He was wrestling in Puerto Rico up until 2004 when his health got extremely bad. He is still living in PR but because of his health, the odds of him ever stepping in a ring again are basically non-existent. Damien Steele will have his own section in the "XPW: Bleeding Was Only HALF the Job" retrospective and it will have exclusive comments from people such as The Blue Meanie and Christopher Daniels.
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    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    Article - http://www.charleston.net/assets/webPages/...bDate=1/14/2007
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    Most Professional

    Chris Daniels is an absolute gentleman. As far as just being a nice guy, there's nobody that beats him. I don't really think he's a veteran enough yet to be judging if he has given as much to the biz as he's taken...that comes with time, and give it a few years and I think he'll be in the same class as the guys who have been mentioned so far as far as unselfishness goes.