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  1. HandofFate

    TNA signs on RAW

    Good ideas. The TNA =$10, sounds like a really good one. I will put the bps owns all on the backside of Dames Rules all. Just thought of another one: ALEXIS LAREE: TNA = The Gathering WWE = Molly's bitch Another one that came to mind was Gail Kim...Sucky Suck $10?
  2. HandofFate

    Credible gone from TNA

    UNLESS YOUR VINNIE MAC!!!!!!! You know what......I don't care what you guys say....David A. was a better champ then Triple H.(I know it was off topic, but its important to me) LMFAO
  3. HandofFate

    Credible gone from TNA

    Justin is an ok wrestler, but like you said, he needs someone to go against. He was pretty popular when he teamed with Lance Storm to make the Impact Players. I personally would have loved to have that reunion on RAW cuz that would have been a great tag team. I personally liked his catch phrase. It would have just been better if he would have been able to keep the same look that he had when he was in ECW. I think that he just ruled as a heel...kinda like JJJ. He is just better as a heel. I would prefer if JJJ became a heel again. Maybe people might cool down on the JJJ heat if he became a heel and wasn't in the title picture so often. That's just my opinion.
  4. HandofFate

    Bye Bye Alexis

    Her looks are your opinion I guess- If WWE thought she was ugly- they wouldn't have signed her. I gotta say Bob...Nicole Bass comes to mind about not looking good, but being signed by the WWF/E
  5. HandofFate

    One and Only NWA: TNA 8/20 Thread

    Yeah, I noticed the sun deflector for a car's dashboard being used as that tan thing for Russo. I noticed it because when Russo turned to talk to AJ, it showed the cut out for the rear view mirror. Is any one else not really that surprised in that Russo was tanning outside....AT NIGHT??? My friend pointed out the crickets chirping in the back ground then when they moved the camera angle to see AJ do his old finishing move into the water, you could see that the sky was black. My friend pointed out that when AJ jumped into the water that a couple of people off camera were making some noise about AJ jumpin into the pool
  6. HandofFate

    If you want a Heel Section shirt...

    Are the shirts just L, M, & S? If so, I will just get a L.
  7. HandofFate

    The Diatribe...is UP, my friends.

    Thanks Dames for my weekly fix. As usual, I get more than I pay for...which is nothing, but still, you get the idea. Speaking of...someone somewhere should pay you for this great writing that you do. Anyways, great Diatribe as usual.
  8. HandofFate

    This week's Diatribe.

    I left Friday to go to a friends house before headin out to see the Summer Sanitarium show in Dallas on Sunday, so I missed gettin to read the Diatribe. The link isn't up on the main page so I can't read it anymore. Can you please post the link for it Dames? I always need my fix, so please, PLEASE hook an addict up. Thanks man
  9. HandofFate

    Heel Section at Raw????

    Did anyone who happen to watch Raw tonight see a red poster in the background when McMahon called Kane out that said Heel section in black? I am surprised that got past the Poster Police.
  10. Anyone know if Christopher Daniels's site is back up? I keep getting a Cannot Find Server?
  11. HandofFate

    Heel Section at Raw????

    Slapnuts makes 4. Almost a full hand now...
  12. HandofFate

    Heel Section at Raw????

    lol...good one Astro Remember...add Bob cuz he has to supply The Dames with the video so Dames can give all us crack addicts our weekly fix with his Diatribe
  13. HandofFate

    New Diatribe

    Hey, Just wonderin, but anyone know why Dames's Diatribe is not up yet? He have something come up that he couldn't do the Diatribe or he didn't get the tape yet? Anyone got some news for a Diatribe addict in need of his next fix?
  14. HandofFate

    No more Paul London in TNA???

    Hey...Paul London got signed to a WWE developmental deal. Does that mean no more London in TNA? No more London Calling in the X-Division?
  15. HandofFate

    Last Week's Diatribe

    Hey, can someone post a link for last week's Diatribe? It's not on the front page and it's not in the archives yet. I really need to read it. I need my Diatribe fix. I need it like crack. SOME ONE HELP ME!!!!!!!
  16. HandofFate

    Last Week's Diatribe

    Did Dames get a copy of it from Bob Barron? It's almost time for a new show and it isn't posted yet. Someone please give me my fix. Must have been the 4th screwin up his work load. Damn.
  17. HandofFate


    What are the different sections in the Asylum now? I know that the Heel Section is the longest running and most vocal (besides the coolest ) and that there is an Asshole section too. I have been hearin whispered hushes about a Camel Toe Section. What is their gimmick? Did I leave any out? Someone let me know!! I have already chose my section and that is...the HEEL SECTION!! They just seem the coolest, besides...they gave props to the Dames on national tv, and they included our fav corker of bats, Sammy Sosa . Can't beat that
  18. HandofFate

    What was the best match???

    What...no one wanted to include the Hard 10 Match on the list? LMAO Cage Match, pute and simple
  19. HandofFate

    Diatribe Xplanation....

    Hey Dames, I read your column every Thursday at work. I have been wonderin what happened to you. I was about to start a post askin what happened. I need my HOUSE EN~FEUGO or my THE STICK! catch phrases. My week just isn't complete without it. As for your computer problems, why don't you just take the hard drive out of the old one, and hook it up as the slave harddrive on your new computer and transfer the files that way? If you have the power and info line, it should work fine. And you wouldn't have to worry about that old 266Mhz comp. But don't worry. I have a old Compaq with a processor that is a 33Mhz with 24MB of RAM that I just like to play on sometimes, though I got a 850Mhz one that I am on now. The old Compaq sucks ass, but hey...it will connect to the net.