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  1. HandofFate

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    Some girl keeps yelling stuff out like "I Love Jeff Hardy!" and "Jeff Hardy Rocks!"
  2. HandofFate

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    Yep! Sure was. A good part of the crowd doesn't like Hardy at all. They haven't since he no showed the PPV a while back, not that they didn't like him that much before
  3. HandofFate

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    crowd chanting again "That was gay! That was gay!"
  4. HandofFate

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    Crowd chant of "that was gay" then Shelley doing a gay pose... classic!
  5. HandofFate

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    lol nice one. How badly did that hurt when his shins landed on the exposed guardrail doing an Asai moonsault?
  6. HandofFate

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    that was great how Raven hit that guy straight in the face with the bottom of the trashcan And now the required young girls getting naked...
  7. HandofFate

    Bound For Glory

    They did mention their being in a group together in another company (not sure if they specifically said ROH) on the Unbreakable PPV
  8. HandofFate

    Opening Impact Match Announced...

    Well, this means, according to Sahadi, that Styles IS the face of TNA...not that anyone on the net didn't already know that...
  9. HandofFate

    Lengthy Dixie Carter Interview

    Ok...when everyone else read this, did their head almost explode?
  10. HandofFate

    TNA and UFC Joining Forces?

    yes, that was Battle Dome. It was actually pretty cool, if you ever did watch it. It combined wrestling and American Gladiators. There was a guy on there who has gone on to play in some moves. He was the guy called, T-Money, I think. He played on Friday After Next as the convict who tried to get some action from the mini-pimp. lol I've seen him in other shows too, but I can't remember them off of the top of my head.
  11. HandofFate

    So how do I watch Impact?

    yea....gotta find a download link for it. I am stuck with dial-up, so I will be screwed. I will say this. There is a program called Hi Download. It lets you save files that get streamed to your computer. If someone with a good cable connection would do that and share it (maybe a torrent...), that would rule
  12. HandofFate

    Who will be the 5th man?

    As sad and as much as I don't want to say it, I think that it's gonna be Waltman. Here is my reason: if you noticed at the very end of the last Impact, Waltman grabbed the Heavyweight belt, stared at it for a little while, turned towards AJ, then gave AJ the belt AFTER AJ asked for it. As soon as I saw that I was like "awww crap...he's goin for the title now". So my money's on Waltman bein the mystery man...
  13. HandofFate

    Who will be the 5th man?

    That's some good thought into it. Aside from those you listed, who else isn't in a match on the show? Do you think that it's possible that they might make a match (maybe Gaunlet match) for who would get the fifth spot?
  14. HandofFate

    Next Impact Taping

    If the deal did happen to fall through SPECIFICALLY because of the Nelson guy, couldn't TNA sue his ass for it? Not sure if there is a legal term for it (I'm pretty sure that there is) but I would think they could sue him for causing the deal to fall through for spreading false information publicly.
  15. HandofFate

    What does TNA need to do?

    Yea...I know. That's what I said not two messages before!!!! Sheesh!!! Some people...
  16. HandofFate

    What does TNA need to do?

    I am noticing a problem that ya'll keep bringing up in your line-up for the first show on WGN. The problem is the KotM qualifier match. The KotM match will have been the night BEFORE the first WGN show. How can you have a qualifier match to be on a PPV that happened the NIGHT BEFORE!!!! lol Just something that ya'll overlooked. I just had to say something cuz ya'll have been talking about it so much. Other than that, the rest looks pretty good.
  17. HandofFate

    5/20 & 5/27 Impact Spoilers

    Man...FSN switched from Southwest to South so they had no showing of Impact. They played games from the SEC baseball tournament. GAHHH!!! I was all ready to tape the last Impact on FSN, but NOOOO, they had to go and NOT SHOW IT!!! Good riddance to FSN. They really tried to fuck over TNA. Thankfully TNA will be going on to better and brighter places, though we don't get WGN here in Southwest Louisiana Cox Cable
  18. HandofFate

    Official TNA Hard Justice Preview

    Not sure if anyone else noticed, but the Apollo & Siaki vs. Team Canada match COMPLETELY sucked out the crowd engery. The Shark Boy/David Young pre-show match got the crowd hyped up, then this match happened. The crowd was soooo dead during it. They just need to cut their loses with Apollo. Same with Trytan, but he did look ok...doing power moves one after the other. lol Oh yea...when did Eric Young become a daredevil? Don West said that he was... Did anyone else notice the crowd noise going mute in the middle of the Raven vs. Sean Waltman match? It stood out to me. Not sure why they would do that... Anyone think that they might be turning The Naturals now? They sure did make them look like some good guys with the interview about Chris Candido and the post match celebration
  19. HandofFate

    New TNA TV deal signed

    * it's probably due to converting from NTSC to PAL. If I didn't do so much converting and encoding, I would have no idea what that meant, but since I do, that's one of the funniest things that I have heard in a while. AWESOME joke.
  20. HandofFate

    The Heaviest, Most Hardcore Tour EVER~!

    EEEWWWWWWWWWW!!! But wouldn't you having sex with them in the ass make you homosexual?
  21. HandofFate

    TNA Turning Point poll

    AWESOME PPV Sunday night You have to feel sorry for WWE. They have to compete with a DAMN GOOD PPV the week before they have theirs. I have a feeling that everyone who sees Turning Point before Armageddon will be disappointed after watching Armageddon
  22. HandofFate

    No Impact! Friday

    1.22.04 | IMPACT TIME CHANGE IMPACT! DAY AND TIME MOVING FOR ONE WEEK Nashville, TN (November 22, 2004) – TNA Entertainment, LLC announced today that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!” normally seen on FSN Friday’s at 3PM will not be aired this Friday in that time slot. Instead, “iMPACT!” will be airing on FSN Tuesday November 29th at 4PM (check local listings). “iMPACT!” will return to its normal time slot next Friday December 3rd at 3PM on FSN. With two original programs airing and concluding on Sunday December 5th with the 3-hour mega pay-per-view event “Turning Point” next week will truly be a week of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. “Turning Point” will feature the in-ring return of “Macho Man” Randy Savage as he teams up with Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles to face “The Kings of Wrestling” NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash. “Turning Point” will also feature Six Sides of Steel as America’s Most Wanted take on Triple X for tag team survival, Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven, Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin for the X-Division Title, “Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. Abyss, and many more. The alternative for the true wrestling fan, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling prides itself on delivering quality, family programming that is clean, innovative, cutting edge and with the high-risk, high-flying athleticism that TNA Wrestling is known for. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!” airs Fridays at 3:00 p.m. on FSN (check local listings). TNA “Xplosion” is a syndicated program (check local listings). TNA Wrestling pay-per-views are available on iN DEMAND, DISH Network, DIRECTV, TVN, Viewers Choice Canada, Bell ExpressVu and Shaw Communications. Credit: tnawrestling.com
  23. HandofFate


    GREAT reference to the SNL skit for Behind The Music. Laz, what about the rumors to the Olsen twins' fatal flaw for..... OUS CREAM!!!!! btw, where is Aunt Becky while all of this is happening? Stuck at home watching the twins? And who is Comet siding with? My GOD the intrigue.... Hey...maybe Danny can have his own segment called Wake Up TNA. He can hit his first guess with a vacuum cleaner to the head.
  24. HandofFate

    OAO Victory Road Thread

    Did anyone else see how JJJ was NOT wanting to get sunset-flip powerbombed? SK was blaming Hardy, but if you watched it, you could TELL that JJ was holding onto the ladder and NOT wanting to let go, so that blew that spot and then when they were trying to do it onto the floor, JJ didn't want to let go of the ropes so he blew that spot too.