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  1. Toshiaki Koala

    Campaign 2008

    He lost more than 110 pounds!
  2. Toshiaki Koala

    Campaign 2008

    Paul beat Benito. Awesome.
  3. Toshiaki Koala

    Campaign 2008

    I'm glad Huckabee won. Someone must put a stop to the institutionalized necrophilia that has overtaken this country.
  4. Toshiaki Koala

    TSM Death Pool - 2008

    Norman, what led you to pick Sidney Lumet? I had him last year because a lot of famous directors had just died and I had a funny feelin'.
  5. Toshiaki Koala

    Ever got so drunk that you...

    Last night I misjudged the distance on a somersault in my friend's basement and kicked a big hole in the wall, or maybe a few small holes.
  6. Toshiaki Koala

    TSM Death Pool - 2008

    Earl Butz Miep Gies Russell Watson Bobby Murcer Art Linkletter Bill Haast Dolores Hope Nelson Mandela Beverly Cleary Boris Efimov *BEST BET* Chuck Yeager Gore Vidal Chuck Berry Olivia de Havilland Pete Seeger Michael Gough Verne Gagne Joseph Wiseman Ray Brabdury Ruby Muhammad
  7. Toshiaki Koala

    TSM Death Pool - 2008

    She doesn't count, as she died before January 1.
  8. Toshiaki Koala

    Pictures I Like

    Surely Tim Buckley could have made more out of his resurrection than that.
  9. Toshiaki Koala

    Pictures I Like

    That Youtube cartoon is so true. It just needs something about the New World Order and Ron Paul and it'll be perfect.
  10. Toshiaki Koala

    Pictures I Like

    It's real, and it's not a particularly large King Cobra. The record specimen was close to 19 feet long and could have reared up high enough to look a man in the eye. In other news:
  11. Toshiaki Koala

    Pictures I Like

  12. Toshiaki Koala

    The Key to Reserva

    Yes, yes it is.
  13. Toshiaki Koala

    Ike Turner Dead

    Is that clipping from the New York Post?
  14. Toshiaki Koala

    Pictures I Like

  15. Toshiaki Koala

    Led Zeppelin played tonight

    I didn't know people actually gave a shit about Lars Ulrich. Dave Lombardo, maybe.
  16. Toshiaki Koala

    Pictures I Like

  17. Toshiaki Koala


    Global warming is a natural climatic cycle that's not happening.
  18. Toshiaki Koala

    The Chronicles of Narnia- Prince Caspian

    I didn't see the first movie, but this was always my favorite of the books. They'd better keep the decapitation near the end.
  19. Toshiaki Koala

    Ashes 2 Ashes Aftermath Thread

    I'm sorry as well... it was mainly because of finalzz, and it seems I'm not the only one, or one of the only two. I underestimated how much work I was going to have, plus I have a performance this weekend. This won't happen (often) anymore once the semester is over, although by then I'll have Fire Pro R and Mario Galaxy to distract me...
  20. Toshiaki Koala

    Pictures I Like

    Pikachu lives!
  21. Toshiaki Koala

    No Country for Old Men

    He's close for me. 1. Rev. Harry Powell 2. Hans Gruber 3. Francis Urquhart 4. Palpatine 5. Keyser Soze 6. Chigurh I didn't hate him as much as Bernie in Miller's Crossing, but he was scary as hell.
  22. Toshiaki Koala

    Lets remember the genius of Freddie Mercury

    My favorite Queen song is probably "The Prophet's Song," which Brian May wrote. Freddie should at least get some credit for being the greatest rock singer who ever lived. Not many people are.
  23. Toshiaki Koala

    Pictures I Like

  24. Toshiaki Koala

    Winter Funtime Show Availibility / Discussion Thread

    A2A is December 1? That's the best news I've heard all day. I thought it was tomorrow. At this point it doesn't look like I can write for the winter show, as I have finals a-plenty and would like to pass chemistry. I'll at least try to get a promo in or something.
  25. Toshiaki Koala

    Get over here!

    I just came here to post that. Starship Troopers was real. Thought that was bad? It gets worse. And these fuckers lived on land.