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  1. Where do you live? I can probably hook you up.
  2. r4g

    INTERVIEW: GQ Money/"Devilish" Lee Handsome

    You know, I didn't follow XPW back in their "heyday" as they are just another indy, so I don't KNOW about all these "infamous incidents" you're pimping like their big deals. Could you try to explain what exactly they WERE instead of just acting like we're supposed to? No heat, Thanks.
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    Rob Feinstein........

    Just think about this: About a week and a half ago a person found a link to the PJ site exposing Rob Feinstein. Almost EVERYONE at first thought it was just another fake and began carrying on with their everyday discussions. A week in a half later, the biggest wrestling/MMA conglomerate in the world has just been exposed to have been financially funding ROH for reasons that are still unknown, and RF Video, Ring of Honor, All Japan Pro Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE are in serious danger of collapsing before our very eyes if the aformentioned issue with Dream Stage Entertainment becomes a serious one over in Japan. Been a pretty busy week, huh?
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    CZW Results

    While I kinda agree it sucks they dicked over the fans wanting and paying for Hart/B-Boy, I also agree that they shouldn't piss away a good match like that at one of their A-Town house shows. Besides, after what Teddy is going to do tonight, this will be the absolute last thing on your mind. Trustah me. <3
  5. With the WrestleMania of NWA Florida quickly approching on May 1st, Rage in the Cage, I put together a little results thread here and elsewhere that explains the history of what was traditionally IPW's biggest show of the year and nothing looks to be different in that regard with NWA Florida's Rage in the Cage 6 which is only 8 short weeks away. Rage In The Cage is essentially, as I said above, the WrestleMania of IPW/NWA Florida. Many feuds come to a head at the show, and several of the aforementioned matches are traditionally held in the steel cage. The Rage in The Cage itself, is a 20 man Come-As-You-Are, Bring-A-Weapon Battle Royal, where the purpose is to throw everyone out of the Cage, either by through the door or over the top. The winner of the Rage in the Cage gets a title shot of any belt he wants in NWA Florida. Last year's winner was Lex Lovett, who chose the IPW World Title for the title match he wanted, and was defeated by Billy Fives on the second night of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Tournament on May 24th, 2003 There were five Rage In The Cages in five year history of IPW. Let's now take a cheesy look back at these absolutely amazing shows that were some of IPW's best in their history. I'll put parenthesis around workers who are still around today using another name. 1999: IPW Hardcore Wrestling IPW RAGE IN THE CAGE 1999 January 23, 1999 Crystal River National Guard Armory Crystal River, FL IPW Rage in the Cage (Winner gets a shot at title of their choice) The Southern Posse (Sonny T. and 'Gentleman' Rick Thames) reunited and were declared co-winners of the Rage in the Cage battle royal Steel Cage Match Sonny T. wrestled 'Gentleman' Rick Thames to a no-contest IPW Heavyweight Championship Navy Seal (champion) defeated Cuban Assassin (w/ Fantasy) by countout IPW Streetfight Chaos (w/ Psycho) defeated Havoc IPW Lightheavyweight Non-Title Match Al Bino (Naphtali) defeated Jet Jaguar (champion, w/ Sir Ronald J. Niemi IV) IPW Tag Team Championship Phi DeKappa U (The Shane Twins) (champions, w/ Sir Ronald J. Niemi IV) beat Randy Fuller and Sean Black Grudge Match Yuel Lovett (w/ Sir Ronald J. Niemi IV and Montana) beat Freedom Ryder (Mike Sullivan) IPW Challenge Match O.D.D. (Jeff Bradley, the Original Dudley Dudley) beat Mike Marcello ----------------------------------- The year 2000 was the year IPW really took off in the state of Florida. The company began to elevate itself to a whole new level in quality of shows. Rage of the Cage 2 was the first show for IPW of the new century, and the company started off with a gigantic bang and never looked back from there. RAGE IN THE CAGE 2000! January 22nd, 2000 National Guard Armory Crystal River, Florida Rage in the Cage 2000 Freedom Ryder won the 20 Man, Come as You Are, Bring Your Own Weapon, Last Man in the Cage Wins Steel Cage Battle Royal (Ryder turned heel after this match, joined Ron Niemi's 911 INC., and became "Marvelous" Mike Sullivan) IPW Heavyweight Title Match: 3 Way Dance Cuban Assassin (w/ Capitana Natasha) beat Haystacks Calhoun Jr. and Navy Seal to win the IPW Heavyweight Championship IPW Hardcore Title Cage Match Chaos (w/ The Chaotic Cult) beat O.D.D. (Jeff Bradley, the Original Dudley Dudley) to win the IPW Hardcore Title IPW Tag Team Title Match Drunk and Disorderly beat Phi DeKappa U to win the IPW Tag Team Championship IPW Lightheavyweight #1 Contenders Match Jet Jaguar (w/ Sir Ronald J. Niemi IV) pinned Jamie Howard (Jamie Knoble I think) Tag Team Double Tables Match A.S.S. (Naphtali and Havoc) beat The Freak Foundation Special Challenge Match Barry 'The Winner' Horowitz pinned Freedom Ryder (Mike Sullivan) IPW Light Heavyweight Title Match 'Uptown' Frankie Capone (champion) pinned 'Superstar' Jeremy Lopez ---------------------------- 2001 was no different for IPW, which by then was the biggest and most popular promotion in the state of Florida. For this Rage in the Cage, Christopher Daniels was brought in and worked Scoot Andrews in Daniels' first cage match of his career. (He has worked two, the other being the 2003 TNA Match of the Year with his partner Elix Skipper vs. America's Most Wanted for the NWA Tag Team Titles) This show once again kicked IPW into overdrive. They continued to bring in top talent over the course of this year and were literally on fire all across the state, and even hosted the NWA 53rd Anniversary spectacular at their home venue of the Florida WrestlePlex, which once again featured Scoot Andrews vs. Christopher Daniels as well as Former IPW World Champion AJ Styles vs. Chris Daniels which was one of the best matches to have ever graced an IPW ring. Shinya Hashimoto and Steve Corino battled for the NWA World Title on the Anniversary show as well, but that is a story for another time. The 2001 Rage in The Cage!!!! RAGE IN THE CAGE 3! June 16th, 2001 Florida WrestlePlex St. Petersburg, FL Rage in the Cage 3! 'The Turncoat' Rod Steel was declared the winner of the 'Come as You Are, Bring Your Own Weapons Battle Royal Inside a Steel Cage'. Steel eliminated Axis by pushing him over the top of the cage to claim the victory. IPW Heavyweight Title Match - Steel Cage 'Black Nature Boy' Scoot Andrews (champion) defeated 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels with 'All American' Jeff Peterson as Special Referee Intermission: Missy Hyatt and Tammy Sytch appeared unannounced and plugged their new website Special Challenge Match: IPW vs WCW Phil Latio pinned Kanyon IPW TV Title Match Mike Shane (champion, w/ Hardcore Giant 'Ron Niemi') pinned Marty Jannetty Afterwards, Niemi and Shane challenged anyone in the back for the TV Title. Pat McGroin answered the challenge, and pinned Shane to capture the championship. Triple Threat Match for NWA Florida Heavyweight Title Iceman Buck Q (champion) defeated 'Marvelous' Mike Sullivan (with XTC) and Vinny Massaro when Buck pinned Massaro IPW Tag Team Contenders Match QuickieMart defeated Mind 'N Matter IPW Light Heavyweight Title Match - Elimination Seijin Akki (Mikey Tenderfoot) (champion) defeated Adam Booker and Former WWE, IPW and WCW Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble. Noble eliminated Booker, then Akki eliminated Noble to keep the title. ------------------- I can't do another hype job that will do justice to Rage in The Cage 4, the first of many IPW events to be held at the beautiful Pinellas Expo Center. I literally cannot do this show justice so I'll just show the results now. April 12th, 2002 THE RAGE IN THE CAGE 2002! Pinellas Expo Center 10601 US Hwy 19 N Pinellas Park, FL Main Event #1: The Rage in the Cage! (20 Man Bring Your Own Weapon Battle Royal Inside of a Cage!) Agent Steele (Bruce Steele) was declared the winner of the 'Rage in the Cage' after eliminating Chaos, Bobby Rogers and the Sandman after knocking all of them out with repeated shots to the head with a Singapore cane Main Event #2: Falls Count Anywhere in the Building! The O.D.D. Jeff Bradley vs 'The Madman from the Sudan' Abdullah the Butcher was declared a no-contest as they brawled all over the Pinellas Expo Center, completely destroying the vendor tables in the process IPW Hardcore Title Match Axis (champion, w/ Lennox) vs. 'The Prince of Darkness' Kevin Sullivan (w/ Abudadein) was also declared a no-contest as once again these two battled all over the building, including the woman's bathroom and concession stand IPW Heavyweight Title Match: Three Way Dance! Billy Fives (champion) defeated David Young (w/ the Hardcore Princess) and Adam Jacobs to retain the title as Fives pinned Jacobs after several previous near-falls Florida Unified Tag Team Title Match Wrongful Death (Naphtali and Dagon Briggs, Champions) defeated Christian York and Kamikaze as Naphtali pinned York after the Death Valley Driver Title vs Title Match! Justice (Florida Unified Cruiserweight Champion) and Jeremy Lopez (NWA Wildside Junior Heavyweight Champion) wrestled to a 15 minute time-limit draw 4 Way Elimination Madness Match 'Marvelous' Mike Sullivan (w/ XTC) defeated 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels, Tony Mamaluke, and Scoot Andrews when Sullivan pinned Daniels. Early in the match, Daniels re-injured the recently broken leg of Andrews with a chair. Andrews came out on crutches later in the match, wacked Daniels in the back of the head with a crutch, which enabled Sullivan to get the pinfall victory 6 Man IPW Streetfight The Shane Brothers and Jet Jaguar w/ 'Hardcore Giant' Ron Niemi defeated The Professionals (Rod Steel, Pat Mcgroin and Pat Powers) after Mike Shane hit the TKO on McGroin Coal Miners Glove Match Fidel Sierra (Cuban Assassin) (w/ Fantasy) defeated Rastaman (Navy Seal) after Sierra got the glove and knocked out Rastaman for the victory Tag Team Turmoil Match ShortBus (Special Ed & Corky) won a 4 Team Elimination Tag Match over Risk Factor (2004 Independent Breakout Star Roderick Strong & 2003 Super 8 Participant Sedrick Strong), Jacey North & Seijin Akki (Mikey Tenderfoot) and the team of Livewire & Cynic. --------------------- 2003 would unfortunately spell the end for IPW's Rage In The Cages, as well as the entire company itself. By and large Rage in The Cage 5 continued to trend of outdoing the previous year's RITC, and was once again one of IPW's best shows in its long 5 year history. The RAGE IN THE CAGE 5! April 18th, 2003 Pinellas Expo Center 10601 US19 North Pinellas Park, FL Main Event: The Rage in the Cage V! Lex Lovett was victorious in the Steel Cage Battle Royal after he eliminated Antonio Banks Steel Cage Grudge Match! Rod Steel vs Buck Quartermain was declared a no-contest Florida Unified Heavyweight Title Match! Billy Fives (champion, w/ So Cal Val) defeated Agent Steele (w/ Jenni Lee & Tiffany) via pinfall to retain the title Heavyweight Grudge Match Antonio Banks defeated Lex Lovett via pinfall IPW TV Title Match! Mark Zout (champion) defeated Pat McGroin (w/ Vanessa Harding) via submission to retain the title Six Man Tag Team TLC Match! Tables Ladders and Chairs! Scoot Andrews, Roderick Strong and Mike Sullivan defeated Sedrick Strong, David Babylon and Steve Madison in an incredible matchup after Scoot pinned Babylon Tag Team Challenge Match The Vandalz (w/ Fabulous Frank) defeated Pat Powers and 'Uptown' Frankie Capone (w/ Cannon) via pinfall IPW Hardcore Title Match! Mideon defeated Rastaman (champion) to become the new IPW Hardcore Champion Florida Unified Cruiserweight Title Match! Justice defeated Naphtali (champion, w/ Abudadein) to become the new Florida Unified Cruiserweight Champion after special referee Jerrelle Clark counted the pinfall NWA Florida Tag Team Title Match! The Shane Brothers (champions, w/ 'Hardcore Giant' Ron Niemi) defeated Vicious and Delicious (w/ Lennox and Coral) via pinfall -------------------------- Will the 2004 Rage in The Cage, the first of hopefully many Rage in The Cages to be held by NWA Florda hold up the legacy left by the previous 5? We'll find out May 1st at RAGE IN THE CAGE 6 at the St. Petersburg National Guard Armory!!
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    IWA Mid-South Lafayette Results...

    Um, nothing is funny at ALL, but ok. Looks like a great show.
  7. I have just received word from a source that wishes to remain confidential that last night at Bronco Bill's in New Port Richey, Florida, FullImpactPro's return show "Nowhere to Run" literally fell apart at the seams. Word has it a contingent of NWA Florida workers led by "The Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi showed up to confront Sal Hamaoui concerning his recent (and not so recent) sabotaging of NWA Florida and other shows. Hamaoui responded by having 7 cop cars show up (more cops than fans, legit [Less than 50 fans attended and not one has been accounted for paying as of this writing]) and instead of going to the NWA Florida contingent to stop the trouble, the cops went to Hamaoui instead, as they had gotten word that the "Saliban" was allegedly in possession of some illegal narcotics. This source also confirms that Ron Niemi put "Manager"/Loser-Extradinaire Mikey Gold in his place in the parking lot with a well placed shot to his face which the police also shrugged off. Word also has it that the management of Bronco Bill's was so upset with Full Impact Pro for bringing this type of trouble to their establishment that not only do they not want FIP to there anymore but they are ALSO talking to NWA Florida about future shows in their fine establishment. The workers of Full Impact Pro not only wouldnt backup Hamaoui, but were apologizing one after the other to the NWA Florida contingent that consisted of Ron Niemi, "Uptown" Frankie Capone, Navy SEAL, Bruce Steele, Aaron Royal, Rod Steel, Mikey Tenderfoot, Amy Love, and Pete Cannon for the problems Sal has caused. Also, Pat McGroin, Pat Powers and Dagon Briggs all no showed the event. According to the source of this article, Hamaoui got in one vehicle in the back alley and hid in it for approximately five minutes. Another vehicle then pulled out and Hamaoui switched to that vehicle with the drivers of both cars also switching with him. Then ANOTHER car came up 5 minutes later and Hamaoui got in that car and all drivers switched once more. This was followed by a Ford Expedition pulling up behind the cars and they all backed out and drove away single file. As stated above, attendance for the show was reported around 50 with no one accounted for as of this writing claiming to have paid. No one under the age of 18 were allowed in either, unbeknowing to FIP Officials beforehand. The NWA Florida contigent were reportedly not allowed in the building. Hamaoui apparently hid behind local Florida valet "The Hardcore Princess" (all 250 lbs of her) and begged management to not let the NWA Florida workers in. Management apologized, but said since Sal was renting the building, it was his call and that all the members of NWA Florida could not even purchase tickets to watch the show. Sources claim Hamaoui would not say a word, and hid behind the woman as management apologized again and said that the contigent could come back later and drink the supply nectar of the Gods (BEER) for free later. This article has been confirmed by sources from both NWA Florida and Full Impact Pro, as it seems most everyone from both organizations have had enough of the antics and dealings of Sal Hamaoui. More than likely this will mark the end of the "legacy" that Full Impact Pro Wrestling will leave behind in this great sport. A legacy that includes lies, thievery, annonymous phone calls, and horrible wrestling shows. Thank you, Full Impact Pro. You provided Florida wrestling fans with some of the stupidest antics ever seen by some of us. You were truly....The joke of the pro wrestling independent scene so far this decade. Rest in Hell. ------------ -Dave Tuthill
  8. It's always at that St. Matthews Church place where they have basically every show.
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    ECW...errr...3PW....returns to Viking Hall

    Barber, The ECW joke wasn't funny. Sorry.
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    Anyone attending this weekend's LXW shows?

    I'll be at both Florida shows (which are like two weeks away)..if it matters. Meh.
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    Teddy Hart Coming to ROH on 3/13!

    Yeah, I agree with above. My thread hasnt been deleted yet so it's clearly a work and a damn good one at that.
  12. kayfabe, but Roderick Strong has a slot. I'd definately like to see Walters, Dutt, Jay Lethal, Jerrelle Clark, Shelly & Jacobs and someone else.
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    For the Love of Jeevus....

    I was just about to say, Teddy gets $500 for a regular weekend gig, and splits the plane ticket cost. Despite what Michrome says, I enjoy his work, particularly when he's flying. I know if I ever ran a promotion, I would try to bring him in semi-regularly, as least to get my guys over. I'm digging Teddy's gimmick as I've said in the past, and he IS getting people talking about him (who knew who Teddy Hart was a year ago? Who knows him now?) but I don't think he's a solid draw yet. If he becomes prominent in one of the big indies, I think he has a chance to make it as a draw almost to the level a Low Ki, Chris Daniels, or AJ would. But that takes time and frequently good matches. Time will tell, I guess.
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    Zandig Officially Out of Ideas

    The name of the next show is called Bring on the Pain.
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    Hey guys, I'm looking for any and all WCW Monday Nitros from it's inception until the end of 1996. Don't have much to trade but am willing to pay. Shoot me a line here or email. Thanks.
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    From Mike Johnson: Major League Wrestling's event scheduled for this Friday 2/13 at the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been canceled. Employees of the promotion were told, "As of now all live events have been canceled" in messages left by MLW owner Court Bauer. One MLW regular who received a voicemail from Bauer described it as, "A farewell message of sorts." It is believed that at this point and time, Major League Wrestling is done. Attempts to reach MLW owner Court Bauer are thus far, unsuccessful so we don't have complete confirmation on that fact, but it certainly appears to be the case. The announcement comes just a day after the promotion sent out plane tickets to the wrestlers for this Friday's event. Major League Wrestling had returned just a month ago with a pair of TV Tapings in Orlando, Florida and a slot on the Sunshine Network in Florida. MLW's return to Orlando, scheduled for 2/14, was "postponed" in an announcement earlier this week. The January events were the first live events promoted by MLW since a September 2003 Wargames event in Fort Lauderdale. The promotion announced it was "reorganizing" shortly afterwards. As of 4 PM, Ticketmaster and the venue were still going under the impression that the show was taking place, but the messages left for MLW staff would indicate otherwise. ------------------------- NAH NAH NAH, NAH...........
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    Counting the last double shot as one show, MLW ran 9 shows in it's two year existance.
  18. From the Offices of NWA Florida and Lucha Xtreme Wrestling: Lucha Xtreme Wrestling and NWA Florida PRESENT: "The Mark Of The Mask" Tour The Arena is 13197 49th St N Clearwater, Florida 33762 February 28th 2004 We are just weeks away from this Huge inter-promotional super show; LXW vs. NWA Florida! All of the loyal NWA fans have been very excited, as their local heroes will be competing with the top stars in Lucha Libre today!!!! We also want to take this time to thank all of the people who have been helping to spread the word for the upcoming MEGA EVENT, up in the Tampa/St. Pete area and all over the state of Florida, as well as all the internet wrestling news sites. The Tix for this event are $15 in advance and $20 day of show. All Tix can be purchased on www.nwaflorida.com or at The Arena the day of the event. There will also be a Meet and Greet/Autograph session package with all the LXW Xtreme Luchadores, scheduled for one hour prior to the show for an additional fee. This package will include: Entry into the building before anyone else, signed 8x10 photos, pictures with ALL the Superstars, and FREE BEER during the Meet and Greet!!!!! So make sure you come down early to take advantage of this RARE opportunity to hang with all the International Superstars!!! LXW and NWA Florida officials have been putting a few more trios matches (6 man tags) together. The latest, is All Money I$ Legal (Kash, Kaoz, & Dizzy) vs. Billy Fives/Naphtalli/Mikey Tenderfoot. This match is sure to keep all in attendance on the edge of their seats. Another match just signed is the "Fatal 4-way” tables match, between Rising Son vs. Lex Lovitt vs. Chi Chi Cruz w/Jezabel vs. Rod Steel. First person to put an opponent through a table is declared the winner. This match will not only put one another against each other, but will also have the competitors out for blood, or in this case wood!!! Also, due to an injury sustained at "Violence is Golden" we regret to announce The Shane Twins w/Ron Neimi will not be competing against Damien666/Halloween/AWC. But in their place NWA Florida officials put together an unusual faction that will consist of Justice/Mickey Batts/Breyer Wellington, all of who stepped up for the challenge to prove they are the best NWA Florida has to offer!!!!! Danny Doring has made numerous calls to the NWA Florida offices demanding a match with the mysterious one, Zokre. No one really knows at this time why, but one thing is for sure after contacting the LXW offices, they discussed this with Zokre, and he has accepted the challenge. And so, the match was made for "The Mark Of The Mask" on Sat. Feb 28th. - Danny Doring vs. Zokre Tickets are just $15 in advance or $20 the day of the event. You can purchase them now at www.NWAFLORIDA.com. Once again the matches already signed for this stellar event on Sat Feb 28th are: - "1000% Guapo" Shocker vs. NWA Florida Champion Steve Madison - The "Trios match" Damien666/Halloween/AWC vs. Justice/Mickey Batts/Breyer Wellington - Super Dragon vs. Scoot Andrews - Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver vs. David Babylon & Sedrick Strong - Phoenix Star vs. NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Jerelle Clark - "The Southern Suicidal Deathmatch Challenge" Angel vs. ???????????? - The "Trios match" All Money I$ Legal vs. Billy Fives/Naphtalli/Mikey Tenderfoot - The "Fatal 4-way" tables match: Rising Son vs. Lex Lovitt vs. Chi Chi Cruz w/Jezabel vs. Rod Steel - Danny Doring vs. Zokre Purchase your tickets now, as this historic inter-promotional event will be SOLD OUT! And as always, check www.LXWRESTLING.com and www.NWAFLORIDA.com for all updates and information regarding this and all other LXW Events!!!
  19. r4g


    I'm finding it quite funny whenever someone mentions MLW's "investors" pulling out. The "investors" were his father.
  20. r4g


    An MLW invasion of NWA Florida would by kinky. Too bad there's no money to bring in the MLW roster anymore, I guess.
  21. r4g


    From PWTorch.com: "Major League Wrestling has cancelled all of its previously announced shows and is essentially going out of business. Court Bauer told PWTorch.com moments ago that a pair of investors pulled out of MLW. "Unless anyone is willing to invest in MLW, I would consider the venture at an end," Bauer said. Bauer said he is "shell shocked" by the latest developments, and has not determined what his future plans are. He said he found out about the investors pulling out of the deal earlier today, and has spent most of his time since then notifying his talent roster of the fate of the company. Bauer said the company will fulfill its commitments to overseas television networks who have syndicated deals with the promotion, but there are no plans to generate original content for those shows. Without fresh content, Bauer said the "Underground TV" show will not continue to air on Florida's Sunshine Network."
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    and I JUST won free tickets, too. REFUND!!!! A shame, 2/13 was going to be off the charts, but it was bound to happen. This means, however, that ROH and CZW can be free to run Florida without being called hypocrites, and without fear of cramping up the state. ROH kicks MLW's ass anyway. Hoorah!
  23. Rey Bucanerro was injured during a recent match and was scheduled to team with Guerrero against MMW. Atlantis is his sub. The LXW forum is at www.wrestlingonline.com: LXW Lucha Xtreme Wrestling & WZMQ 107.9 PRESENTS "The Mark of the Mask" Sunday, February 29th, 2004 Radisson Mart Plaza Hotel Convention Center 711 NW 72 Avenue Miami, Florida Lucha Xtreme Wrestling, America's Lucha Libre Wrestling League, would like to welcome WZMQ 107.9 FM on board as a proud sponsor for "The Mark Of The Mask." In the upcoming weeks, WZMQ will be having many of the "Xtreme Luchadores" on their programming for interviews and guest appearances as we make our way down to the Sunshine State to debut all of the extraordinarily talented "Xtreme Luchadores" in a traditional star-studded Lucha Libre wrestling event!!!! The ticket prices for this event are: $20 General Admission, $30 Ringside, and there will also be VIP packages available that will include dinner with LXW Superstar Shocker! All tickets are currently on sale at www.lxwrestling.com or www.ticketweb.com. We will be announcing other local ticket outlets in and around Miami next week, so stay tuned.... In LXW locker room news, it seems that after hearing their previously announced match pitting them against each other, Rising Son and Super Dragon had talks and are putting their differences aside. Both men feel that they have a common goal that is much more important than facing each other; and that is teaming up in Miami to settle their intense rivalries with the "Aerial Xpress" Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver. Both teams have had amazing singles matches against each other throughout the West Coast and will finally collide in tag team action in what will be a breathtaking Lucha Libre match. And since they asked the LXW officials for this match in order to finally seek revenge onto the Aerial Express with any means necessary, LXW had no choice but to book this as a no "DQ" match, as it will be nothing short of a 5 star match!!!!... Both teams will have to push themselves to the limits and lay their bodies on the line to come out of this match the victors. LXW has just signed what promises to be a Hard Hitting, Traditional Lucha Libre Tag Team match up as Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero "Los Guerreros Del Infierno" take on Damien666 & Halloween "La Familia de Tijuana." This match will have old and new fans of traditional Lucha Libre at the edge of their seats cheering for all the opponents in the match and their outrageous and innovative moves. Here's the rundown on the matches already signed for this HUGE Feb. 29th event in Beautiful Miami Florida: -"1000% Guapo" Shocker vs. Angel for the first crowning of the LXW Heavyweight Championship- -Super Dragon & Rising Son vs. Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver "The Aerial Express" --NO DQ MATCH-- -Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero "Los Guerreros Del Infierno" vs. Damien666 & Halloween "La Familia de Tijuana" Once again, the date and location for this mega event is: Sunday, February 29th, 2004 The Radisson Mart Plaza Hotel Convention Center 711 NW 72 Avenue Miami, Florida $20 for General Admission $30 for Ringside and VIP packages available. Tickets are on sale NOW at www.lxwrestling.com or www.ticketweb.com. They are going fast so get them now, as this event will be sold out!!!!
  24. On 2/29 in Miami for their solo show, they'll be using Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis. If that makes a difference. Who's gonna be at either of these shows? I'm planning on hitting both myself.
  25. From the offices of NWA Florida: February 8, 2004 From The Offices of NWA Florida For Immediate Release NWA Florida has just moved into its Brand New NWA Florida ARENA!!!! The new location in Clearwater is less than 15 minutes away from the old Arena with PLENTY of Parking and a much larger event area… The new location is 13197 49th St N Just South of Ulmerton Rd. “We are very excited about this new venue, it will be our permanent ‘home base’ including our school and complete gym facility, the new building will be the home of our joint show with LXW which is sure to set the Indy Scene On FIRE!!!” Joe Price – NWA FL President “Bi-Weekly shows will be starting the week after the show on March 6th and NWA Florida has allot of surprises in store for the state of Florida in the coming weeks” Aaron Royal – NWA FL Vice President LXW vs. NWA Florida Saturday, Feb 28TH 2004, 8:00 P.M. at The Arena 13197 49th St N Clearwater, Florida 33762 Ever since this historic event was announced a few weeks ago, the entire wrestling world has been buzzing! And on February 28th, 2004, Live @ The Arena located at 13197 49th St N in Clearwater, Florida, the two companies will collide. This promises to be a night of fast-paced, high flying, hard-hitting action like never seen before! One of the things that has everyone talking are the interesting match possibilities. Therefore, all week long, both companies have been going back and forth with possible match ideas and personal challenges that will end up providing all the fans in attendance the most action packed card possible. The NWA Florida roster is not taking too kindly to the challenge set by Lucha Xtreme Wrestling and the fact that the Xtreme Luchadores have the guts to show up in the NWA's backyard. NWA Florida's athletes will not be embarrassed and will go to all lengths to show LXW and the World just how dangerous and ruthless they could be. The Xtreme Luchadores in LXW are gifted in all areas of combat and believe that it does not matter whether its Lucha, Puroresu or even American strong style, they can adapt to any style of wrestling beat anyone at their own game and in their own territory!! Already announced is "1000% Guapo" Shocker (second generation Lucha Libre superstar) vs. NWA Florida Champion Steve Madison, and the Trios match of Damien666/Halloween/American Wild Child a.k.a. "La Familia de Tijuana" vs. The Shane Twins & Ron Niemi (note…Mike Shane tore his bicep 2 weeks ago and Ron Niemi is feverishly searching for a replacement to the recuperating Mike Shane. LXW and NWA Florida promoters have signed a match due to the overwhelming demand from it's participants, and on February 28, Super Dragon will take on "The Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews. This stiff yet technical match is sure to have all in attendance in sheer awe of the brutality they will both endure to attain victory. In an interpromotional tag team war, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver a.k.a."The Aerial Express" take on the team of David Babylon & Sedrick Strong. The action in this match is going to be so fast paced that with the slightest blink of an eye, you may miss some of the most innovative moves you may ever see. Two of the best cruiserweights in the nation will collide as Phoenix Star takes on NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion "Mr. 630" Jerelle Clark. Both men are known for their death defying antics in the ring and are very evenly matched. Fans can expect that both men will not only use their technical and chain wrestling abilities, but also use anything and everything in the ring and its surrounding area as a springboard to outdo their opponent. Also, the "Hardcore Homo" Angel has issued a "Southern Suicidal Death Match" challenge to anyone in the NWA Florida locker room who will accept. This match will consist of: 100 lighttubes, 10,000 thumbtacks, barbed wire boards and just about anything that isn't nailed down!!! This challenge has been answered by two of the hardest Mo-Fo’s in NWA FL Chaos & OG Scarface!!! There will also be a meet and greet/Autograph session package with all the LXW Xtreme Luchadores scheduled for one hour prior to the show for an additional fee. This package will include: Entry into the building before anyone else, signed 8x10 photos, pictures with ALL the Superstars, and FREE BEER during the Meet and Greet!!!!! Tickets are just $15 in advance or $20 the day of the event. You can purchase them now at www.NWAFLORIDA.com or at the Arena box office located at 4251 34th St. North in St. Petersburg, FL Monday thru Friday 10am-9pm & Saturday 9am-2pm or by calling (813) 417-4922. Once again the matches already signed for this stellar event on Sat Feb 28th are: -"1000% Guapo" Shocker vs. NWA Florida Champion Steve Madison -"The Trios match" Damien666/Halloween/AWC vs. The Shane Twins w/Ron Niemi - Super Dragon vs. Scoot Andrews - The Aerial Express vs. David Babylon & Sedrick Strong - Phoenix Star vs. NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Jerelle Clark -"The Southern Suicidal Deathmatch Challenge" Angel vs. Chaos vs. OG Scarface Purchase your tickets now as this historic interpromotional event will be SOLD OUT! And as always, check www.LXWRESTLING.com and www.nwaflorida.com for all updates and information regarding this and all other LXW Events!! Directions From Tampa: Take I275 South to Ulmerton RD/FL-688 W via exit number 31B toward LARGO. Turn LEFT onto 49TH ST N/CR-611 S. Make a U-TURN at CREEKSIDE DR onto 49TH ST N/CR-611 N. And follow the signs! Directions From The Old Arena (St Pete): Start out going North on US-19 N/34TH ST N toward 50TH AVE N. Continue to follow US-19 N. Take the CR-611 N/49 TH ST N ramp, Merge onto 49TH ST N. And follow the signs! Directions From Orlando: Take I-4 West to I275 South to Ulmerton RD/FL-688 W via exit number 31B toward LARGO. Turn LEFT onto 49TH ST N/CR-611 S. Make a U-TURN at CREEKSIDE DR onto 49TH ST N/CR-611 N. And follow the signs! Directions From Miami/Ft Lauderdale: Take I75 North to Take I-4 West to I275 South to Ulmerton RD/FL-688 W via exit number 31B toward LARGO. Turn LEFT onto 49TH ST N/CR-611 S. Make a U-TURN at CREEKSIDE DR onto 49TH ST N/CR-611 N. And follow the signs! ------------- HOORAY!!!!!!!!