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    The Shockmaster

    Raven, please allow me to point out the mistakes from your last few posts. Hopefully this will serve as a mirror for you to gaze into and witness your horrible grammar! No longer will you have to try and be cute by calling out other posters because you will now be able to marvel at how badly your own posts exemplify proper english! "Talking about the Shockmaster makes me sad that Wrestlecrap is no longer up (in a way that all the articles aren't up, cause I know he puts 2 up a week)" No periods, misplacement of a comma, and no apostrophe before "cause" don't mkae you look like too much of an English genius! "Actually I was DarkHollywood for about 6-7 months but I lost my AOL email address for that and misplaced the new password, So I had to make a new one." Hey, good job using a period to end a sentence. Too bad you frogot a comma following "Actually", a comma before "but", and you wrongly placed a comma after "password" and made sure to make a run on sentece of your own directly following that. Isn't that what you criticized Drury for to begin with? "Besides, I always make note of errors." That's great! Make sure you make note of these as well. "Just saying thats all. I'm not gonna flame a person because of something stupid like that. I'd get banned. I only said something because it seems like if you said that out loud it would sound like you were gasping for breath without stopping and that is annoying isnt it because I do. Woops. My Bad. I have bad grammer. BAN ME PLZ!! (insulting 70% of the board) Jsut kidding on banning me. Me Stupid. I tried twisting the cap off my Pepsi, except it was a can. LOL " You actually began to improve here, and your final post was well done! Just make sure that next time you want to note mistakes. You should have placed a comma after "saying". The phrase "if you said that out loud" should also be set off with commas, it's an appositive. There should also be a comma before the conjunction "and" to keep this from being another run-on. "grammer" should be spelled with an "a" and not an "e". That will do it for my grammar lesson, but one more thing about this paragraph puzzles me. You seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of posters who like to come to this board and stereotype others. I am particularly troubled by the phrase "Woops. My Bad. I have bad grammer. BAN ME PLZ!! (insulting 70% of the board) Jsut kidding on banning me." It appears here that you have taken notice of many posts involving one poster jumping on another's case because of poor grammar usage. Now, if I could direct you to your post located eight upward, you should see that you just did that exact same thing! That's puzzling when I take into account this phrase. I don't believe that 70% of this board, as you claim, are the stereotyped assholes you see them as. Back to the topic at hand, I think the Shockmaster idea was just a product of bad writing, much like all feds have had. The problem here was the badly written material was performed even at an even worse level. I had no idea this ever hapened until a few years ago. I was prompted by a friend to read an article about some of the worst moments in wrestling, and I got the chance to see what all the hilarity was about. Truly comedic gold.
  2. Just call me Dan

    5 years later

    He did not, he did overreact and say something close to "Rodman just armdragged Page perfectly, you don't see a wrestling move like that froma basketball player!" I remember thinking that was really cool back then too.
  3. Just call me Dan

    Let me join the masses

    Flair is no reason to watch WWE anymore. He has gone right back to HHH's yes man, and I never want to see him in the ring again. His bumping whatsoever days are gone, and I can't tolerate another match with 23 overhead tosses. It's pathetic. I like Ric in an authority figure role where he can interact with all characters. I'm not for those type of characters on any show anymore, but if anyone can do it, Ric can and well. He is really hurting the show with his extended ring time nowadays, IMO.
  4. Just call me Dan

    What's so bad about Randy Orton?

    It's just really pointless to try and push someone so hard, yet stick with the old 1970's the heel is a pussy booking. Who couldn't pin all three Dudleyz with cheating or just being laid down upon them? It's OK to push someone, and there are ways to have someone grow as a performer and have thier wekanesses covered. Fact is, you have to do it and make people GIVE A SHIT. Wrestler A can get just as over if put in the same position. Orton needs to be presented as a THREAT not just a guy getting a push. I personally think he can perform a basic moveset quite crisply, and if allowed to just speak without such a blatantly scripted dialogue, could be entertaining. He has a good look to him, and is a different build than most top guys which is a plus in my book. They need to slow down with him being in there with top teir guys, and keep that to a minimum. Dominate the lower card first to earn that top spot. The booking is all wrong, and that pisses me off about Orton, not so much him alone.
  5. Just call me Dan

    What's so bad about Randy Orton?

    Orton doesn't need to be dragged into everything top tier guys in his stable do. He can be there,enforce a bit, but stick to his group. Build up epic feuds between him and a division of Xian, Hurricane, etc, and get his big on the IC Division. Keep him and Bautista Tagging anbd keeping the gold together for a while. Eventually a big rift comes through that working forula. New allegiances, old friends now enemies, and the new will shine. your atrs are born. This is one big giant rub thats trying to be dissected and passed around to each person in different quantities. The Group should remani but should not be so 1 dimensional to where everything involves the main event match. The premsie of Evilution would have to be to revitalize EVERYTHING. Not just keeping HHH looking like a threat and keeping his title for him. there needs to be branches with specific duties and a coalition against anything major. Fuck all this rub.
  6. Just call me Dan

    JR's back 11 Aug because Coach Sucks

    I wish Vince would get back on commentary and get the hell out of all these angles. He and Bischoff to me were incredible announcers, and I think if you used Bischoff, Vince or Heyman on Raw with JR, the announcing would pick up. JR sucks donkey balls right now because he seems bored and cliched, but I think it is from the lack of ANYTHING from that idiot King forcing him to just sit back and do nothing. Lawler should be FIRED RIGHT NOW.
  7. Just call me Dan

    Last time a turn really suprised you

    I would have been genuinely caught off guard with the Brock turn had I not read the spoilers. I knew something was going to happen, but I seemed to be one of the only guys on this board who thought he found his niche as an innovative babyface. I really didn't expect a Kurt or Brock turn, but more of something like an Undertaker heel turn/push again. The last time I was truly shocked though was HHH turning on Shawn on RAW after reforming DX.
  8. Just call me Dan

    Triple H as world champ

    Things could be "shaken up" for a small period of time while HHH decides whether or not to turn face. He could easily drop the title and stay "in the hunt" until a big blowoff Wrestlemania match where he pins a big heel like Kane or Randy Orton (given a continual Brock-like push). If you ask me, he'll drop it soon, only to resume his 2002 habits next year.
  9. Just call me Dan

    Kane's last 2 tombstones

    The last regualrly executed piledriver I can remember would be austin doing it to Angle on the floor during thier feud (before the Unforgiven match, IIRC). Other than that, Taker and Kane have used Tombstones in situations where the opponent CANNOT take a Chokeslam/Last Ride bump in that scenario or the opponent is too large.