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  1. Just call me Dan

    Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Why the hell did that scientist shut the bathroom door when Cromarte in Terminator form put his hand out to give him the tape recorder? I know Cromarte took his eyes, but I just did not get the scene where he disrobed in front of the bathtub at all. What the hell was going on there?
  2. Just call me Dan

    Bobby Lashley released

    72. Lashley could have never pulled off a feud with NAILZ~!!
  3. Just call me Dan

    Bobby Lashley released

    You want to help us out by providing your pic?
  4. Just call me Dan


    Why do I keep catching an Australian accent in Sawyer's "survivng" line? He sounds weirder everytime I hear it.
  5. Just call me Dan

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    Taker winning 2 years in a row? It's bad enough that he's barely if at all recognized as the winner of last year's.
  6. Just call me Dan

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    HBK/Flair Mania program where they will get the 30+ minutes they didn't get at Bad Blood 2003.
  7. Just call me Dan

    WWE Results From Iraq

    If Orton does retain, does JBL's involvement mean anything? He obviously wants back in the ring. Looks like JBL/Y2J Mania to me .
  8. Just call me Dan


    Seems like you sir, just had a genius moment. WAs anyone else blown away by the last show? It was fantastic on many levels. Who knows when it'll start back up again, unfortunately.
  9. Just call me Dan


    Kindly fuck off. That horse has been dead.
  10. Just call me Dan


    That is certainly what you would be led to believe. I never really take a preview of an episode or even the end of one to foreshadow exactly how things will end up in the following shows. It was great episode last night, and I was very glad that the Master Chang storyline wasn't what made it a two parter. Is this the season finale Wednedsay? Sure seems like theyre wrapping things up quickly. Wonder what they hell they do from there. Does this just become another crime drama?
  11. Just call me Dan

    Raw 12.3.07

    You have to admit that it was funny to have Kennedy stop Ramon from doing his entrance as to brush him off only for the full pyro to commence and him concede that it must be completed. I didn't expect the pyro at all.
  12. Just call me Dan

    Smackdown Spoilers 11/30/07

    With the release of the 15-0 dvd that begs the question, what if he was 16-0 or 17-0, the dvd would be a failed attempt to cover the streak, I'd say Edge has an outside shot. It's like they tried to chronicle it because you can't make a 15-1 dvd.
  13. Just call me Dan

    Raw 11.26.07

    Man, Kennedy and Jericho's lame new moves bummed me out. Why does every heel think that the backwards facebuster is so great? Kanyon tried to make it work with the Flatliner, then Edge, Taker ever used it, Muhammed Hassan, Judas Mesias in TNA and now Kennedy. The move blows and is really low impact. What gives?
  14. Just call me Dan

    OAO 11/19 Raw Thread

    I cracked up at the "child bearing hips" remark, but, seriously, guys have to stop ripping on one another for losing size. Orton still looks good, but is significantly more slender from the time he won his first title, and I think it is due to him relaxing on the gas. This, naturally, alters his body structure and, in this case, makes Randy's hips look wide. This was a pretty HHHesque comment if you ask me.
  15. Just call me Dan

    Rashad Evans versus Michael Bisping to headline UFC 78

    I didn't think it was boring until the third round when Fisher gave up.
  16. Just call me Dan

    OAO 2007 Survivor Series Thread

    Has anyone ever kicked out of the Tombstone like that?
  17. Just call me Dan


    Agreed it was a good episode. I really think they could stretch some of these stories out to 2 weeks, though. They pretty much have nothing and then it all comes together in the last ten minutes. I thought it was cool that Ted ditched the wall when he heard the warrant had been issued. I wonder if Charlie will reconstruct it. Get ready for some heavy tension between Dani and Charlie now...
  18. Just call me Dan

    TUF VI: Welterweights

    HE IS. I understand what he's saying in that he's a professional and has been up and down the road, he doesn't need to be questioned on whether or not he'll be in Richie's "best interests". The guy is getting paid to coach and he'll coach. Why would he give a crap about screwing over Richie Hightower? Lame. Him and his boys, especially Lawler, REALLY came off like a Varsity Football captain squad laughing at the noobs. His constant referral to "not having time for this high school stuff" was just the line I'd expect from someone who acts like high school never ended. He even had the evil goatee going. Guy really seems like a dick sometimes and I hate that he's the one pimping scripture and making the christian faith look pretty uninviting. I love how he rips in to Serra for having a bad mouth while the next segment is him respecting the hell out of Dana while he interjects F bombs into a single word. I heard him bust out oppor - fuckin -tunity one year. I'm a fan of Hughes because he really gets me into fights whether it be dick moves or just cockiness, but it's hard to respect him as a person. Danzig came off a lot better on this episode, though. He really is no joke lined up next to these guys.
  19. Just call me Dan


    Wow I am STOKED he's going with a new finisher. I hope it's a new submission. I loved the Liontamer, but the Walls was a porrly executed Boston Crab and had NO credibility in my eyes, whether people tapped or not.
  20. Just call me Dan


    I think I'm highly discouraged by the vest. What the hell is that?
  21. Just call me Dan

    Mass Effect

    My ex-girlfriend's 360 did that same shit. Wouldn't read any disks at all. Warrant won't cover it. Costs you 100 bucks and will take about 3 weeks. Bummer. I have been playing so much Wii that I've forgotten about the 360 until I finish up my last game and move on to Halo 3. I'm scared to turn the damn thing on!
  22. Just call me Dan

    Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 6

    Glad everyone enoyed this season as much as I did. There were a few episodes including the one w/ McEnroe (sp?) in the limo, where I would get so nervous/embarrassed for Larry that I'd almost have to take a break. The finale was great and I really thought it came off like a Series Finale. Glad there will at least be a 7th season.
  23. Just call me Dan


    He doesn't look so great in that cover pic. Not really sure how he could be taken very seriously like that. I'm still looking forward to Monday and really hoping he comes off well and not some mid card comedy act.
  24. Just call me Dan

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Quick question for anyone who has time: I always go through a strategy guide/walkthrough when playing Metroid Prime games, just because I don't think it's worth goin through it again for a 100% ending. I jut picked up Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii and I was wondering if a walkthrough would be needed for this game for the same type of reason I used one for Metroid. Can you just play through this and even if you don't get everything get the same ending? Thanks.
  25. Just call me Dan


    Show was decent save some campy moments like Olivia busting out a song and those 2 just camping out all night just because he ran out of gas. Agreed with BOOBSHAW(!!!) that the bank scene was pretty over the top. Speaking of boobs, holy hell the chick who lays Olivia is STACKED. It seems unreal and is quite the distraction during any scene she's in.