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  1. I was watching an episode of Nitro on this week's 24/7 offering and Malenko/Finlay were working a short TV match. Malenko went for a powerbomb and got Dave about 3/4 up and then placed him back down, then Finlay grabbed a single leg and they proceeded just fine.


    Got me thinking about matches where this thing happened and it didn't disrupt the flow or even HELPED things (like Flair/HBK WM 24 when Michaels hit the table all wrong).


    What stands out to you when this question is posed?

  2. Episode four was phenomenal, IMO. I really like the character progression and am pleased they went in this direction and not a bunch of episode 1 clones.


    Him telling his lackey after suggesting a screening of his comeback video "I think that's cool as shit" had me rolling.


    I hope it gets picked up for more with apparently only 2 episodes left.

  3. Batista really has no reason to "respect" Jericho.


    That's actually got me thinking, that I'm not so much pissed at Batista's laughing, it's the booking of Jericho to actually live right up to Batista's thinking of him as a joke. He beats HBK decisively the 1st time and wins in a ladder match, then just gets laughed at by a confident Batista (he should be), but instead of making people believe this could be a competitive encounter with a 3 time champ and veteran of 15 years as the defending champion, he gets booked like a douche and loses twice in the go home show for a PPV while Batista continues laughing. It just gets under my skin.

  4. It's not as if he just laughs at them and that's it though. He laughs at them, to show he's a cool guy and stuff I suppose, then gets serious a few seconds later. When he laughed at Jericho, he followed it up by admitting that if he lost Jericho would earn respect. He didn't just laugh and leave it at that.


    He's a big powerhouse who laughs it up once in a while when a heel threatens to kick his ass. And guess what? He's over. If he were just some super-serious bigman, would people react in the same way?



    Maybe we didn't watch the same segment. He laughed so much he couldn't get out the phrase "if you beat me" without stuttering and laughing all the way through it. I get where you were going, but this segment did not have any shred of respect towards Jericho.

  5. I really can't STAND Batista laughing at everyone. He takes nothing seriously and it pisses me off. I'd love for it to be an angle where he loses clean to Jericho and then has to take time and re-focus and realize that he underestimates his opponents and realizes he can't be beaten if he focuses and takes things seriously.


    Instead, we will have a couple of run ins and a rollup with hands on the ropes finish or something.


    I don't know how much longer this crap can continue.


    I hate the whole month leading up to Cyber Sunday every year! What a waste!