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  1. Fair enough. I guess for me, it's just really annoying that I can grow about 75% of what I'd like it to look like, with just a few missing areas that, to me, are significant enough to get rid of all of it. That type of surgery would be more to just fill in a bit and set off a look I'm going for and not a total makeover or some kind of grudge I have against people who can grow it all. Just a thought, but the overwhelming "no way" response helps to make me think a lot harder about it. Thanks man.

  2. I've seen pics of guys with the full beard done, and it's just too perfect. I realize that I would want to be shaven sometimes, and that's ok. I guess I'd just like the option. I think my main concern is the lack of a full mustache. It's really scarce, leaving me with the only option of the bottom half goatee. I'd just like the mustache filled in and maybe a little better connection between the soul patch and chin. Yeah, it's a little vain or inferiority driven, I suppose. Thanks for the replies.

  3. Basically they did and immediate elimination of Matt and Leticia by asking each of the beauties and geeks questions about the other. It came down to a tiebreaker between Matt & Leticia and Tommy and Amanda. Tommy pulled it out. They got ready for the final challenge, and went outside to see that each of the old cast members were outside. There was drama all night, and when the contestants woke up, all the old cast mates were gone. Both teams got in a limo and were driven around town to find as many of the castmates as they could based on personality traits and where they would be most likely to be given their interests. They had a laptop and googlemapped everything. Tommy and Amanda won 5 to 4 and won it all. Amber came back and was all snuggly with Tommy but acted pissed first when she fount out him and Tara had a thing, and then just walked off when he decided to spend some time with his partner, amanda instead of her. She looked like a huge bitch again. That's about it.


    Is there going to be a reunion next week?

  4. I was rooting for them. He seemed like a real genuine nice guy, and was the front-runner to hook up. when he kept getting played by Amber but then saved face with Amanda in the end, it was nice to see. She was, to me, the most beautiful contestant on the show, maybe tied with Jillian. Great season. i may be alone, but I've liked all the seasons and hope the series continues for a while.

  5. I'm not necessarily looking for a pick me up or help with self image problems, but I hate the way my facial hair grows. It's been pretty consistent for years now, and I'm 24.


    The surgery is available basically taking grafts from the back of your scalp and filling in the areas. It's rather expensive and probably rather obvious. Let's say your buddy really wanted to do this. What would you tell him? Is this totally ridiculous?


    The normal line of people with beards is "Well, I hate shaving, you'd hate having to shave as much as I do". Well, I DO HAVE TO SHAVE AS MUCH AS YOU DO. Just not all the same areas.


    Just wondering what your reaction to this type of thing is, and if I'm just crazy. I know there will probably be petty of fluff in some posts, but the serious discussion is much appreciated.



  6. How can you be that physically impressive and have no athletic skill whatsoever? Weird. I'm tired of all the crying by the male contestants and I really just want to see Matt or Tommy hook up. Chris is the biggest douche of all time and his conehead voice and proclamation of being unstoppable is hilarious.

  7. Did you even watch the KOTR final with Regal? Shitty kicks? Gotta disagree there.


    Who do you LIKE again? I seem to never be able to figure that out.


    I'll go Jericho. For the present time. He's the one I care about most right now. the Backlash match is a big indicator of whether or not he will get a serious run here. He's drawn quite a hard line between the upper and mid card guys with his wins over Punk, Hardy, and MVP, but was a Big Show squash and looks to be getting buried between HBK and Batista. Not to mention he WON his title match with Orton and passed off a rematch as if it meant nothing, even though the whole REASON he came back was apparently to end Orton's reign. I'm really digging both guy's ring work as of late, and I'd just like things to at least not get any worse for either.

  8. The Silva fight is basicaly all or nothing for him as well.


    There has to be money in two vets like Ortiz and Silva both winning next month and starting up a war of words. Tito has too much mney to make with a win here on a consistent basis with UFC, but I KNOW EliteXC or Affliction, even Cuban would throw out more than he'd make in a couple of years for a 2 fight deal.

  9. I really have never seen anyone give respect to this guy. Maybe as a showman, but never at anything else.


    Discussions usually culminate in his size giving him an advantage, great cardio, but inability to finish a fight EVER (other than Shamrock and a sweet suplex to Tanner).


    Is there really any debate to be had?


    I think so. I'm a big fan of the guy, other than him going overboard in disrespecting others often times. I think his fights with Forrest and Evans in which he did not lose, but didn't convincingly win tell a lot. Guys his age and experience level have a tendency to get steamrolled by the newer generation that come around because of the evolution of the game (see: Hughes).


    Let's say Tito finishes this fight with Machida and takes the duke in the 2nd round.


    Where does he stand with you guys then?

  10. How about people who attach "or whatever" to EVERYTHING. What the hell do you mean?


    "Yeah, I went to the mall, or whatever"


    "She said we should probably stay in, or whatever"


    "I was walking in the park, or whatever"


    What the hell do you mean or whatever?


    Is there some small chance that you actually mean something other than what you're describing?





  11. I thought that was a flat out fantastic match. All the submissions looked brutal nlike, say Edge/Taker WM24, and seeing the crossface/ LIONTAMER was excellent. I loved the style, and the build, and really just would have liked about 5 more minutes and a couple of other nearfalls.




    Angle in the MMA gear was swank and his dismissing of Karen was awesome. I was quite pleased.