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  1. Flair had 16 World Title reigns. No one has ever acheived such. Although the number is actually higher, it historically stands at 16.


    We've all speculated that Triple H's emulation of Flair would culminate in him being the one with the World Title record, and his standing at 11 with the 12th lingering in the near future make it seem even more inevitable.


    What about Kurt Angle's 12, though?


    Does that count in your eyes?


    Does having World titles in multiple organizations (much like Flair) make Angle's more or less legit?


    Who do you think wll reach 16 (+) first?


    Who else could you see lasting long enough to make a run at Flair or the new record holder's number?


    Just a thought I had that I'd like to see debated here.


    Thanks in advance.

  2. I just can't imagine guys not having this itch to hold the world title in the most prestigious and important wrestling company in the world. That's not necessarily saying a whole lot about the WWE, but never taking a legit shot at it (He'd have a more legit shot, IMO, being a if not "the" top guy in a rival comapny with national exposure). Before his career is said and done, unless TNA overtakes WWE in ratings, buyrates, etc. I'd see him wanting another crack at the WWE title.

  3. Thanks for that. I can easily see the difference now.


    Am I the only one that thought the Serra guy with all his moaning was putting on an act when he asked all the questions over and over about whether or not it was a real fight or practice? It almost seemed like an attempt to save face and cover up for him losing his shit after waking up from those bricks to the face.

  4. I agree, but I do think he just flat out lost because he sucked at it and didn't get into the role like the others. He presented a drunk version of himself in makeup.


    The Gaysian needs to go. He does not fit the part at all. The black girl is too ghetto. Settle down with all the yelling. Joe's partner has too many body-freckles. she's not as hot as she believes. It is also hilarious that Matt kept his glasses after the makeover was done.


    That's it.

  5. It's still the same, but, along with the trend of "Everyone must have lyrics to be cool", I feel ift was ruined with the addition of rap lyrics.


    Cage has done a great job in TNA. He is thoroughly entertaining and it's almost surreal to watch guys like Sting and Nash play the enforcer to his leader roole and let him do ALL the talking. They will literally stand on the side and keep their arsm crossed with an intense stare.


    I legitimately buy him as a main event level performer, but wish, as stated before. that he dropped the finisher and got a better one that IS NOT a reverse STO.


    I see this run as an eventual ploy to walk back into the WWE in a higher spot with Edge being in the top teir and him being able to shine elsewhere.

  6. Anyone else notice HHH getting leaner lately? Is this a result of the "no juice" thing? I'll admit I hadn't watched much of any WWE lately until post-WM for Flair's farewell and we were all commenting on how he looked a lot younger when he came out to MC the farewell. Maybe I'm noticing it more because I haven't been watching it week in and week out, and the last time I actually saw HHH he was a lot more "puffy" - this is almost like when Hogan went from pretty huge to the skinnier WM9 look. Either way, just something that caught my attention during RAW last night.


    I noticed he was leaner, too, but it really seems odd that a guy would retain his six pack and lots of definition and be off the roids. That's what I would usually consider someone who's puffy. Like HHH around the time of Summerslam 03. Puffy, still big, but not with all the definition. Edge on roids was not the biggest guy but he was ripped. Now I'm spewing off what I don't know. He does look slimmer, though, Like he did in 2000.

  7. I'm assuming he just meant that Steve has really stunk it up in everything he's done since he left the ring.


    I'd like to see the Austin/Cena because I know it would deliver and Austin back for a couple of months (maybe RR) leading to him gathering a lot of steam and really busting out one more time to go out to a guy who will actually carry his torch would be nice. That's not a dig at the Rock whatsoever, but I think Steve could benefit from having one more program with a guy from this "generation".

  8. This is a last ditch effort from me to really care and take TNA seriously. My only problem is this is seeming all too much like the Benoit title reign where it is all fan service and the big bad HHH is finally going to get beat clean. BUT, TNA has built on AJ/Angle so long, it will now be the goofy storyline to take up all the TV time while the champ, Joe has mediocre opponents and little TV time. This is just like the Summer 2004 bullshit with Eugene/HHH. Am I way off here?

  9. Man, I bet Kane with the mask (the half-mask) over again would re-ignite him. Just a small thing, but growing the hair back out and dawning the mask along with the ECW title would just be a much more useful idea than his 5 year long stale midcard tweener act.

  10. That is the list, It's been out since January 2007, so it was before the Benoit incident. They are just going to take out the Benoit matches and replace them with something else.


    Hopefully not, though, because there seems to be hope of him not being edited out of history anymore.

  11. Yeah, total Bullshit on the Jillian exit. Not only was it too early, but she didn't even last the entire episode! It's official, if you have dark hair and really big breasts that would make for nice shots during the season, you gotta go. The chick last year got canned 1st and Jillian didn't fare much better. She was gorgeous and seemingly a real sweetheart. For shame.