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  1. It is hilarious to watch Danzig group everyone else into a novice category and himself as this experienced veteran who just got put on this show because they needed star power or something. I can't even imagine the crap that would come out of his mouth if he were to lose to one of the other guys. I'm crossing my fingers he gets punked out before the finals.

  2. Man, I hate that there is such little response to the shows now. I realize a lot of this has to do with spoilers, but this was a good show. I've had about enough of a backstage segment with Angle every 20 minutes, but there was a lot of wrestling on the show, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.


    I was puzzled that Kaz/Cage was done on Impact, as the tournament bracket signified the finals would be at Genesis, but I was very impressed by the match. It was excellent and gives me high opes for Sunday.


    The women's match was great, and I really can't complain much about anything other than too many Angle segments. Those could be shortened and combined into two or so, not six.

  3. I have seen nothing out of that guy. He came in, got a fluke win on Lindland and got schooled by Tanner. Beat a tomato can later on and never has been seen again. How can he be a title contender? I guess the Middleweight division is that bad other than the top guy who may be the best in the organization. I really wanted to see something from Terrell. Your luck can't be that bad. It just can't.

  4. Let's get back on track, here. I thought the last episode had some great moments, but the Larson character busting out a mask whenh he got into the apartment and the fact that he was "so smart" but didn't think to bring up the fact that he had a gun pointed at him followed by a psycho rant from the girl to try and derail her testimony.


    And I REALLY don't like the cheif "Cruz, not another word..." during his interruption of the wacky webcam show had me boiling. shut up, bitch, he was saving your ass.


    Looking forward to next week.

  5. I guess I'll be the first one to comment that I thought this was a thread about The Eddie Murphy/Martin Lawrence movie of the late 90s.



    I thought this was a thread about that Martin Lawrence film.


    How ironic


    by Dave Scherer


    This week's edition of Raw scored a 3.5 cable rating, up from last week's 3.3. The show did hours of 3.5 (3.54) and 3.4 (3.40) so the only negative in the number is that the audience dropped in the second hour.


    It was obvious by the save us promo in the middle of the show that Jericho wasn't returning. My friends and I were pretty dead after we saw it and could have cared less about the rest of the show. I can't imagine the sentiments of a lot of others being much different causing the drop late in the show. Once you realized tonight wasn't the night, why even watch another poorly booked handicap match where the only logical finish will never be booked?

  7. Fallen? Please explain. I thoroughly enjoyed that movie if memory serves me right. This was many years ago, but tell me what I didn't see that I should have shit on.


    how can I tell YOU what to like and not like about a movie? I didn't care for the movie, it's concept. It bored me. If it didn't bore YOU, fantastic!



    Well thank you so much for going out of your way to humor me..... I really just wanted to hear you point out some of the things you didn't like about it. I haven't seen it in a long time, which was a time in which I was much younger and couldn't critique it too well. It would have been nice for you to just answer the question instead of answering me like I was 8 years old.


    Anyway, saw this movie this weekend due to a buddy of mine having a copy of the screening DVD. Rather long, and the movie goes about 2 hours before Crowe/Washington's characters even meet. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I hated the ending.

    I'm not a big fan of someone committing horrendous crimes, but getting a very light sentence for ratting out other criminals. The fact that Lucas gets about 15 years to me is a travesty.


    Worth a viewing for sure.

  8. I really would have liked a full blown Austin/Foley feud with Foley playing his Cactus Jack character near the end of his career ( his original career) circa 2000-2001. Foley cutting promos on all his done in the business with the passion he can against a heel Austin would have been killer.

  9. UFC Officials Rebut Randy Couture’s Pay Claims

    Posted by MMA Junkie on October 30, 2007 at 6:11 pm ET

    UFC President Dana White, co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, and chief financial officer John Mulkey today addressed Randy Couture’s complaints from a press conference the UFC heavyweight champion held last week at his training center in Las Vegas.


    White spearheaded the UFC’s rebuttal, specifically addressing Couture’s salary estimates, a complaint that he never received a signing bonus, and claims from Couture’s wife, Kim, that the UFC didn’t promote her husband during his UFC career.


    The press conference took place at Zuffa LLC’s headquarters in Las Vegas and was streamed live online at UFC.com and MMAjunkie.comc content-partner site Yahoo! Sports.


    Much of the media event was spent breaking down Couture’s per-fight pay.


    White and Fertitta insisted that Couture restructured his existing contract when he came out of retirement back in January, and as part of the new deal, he earned a $500,000 signing bonus — half of which was paid at the signing and the other half after his first fight. Couture claims he never received a signing bonus and that the $500,000 the UFC is referencing was actually a predetermined “locker-room” bonus the two parties agreed upon.


    Additionally, while both sides agree that Couture made a base pay of $250,000 per fight under his new deal, each gave very different numbers when it came to Couture’s cut of pay-per-view revenue. Mulkey said that the UFC had an estimated 534,000 “buys” for UFC 68 and 485,000 buys for UFC 74. Couture claimed he received about $500,000 per fight with his cut of the buys, though Murkey said Couture got $936,000 for UFC 68 and will get an estimated $787,000 for UFC 74.


    All told, Couture said he made approximately $750,000 per fight. Today, though, Murkey and White said Couture earned $1.186 million for UFC 68 and $1.127 million for UFC 74.


    White said the numbers were more than fair considering the status of Couture’s career before he came out of retirement.


    “This is a guy who got knocked out in back-to-back fights to Chuck Liddell, which isn’t the greatest way to go out,” White said.


    UFC officials distributed photocopies of Couture’s bout agreements and his canceled checks to prove their figures.


    During today’s press conference, it was also revealed that Couture earned $200,000 per year as part of an employment contract (which included his duties as a legislative ambassador) and $50,000 annually as a part-time commentator during UFC broadcasts.


    White also addressed claims from Kim Couture, Randy’s wife, who posted a story on the Xtreme Couture MMA blog over the weekend in which she claimed the UFC did a poor job of promoting her husband. (That blog entry has since been removed.)


    White pointed to the first season of “The Ultimate Fighter” (in which Couture was featured as a coach), the second season (in which he was a paid consultant who designed and hosted the “challenges” on each episode) and the fourth season (in which he was brought back as a guest instructor). He also mentioned a special “Randy Couture Day” that aired on Spike TV on Aug. 23 — one that White claims he developed — as further proof the fighter was heavily promoted by the organization.


    “The guy became a big star because we got behind him and promoted him,” White said.


    Despite the current situation, White said that Couture will be offered the opportunity to return to the octagon in early 2007. After all, White said, you can’t resign from a contract.


    “We’re going to offer Randy a fight with (Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira) probably in February,” White said. “As far as I’m concerned, Randy Couture is our heavyweight champion right now.“


    The star of the press conference, though, was Steve Cofield, a radio host for FoxSportsRadio1460 in Las Vegas who runs the Mr. Sunshine blog. Cofield asked many tough questions, though he didn’t always get a straight answer. He broached the topics of Couture possibly fighting for M-1 Global, whether or not the UFC might end up suing Couture, and how much exactly the UFC was willing to pay former free agent Fedor Emelianenko. Other than saying Couture would have made more than Emelianenko and that he would never allow Couture to fight for M-1 while he’s under contract to the UFC, White tiptoed around the questions.


    One question that was answered rather succinctly, though, was whether or not the UFC is a monopoly like Couture claims.


    “Just because we’re better than everyone else and we do it better than anyone else doesn’t meant we’re a monopoly,” White said.


    For more on this story and series of events, check out the MMAjunkie.com archives.




    Seriously, after reading this, what can Couture say? I wish we could get a straight answer on what they offered Fedor, because that seems to be Randy's big problem. Seems like he was making plenty to me, and not being promoted? Please. Randy was VERY well promoted. I really wish they'd have an open debate and someone get this shit straight. Having read this, I'm sure hoping it's Randy/Nog in February.


  10. Hey man, do you really have to insult those of us who believe in Jesus? Settle down, bro. You don't have to agree with it, and she was cooky, but don't take a shot at everyone and group us all the same.


    Dan ran SO much in the match, he should have lost. Big points are given for pressing the fight, and him not allowing the guy to get up while both sit there didn't help. I think Dana tells two guys they've had "one of the best fucking fights ever" if they go the distance no matter what. I think Dan's story is classic married the girl WAY too young and she goes crazy. Girls this day and age just can't get married at 18.

  11. That Kristal story is odd. I just don't see how someone quits on a cake job like that. Only real good thing I remember about her was the ECW Strip Poker deal, her ass was perfect.


    The Batista quote had me real angered when I read it, I thought to myself that there was no WAY he actually said that.


    Hilarious by whoever made it up. Glad to know it's fake.