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  1. I'm curious as to why the streams get shut down for wrestling (obviously the E, doesn't want people getting it for free), but the NBA Finals are allowed to be streamed, despite the NBA disclaimer saying it is not allowed without the NBA's permission.

  2. Check out ufc.com/bk for a behind the scenes multi-stream. They have cams on the promoters table, Rashad's and Machida's locker rooms, and the hallway where fighters enter/exit. Pretty fun stuff to watch before the show.


    I'm liking Rashad and Serra, but both fights seem to close to call.

  3. Did anybody pick it up today? Ign gave it a 7.5 and fanboys are crying. I am waiting to get it in the mail from Amazon.


    IGN seemed to have too many technical problems. Gametrailers and GamePro gave it high scores...I'm going to go play now.

  4. So that was a pretty underwhelming main event. Dana White even said he had never been embarassed to put on an event until last night.


    Overall it wasn't a bad show, the undercard was pretty strong, but when people boo 1 minute into the first round, and then start a strong GSP chant, you know you have a problem.

  5. Forrest got one on him but was slammed out of it. I doubt this fight hits the ground unless Rampage takes Jardine down and I don't see why he would unless he's getting leg-kicked into oblivion standing.



    Anyone happen to have a reliable site to watch this on besides justin's?

    The one I used to view on seems to be MIA.


    Much thanks


    They seem to be seriously cracking down on the streams. Just lost the one I had 3 minutes in. and most ustream links are gone.

  6. Is it me or do Rhodes and Dibiase struggle during the beat-downs? At the Rumble, they just stood around while Orton was waiting for HHH to get up, and then Rhodes continued to wait for Triple H to get up. And tonight it took them a few seconds to get on Shane.


    And the whole 'bigger plans' thing that Stephanie said, means she will eventually help out Orton down the road, perhaps during Shane vs Randy, if it happens.