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  1. Just got back from the show. Crowd was pretty into it. Match of the Night goes to Edge/Orton, IMO. Crowd was not happy with Michaels not coming out, and then getting treated to mostly filler. Kennedy got a good response, now all he has to do is not get seriously injured.


    Dark match main event was changed due to storyline. It was supposed to be Orton vs. Cena, but after the show ended, Shane ran down and said he wanted some gold, and made the match against Cena. Since Cena was knocked out, Shane went for the pin 2 or 3 times, then elbow dropped him, it went back and forth, Cena won with the FU. Vince came down, teased getting in the ring, but decided to take Shane to the back, until Cena got on the mike and called Vince out for wearing the doo-rag. Vince teased getting in te ring, but threw shane back in, and he got FU'ed..this happened again, and Vince backed up to the stage and left.


    Pretty decent after-ppv show.

  2. Tonight, Raw rolls into Nashville, Tenn.


    John Cena successfully retained his WWE Championship at Backlash in a Fatal Four Way Match against Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and Edge. Will the WWE Champion be forced to defend his title again in the Music City?


    WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon shocked the world by pinning ECW’s Bobby Lashley to become the new ECW World Champion at Backlash. Will Mr. McMahon make an appearance in Nashville? Will Umaga and Shane McMahon be attendance? Now that he has ECW gold, will Mr. McMahon continue to punish Bobby Lashley?


    Also at Backlash, Melina successfully defended her Women’s Championship against Mickie James, and The Hardys turned back Cade & Murdoch to retain the World Tag Team Championship. Who will be the next to step up and challenge Melina? Can any of the Raw tag teams give the high-flying Hardys a run for their money?


    Find out all this and more on Raw, tonight at 9/8 CT on USA Network.


    Announced matches on wwe.com


    -Orton vs. Edge

  3. Finally glad to read positive remarks about the show and last night's episode.


    If Mikail is now alive, does that mean Cleo is alive too?


    Desmond probably wanted answers from ParaChick, more than he wanted to capture Mikail, I doubt he is an Other.


    And how can people avoid the preview for next week's episode? I've tried, but I watch so much television, the previews come up during commercial breaks, so I can't avoid them.

  4. Speculation only, but we could see a feud between Orton and Cena this summer. The Raw dark match main event (the match after the show goes off the air), Orton and Cena are scheduled to wrestle for the belt. The match was originally supposed to be Rated RKO vs. Cena/HBK. And nothing is absolute, just thought it might be interesting.

  5. It seems the final 3 have been set. Unless one of the guys does something incredible in the next two weeks, Jordin, Melinda and Lakeisha are going to be the top contenders.


    I'm kind of pissed Phil Stacey continues to slide by every week. And did anyone else notice the panic Seacrest went into when Buble wanted to ask him a question.