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  1. WWE.com has updated the DLC Page with alt attires for Edge, MVP and Masked Kane, as well as the divas Christmas costumes, and the previous guys. WWE.com says it's available now, but on the PSN website it says January 2009




    We at THQ have some great news for all of the PlayStation Blog readers out there. For the first time, the world’s leading fighting franchise will offer downloadable content starting in January 2009. Owners of SmackDown vs Raw 2009 will be able to download updated costumes and even new playable Superstars on their PS3 through PlayStation Network. SVR09 is already chalk full of new features such as the all-new Tag-Team Gameplay, the Create-A-Finisher mode, an all-new Highlight Reel mode and the first ever tag-team storyline. Not to mention, the 100+ match types and updated roster of over 60 playable characters. However, we didn’t feel that was enough. We are proud to announce the first roster update pack for the SmackDown vs Raw franchise. Check out the details for the first download pack below:


    Roster Update Pack 1

    Available for PS3

    Price: $4.99


    * Evan Bourne - playable Superstar

    * Ted DiBiase - playable Superstar

    * Charlie Haas - playable Superstar

    * Chris Jericho - alternate attire

    * Kelly Kelly - holiday costume (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)

    * Maria Santa - holiday costume (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)

    * Masked Kane - alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)

    * MVP - alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)

    * Edge - alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)


    For more information and images, please visit http://www.wwe.com/inside/news/sdvsraw09/dlc/

    You can also view updated trailers, screens, rosters, features and more for SVR09 by going to www.smackdownvsraw.com

  2. I found this slightly amusing towards the end.


    The following was submitted by reader Derek Greser regarding an incident his friend was involved in at this past Sunday's Armageddon pay-per-view in Buffalo.


    WWE Fan Robbed of History

    By: Derek Greser 11/15/08


    This past Sunday at WWE Armageddon 2008, history was made. In a shocking conclusion to the event, Jeff Hardy captured the WWE Championship. This would mark the first time that the high-flying Superstar would capture what is considered to be crown jewel of the sports entertainment business. Any fan of the WWE and/or Jeff Hardy can tell you this has been a long time coming. The event emanated from HSBC Arena in Buffalo, NY. The event marked the 2nd ever Pay-Per-View event in the city and venue's history, as well as its first major title change.


    29-Year-Old Tom Griffith attended the event, and had front-row seats. Tom has been a 20-year tenaciously loyal fan of the WWE. I know Tom personally and I can say that without question, the WWE is one of the biggest passions in his life. Tom has attended over 25 live events in Buffalo, Toronto, Philadelphia and Rochester. He has purchased countless WWE DVD's and box-sets (many on their release date), video games, memorabilia, clothing, and roughly $7000 dollars on pay-per-view events.


    Unfortunately for Tom, he was not able to witness history. Prior to the main event, Armageddon featured a mid-card bout between Batista and Randy Orton. Tom, an avid fan of Randy lead his friends in a raucous chorus of boos Batista's entrance. They even dared to direct a naughty hand gesture (The same that mega-star Stone Cold Steve Austin used on television for years) at the 300 plus lb. powerhouse dubbed "The Animal". Batista himself made eye contact with Tom and his friends, and got right in their face before ascending the ring apron. Due to the quality of Tom's seats, this was clearly visible to fans at home as well as in the arena.


    Tom then received a signal from one of the cameramen working outside the ring. This WWE employee made the "slit the throat" gesture at Tom which universally means "cut it out". Tom nodded, and decided that he had expressed himself enough. Minutes later, approximately 8 imposing looking men dressed in gray suits asked if they could speak with Tom in the aisle. Tom obliged and was then walked out of the arena, concluding in the gray suits tearing his ticket up in front of him. The explanation Tom was given was "The person renting this building tonight has requested you be removed from it". Tom spent the rest of the event outside in the freezing rain waiting for his friends who were still inside to drive him home.


    In the past, WWE has encouraged their fans to express themselves. Vince McMahon has encouraged fans to bring signs to their support, or anti-support of his performers. This leads to the question; why was Tom removed? He was not involved in an altercation with anyone performing at or attending the event. He was not publically intoxicated. The only possible reason Tom was removed is that the powers-that-be at WWE wanted to protect the image of their Superstar Batista, who is presented as a fan-favorite.


    The right thing to do here is to refund Tom's ticket price. In the interest of fairness, this should be the very minimum. The best case scenario is to give Tom priority seating at the next WWE event at HSBC to make up for this obvious mistreatment of a great patron and fan. This article will be sent to World Wrestling Entertainment as well as HSBC Arena and Tickets.com. The ball is now the court of these companies. Will any of them step up to right this wrong?


    I am asking for the support of the Pro-Wrestling community to please let Tom's story be heard. Let's protect the right to express ourselves as fans, and paying customers.


    - Derek Greser



    While I agree you paid to see a show, and encouraged to boo/cheer whoever you want, you're also under the rules of a 'family friendly' entertainment show. The fact that he wants priority seating at the next show is ridiculous.


    I also found it funny that the guy's friends stayed for the rest of the show.

  3. I'm speaking solely as someone who would have attended those shows before. For the last 5 years, they've done a full-blown episode of Raw or Smackdown with at least 5 or 6 matches. And now they get only 2 matches? What a joke.


    Show's only an hour, champ.



    Two matches isn't bad, this is a tribute to the troops, not wrestlemania. It's going to focus on what the troops are doing, and interacting with the wrestlers. And of course, Big Show wearing armor that doesn't fit him.

  4. Do we really need a "John Cena is returning!" video RIGHT before he returns?


    With how badly they've shoved these videos down our throats, it'll be interesting to hear his reaction. Hell, they might have run the video JUST to make sure he gets some boos thrown in with the cheers, so that he can continue to be "controversial"


    Not to mention they question if he can come back from an injury and win the title, when Edge basically just did moments ago.

  5. Bumping this as the show has started getting better, story wise. From the previews for November it looks like they're finally getting away from the Mission Impossible/Ocean's 13 scenarios, and back into the 'big mission'.


    Last night's episode was great because that tech nerd got shot, and I'm glad Wyatt killed him, before getting his ass whipped.