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  1. Are Jeff's daughters of legal age or did Kurt Angle just admit he was a pedophile?

    Cause that was one of the oddest lines I can think of and honestly it doesn't make much sense for Jarrett to attack him unless that WAS what he was driving at.


    His kids are pretty young. What is with them turning Angle into a child predator? First with Sting's son at a football game, and now with Jarrett, yuck!

  2. Pretty sure that was Adamle's storyline.


    Punk's storyline is underdog champion who nobody thinks can win.


    The setup for the scramble match was THE CHAMPION ONLY HAS 20 PERCENT CHANCE, HE WILL NOT WIN OMG.


    Perfect for Punk.


    Also, Stephanie and Shane made the match, they just had Adamle announce it.


    Although that's true, you were supposed to conveniently forget that fact, since the scramble was later billed "an Adamle original."


    Yet during the ECW Scramble Todd Grisham said Pat Patterson came up with the idea.


  3. I got an idea HBK...


    How about of a...


    Non Sanctioned match !!




    Oh wait..


    You already did this angle with HHH..


    Very different circumstances.


    Yes HHH hit Shawn with a sledgehammer to the back, Jericho tried to rip Shawn's eye out and punched his wife in the jaw.


    Jericho's facial expressions were awesome

  4. all the fucking camera angles ruined it


    if they had just 1 camera for it, i would believe it more


    and the fact that i can tell when shit is on tape when they cut to outside


    Yeah the 3 camera shoot was dumb, and a camera angle from Cena's POV as the car was coming towards him, LAME! Bring back William Regal so he can turn the lights off.