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  1. I guess I can be happy in the fact that Punk will get the ECW belt.


    Ha! Not that I want to join in on this game of 'jump to conclusions!' but playing devil's advocate, they could have a dusty finish DQ or some dumb finish ending in a vacated title, then moving the feud onto Punk vs. Big Daddy V.


    I do not see them taking all 10 wrestlers and playing injury/jobber match angles on them all next week. I would like to see one of them admit to 'needing some time off'.

  2. Cena has been unstoppable against the big guys, Khali and Umaga. Orton has been knocking guys out for two months. (Basically re-hashing the commercial they run, oh well) But I think Cena needs a break, so Orton should kick him in the head, and give Cena some time off. It's time for a change, and Orton's only reign was short, and now has to be somewhat deleted due to the Benoit situation.

  3. McMahons illegitimate child storyline made tmz.com today:

    Now that the Chris Benoit horror has left the front pages, WWEenie Vince McMahon is finally moving past that whole "death" storyline he was working on -- and slipping into the always entertaining world of -- illegitimate children! Pure class, people!


    On "Monday Night Raw," the WWE chairman was served with a paternity suit for a child he's "accused" of siring. Expect Vince to challenge the "mother" to a loser-take-baby steel cage match -- where one of them will leave the ring with a shaved head!


    Then expect Eddie Murphy to try and solve his paternity war with Scary Spice using the same technique!

  4. Michael to return in the 4th season - News before Comic Con:


    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Turncoat Michael is making a "Lost" `comeback. Harold Perrineau, who plays the character last seen betraying his fellow crash survivors to save himself and his son, will return to the show next season.



    ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson didn't offer any details Wednesday of what's in store for Michael. He also didn't say whether Walt, the son played by Malcolm David Kelley, will be seen again.


    The pair fled the mysterious island where the crash victims were struggling to survive against the dangerous "Others," with desperate Michael turning over his friends in exchange for escape.


    The network had planned to make the "Lost" announcement at Comic-Con International, the comic book and pop-culture show starting Thursday in San Diego. But McPherson, speaking to a meeting of the Television Critics Association, was pressed for the information.


    McPherson initially balked at talking, instead joking about what the announcement might be.


    "I've cast Don Imus on `Lost,'" McPherson quipped.


    Earlier this year, ABC said will run for three more seasons, concluding in 2009-10. The series will return for its fourth season in January.

  5. to quote Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, GOOD NEWS EVERYONE:


    As we saw on RAW last night, it appeared RAW setup Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy for SummerSlam, and that match will indeed go down. The planned Jackass vs. Umaga match has been cancelled. Sometime during the last week the deal fell apart. WWE had planned on some of the Jackass guys being at the Great American Bash PPV and do some of their stunts on Umaga all night and end up costing Umaga the title in the Hardy match which would have setup Umaga vs. Jackass at Summerslam.


    Johnny Noxville had planned to do a few TV appearances for WWE leading up to the SummerSlam PPV but after the Benoit family tragedy happened, Jackass and Knoxville started distancing themselves from WWE. It started out with a few promised TV and PPV appearances, then it came down to Jackass only working the SummerSlam PPV then it ended with the whole idea being scrapped.


    Once Knoxville pulled out, WWE decided to scrap the idea altogether. Originally WWE had planned on the Jackass crew defeating Umaga in the match.


    Source: PWInsider.com


    Make it a TLC match for the IC Title!


  6. Any plan with Orton for WM should be taken with a grain of salt given his history.


    and the fact that the past long-term plans: Kennedy cashing in MITB at wrestlemania 24, the Heavyweight Championship/Smackdown Curse, and multiple injuries to certain superstars as they are about to get pushed, have all gone awry.

  7. Orton will win the belt,then Trple H will win from him



    2004 all over again. Anyone else noticed the same thing happens after a new challenger is announced, Cena always gets lad out with the #1 contender hovering over him: Umaga, Michaels (albeit, 6 days away from WM), Khali, Lashley and now Orton.

  8. I didn't see RAW last Monday. Does anyone know if the WWE plugged Cena's appearance on Larry King Live?


    If it did, wouldn't that be hypocrital in the sense that its been trying to erase every moment in Benoit's career and not even mention his name anymore yet promoting a show that will talk about him full length?


    They did mention he was on Larry King, and had an interview segment with him via satellite. Benoit's name never came up, they just needed to hype the GAB match with him and Lashley.