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  1. I thought it went really well, however I am slightly drunk. Anyways my friends who hate wrestling watched it and they enjoyed it. They didn't like how they kept cutting to commercials but who here does? thought it would have been great if it went into OT. It could have been just like RAW overrun. But instead The McMahons stick to the basics. I liked it

  2. Back in 2001 when Kurt did a video to promote a cure for Angina I got the impression it was a low blow for Angle, Calling him a girl. Then I found out it was a serious heart condition and I felt like a jackass. I know I should have posted this two years ago but Angle's sisters death reminded me of it.

  3. I was thinking, and I know it probably wouldn't work but what if Paul Heyman came back as a face. I was thinking he could mangae Kurt but then i thought that road had already been taken. So what if he came back and managed Undertaker, or someone. He could come out one night cut a promo saying he was a changed person since taking the F-5 and to prove that he brings out his new client (Insert face) here.


    Just a thought

  4. I have just about the same as reverb. I was looking for the WWE Promo themes as well. Are they the ones used during some of the PPV feud videos during ppv's?


    Also is there a website that u download from or do you download from File sharing programs? I'd like to find a website of em. Im looking for WCW Public Enemy theme.