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  1. I read off a website that Triple H would be taking time off after Unforgiven and that he would become a good guy. It said that Evolution would turn on him and Orton would be the new leader. This reminded me of Michaels getting kicked out of DX after he lost the title at Wrestlemania 14. I wonder if Michaels and Triple H would reform as a team to take on Evolution. Just thought about it.

  2. I'm looking for at least a clip of the promo music they use for PPV history. Not the themes like Trapt and Metallica but the music they use for the IC title promo at no mercy and the HBK/HHH Match at summerslam. Any help would be great Thanks

  3. Tonights show was HOT! I was there live and everyone was behind Raven, if you didn't notice. I sat next to the lady who got in Douglas's face. She said her heart was racing. I doubt she would have hit him though. Douglas was pissed off during the whole match. It wasn't an act. Nothing happened after the show except for Russo and AJ celebrating up the ramp. aLow Ki seemed to hit his head. He kept pushing the refs away but got up on his own. Great Show

  4. I see Orton making it to the final 3 only to push his "Legend Killer" gimmick. I hope it ends up to Goldberg/HHH even though Jericho definitely deserves another title run even if for only a few weeks like Angle did with Austin a couple years ago. We'l have to wait and see. I wasn't surprised they changed the main event. was on vacation so I didnt hear any rumors of it being changed due to HHH's injury. Hopefully it will be a good main event

  5. While watching Smackdown I flipped to ABC to watch some clips from Road Trip and I noticed that it was heavily edited (obviously) there were some new scenes I had never seen before, I don't remember them on the dvd. Anyone else watch it?

  6. I heard about this a while back but read about it in the paper. It is a possible Friends season 10 spoiler though.


    After Friend's season is over, Matt Leblanc is going to do a spinoff as Joey. He is going to move to L.A. and pickup his acting career. Basically all the input I got out of it.


    Anyways nobody from Friends is going to star with LeBlanc which means the fling between him and rachel obviously does not work out.


    I think it will be a good show however I remember the curse that fell on the Seinfeld cast. First Michael Richards, then Jason Alexander.Julia almost had a shot but still nobody cares about Ellie. Hopefully it will not happen to him.

  7. Tonights show was pretty good live. The crowd got real fired up at the end, especially when D'Lo missed the table and hit the ground. Ater the show he was pretty hurt but he still went to greet the fans outside. I have to ask, is anybody interested in Sting's interviews? Because it sure hasn't held my short attention span. Before the show went live, Vince Russo came out and cut a promo about how he was banned from ringside and he wanted everyone to let AJ know we were on AJ's side by chanting his name. "But if any of you inbreds chant D'Lo's name, I'll come back out here." something like that. Good show with a mediocre ending. Some liked it some hated it, what else is new?



  8. I don't believe they will be available at Suncoast or any other Video store just yet. What will probably happen is they will begin to sell them at the Asylum (when they are ready). Then on the website, and probably later sell them at video stores. I'm not 100% sure. E-mail TNA and ask them.

  9. I buy all the PPV DVD's. some of the other DVD's like 619 and Shawn Michaels dont look good to me. The evolution shirt looked great on RAW but sadly dissapointed me and my friend b/c of the back. There are some pretty good shirts that WWE offers, yet where there is a pro, there is a con. The Hogan stuff went on sale a week after Hogan quit, so Piper's Pit shirt should be on sale later this week. IMO

  10. WOW! Tonights show was amazing, I was there live and Legend fell right in front of me when he flipped over the railing. Thank God I moved out of the way. It might have been one of the better shows but definitely not the greatest. Good hype for next week though and I got front row seats WHOO! The promos with the 3 Live Crew were shot about 5 o clock Nashville time. Same with the Watts promo. I don't know if anyone noticed but the crowd fell dead at the New Jack/Sharky match. So over the speakers comes a tape of the crowd cheering. It was pretty dumb. I also won a S.E.X Thugs & Rock &Roll t shirt from a raffle after the show. Next week will rule!

  11. I was checking wweshopzone to see if the Judgment Day DVD was available and I clicked hot deals to see what was on sale and the entire Hogan collection is on sale. I'm not surprise because he got fired/quit. But if you want a Hulkamania shirt for a good price, now is the time to get it.