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  1. Found this info on rottentomatoes forums:


    From the mouth of QT:

    "Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair is definitely getting a wide release," he said, "actually, that'll probably be the first movie that Miramax, under their new company, will be releasing theatrically. It's the Japanese version, that's why I call it that, you know, it should probably come out in the next few months. It's going to be NC-17 in America. We couldn't do that when Disney owned the place but now Disney's the f**k outta there we can do anything we want! It's gonna be off the hook!"



    Then the rest of the posts are asking why he thinks an NC-17 rated movie would be getting a wide release in theaters

  2. I'm beginning to think they should cancel the Smackdown and ECW tapings tomorrow night, and not show anything at all this week. Let the investigation run its course, give all the wrestlers a period to recoup and cope with what's happened, and restart again on Monday. If Benoit is ruled to be the one responsible for his wife and son's deaths, I don't think it would be too difficult for the WWE to explain tonight's tribute, seeing how they didn't know much at the time, and had to scramble to put something together.


    As to how much people on the inside actually were aware of, that's something I'm actually morbidly curious about...


    Whether he did murder them, or it was an accident. Benoit still deserves a tribute. He may have become unstable, and yes the WWE should make a statement disclaiming what Benoit did was wrong, but he was a friend to everyone backstage, and what happened was not the real Chris Benoit everyone knew on the road.

  3. Another update on Benoit murder/suicide


    by Dave Meltzer


    Sources in the Fayette County Police Department are now working under the theory that Chris Benoit killed Nancy on Saturday, son Daniel on Sunday, and then killed himself earlier today.


    Benoit was found dead in his weight room. Nancy was found dead in the living room. Daniel was found dead in his bedroom, according to an unnamed source in the department.


    Lt. Tommy Pope told ABC News "the instruments of death were located on the scene," but didn't specify what those were or where they were found. Pope said the department was not actively searching for any suspects outside the house.


    So fucking shady. Give us a real update with real people's names and not 'unnamed sources.

  4. I wanted to avoid the internet until in the morning, but I couldn't. Then I read this, and all kinds of scenarios came rushing in.


    I don't want this to come true but - Maybe he did kill his wife and kid late last week, felt guilty, knew he would be winning the ECW belt, but feeling guilty decided to just die. (I know this is sick, but I can't really find better words to describe.)

  5. Yikes, only 2 pages, and wasn't this the prediction game thread? Ouch. I've now jumped on the '2 PPV shows a month is too much' bandwagon. Especially since this show had no hype except 'every title will be on the line...and retained' I can only hope Benoit...or Viscera beats Nitro on Tuesday.



    Impact 6/21/07


    *Jim Cornette came to the ring and announced that there is no rest for the weary after Slammiversary as they are on the way to Victory Road. Cornette introduces all four TNA champion wrestlers and brings them up to the ring. He announces "The Match of Champions" will headline Victory Road with TNA champion Kurt Angle & X-Division champion Jay Lethal vs. TNA Tag Team champions Team 3D with all the titles on the line and the person getting the win capturing the championship of the person he defeats. If Team 3D is defeated, the person who pins them gets to pick his partner. Cornette then announced that over the next three weeks, all of the titles will be defended so if they are lost, the new champion would enter the match. Kurt Angle gets on the mic and asks where his celebration for winning the World title is. He begins giving an acceptance speech as champion. Cornette tells Angle that there is no celebration because he has to compete in the ring. He says that the hardest thing isn't getting the belt, but retaining it. Cornette announces Lethal vs. Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin later tonight. Joe comes out on one of the stages.


    *James Storm & Robert Roode defeated Eric Young & Rhino after Storm pinned Rhino following Jackie Moore's interference. After the match, Rhino throws a beer bottle left in the ring at Storm, who is leaving. He shoves Young down and throws a tantrum, throwing chairs in the ring and attacking the announce table physically.


    *A throne was set up by the heel entranceway, but whatever the purpose of it was, was not explained to the live crowd in Orlando.


    *Chris Harris pinned Raven. Kaz was not with the rest of Serotonin when they came to the ring with Raven. When Havoc and Martyr interfered, Kaz came out, and got involved, clotheslining Raven, which led directly into the finish. On the screen from backstage, Christian Cage addresses Harris. Cage says that he's the type of guy that people want to wrestle so they can tell their grandchildren about it. He claims Harris cost him the title at Slammiversary and they'll meet in the ring sometime in the future. Cage stop as someone enters his locker room, the screen goes black with the idea that someone went after Cage backstage.


    *Cage is thrown into the Impact Zone by Abyss. They brawl towards the ring. Abyss grabs a barbed wire baseball bat. Tomko and AJ Styles hit the ring for the save. They work over Abyss. Abyss makes a comeback, giving Tomko a big boot and Styles a clothesline, sending both out of the ring. In the midst of all that, Cage escaped and ran away.


    *Samoa Joe defeated Chris Sabin & TNA X-Division champion Jay Lethal to win the X-Division title after pinning Sabin with the musclebuster. :Lethal went for the elbow but was shoved off by Sabin. Joe grabbed Sabin off the top and nailed the finisher. No sign of Sonjay Dutt or Kevin Nash.


    *Jim Cornette announces next week Kurt Angle will defend against Rhino and Christian Cage.


    Impact 6/28/07


    *TNA champion Kurt Angle defeated Christian Cage and Rhino in what was said to be an amazing blowaway match. Samoa Joe came to the ring before the match. He slapped Angle before the match and they brawled into the crowd and towards the concession area before security pulled them apart. They started the match. Abyss came out during the bout, which led to Cage leaving the ring. They brawl out of the Impact Zone. Tomko and Styles jump Abyss outside for the save. The match is continuing in the ring at the same time with Rhino goring Angle through a table. Cage returns and tries to cover Angle but Chris Harris pulls him off. Tomko and Styles attack Harris. Abyss returns and goes after Styles and Tomko. Sting appears and goes after Tomko and Cage. James Storm hits the ring and pours beer on Rhino and spits in his face. Angle hits the Olympic Slam for the pin. Really crazy main event that lasted 30-35 minutes.

  7. Opie and Anthony were talking about this on their radio show this morning. They joked about the fact that everything has gone wrong with this storyline.


    1. The FBI was first reported as being on the scene, but later it turned out the FIC was handling the case.

    2. The Wilkes-Barre police made a statement saying the whole explosion was planned, and done the day before

    3. Stephanie's promo last night was just a plug for Vengeance, and next week's Raw

    4. The lead investigator was at RAW questioning people instead of his headquarters or whatever.


    It was a pretty good 20 minute bashing of the angle. They then went into how Shane and Stephanie could get away with murdering Vince, or how funny it would be if he was in Aruba, and had a para-sailing accident.

  8. Just got back from the show, and first of all...FUCK SECURITY! People, including me, sitting camera side were constantly being told to sit down throughout the show. Excuse us for pay $100+ for tickets, and having to treat this like a violin recital. People gave up dealing with them, once we realized they wouldn't throw us out.


    Pretty good show live, a few of the matches were slow, and people absolutely hated Frank Wycheck, Jerry Lynn was trying to get people on their side, but nobody cheered for him. There were some slow spots for the crowd during KOTM, but the finish was superb.


    Aside from security being dicks, and a few hecklers chanting 'Jarrett sucks' and 'Stop Crying Loser' during Jarrett's interview the crowd had a really good time.

  9. Has anyone mentioned the fact that Sandman will apparently have to be in the main event of Vengeance due to his being a former ECW World Champion? Lashley's in there, so Sandman will surely be as well, right?


    From the match summary on wwe.com - "Or will even another former World Champion be added after the supplemental draft on WWE.com?"


    So it will probably turn into a six-pack challenge