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  1. I don't hate Triple H. However when he became that rich snobby pseudo-Flair it took all the light away from him being 'that damn good'. I honestly think they have given him the belt for 8 months (ending his reign in August)(cross fingers) because of his ACL injury which took him off tv for those 8 months. I think they should start trading superstars from RAW and Smackdown to make it a little more chllenging for H to have people face. Benoit or Jericho would be good with a title run IMO.

  2. I'm thinking about getting gameshark for PS2 I have it for N64 and Game Genie for Super Nintendo but is it worth buying for games like Smackdown and Vice City? I also have Madden and NCAA games but I enjoy playing thos without cheating. Any advice?

  3. First off, I was at the show tonight and it was pretty cool. The fans were electric all night which could have been the loudest yet. The biggest pop had to be for Don Callis, or when BG James spoiled Smackdown. Everyone went nuts when they heard him say that. The matches went pretty well, not too much interest in the 6 Man x division match but Kazarian is over with most of the crowd. (HAIL SABIN!) After the show, Russo, Styles, Sonny Siaki and Trinity held hands as victorious. Then Russo cam back in, mocked Jarrett and introduced Siaki, Styles and Trinity. Then Russo talked trash to Tenay and said there will be no rematch. A great show after last weeks lackluster but after all the problems they had with Watts, the two mexican guys and Raven, they pulled it off.

  4. Who gave you this information? on nwatna.com it is still listed as a tag match. If this is the case, TNA blew it this week by making matches that aren't going to happen. No Mexican wrestlers, NO RAVEN! two guys from the X Division had travel problems and now NO WATTS! I hope AJ and D'lo pull it off tonight otherwise TNA is going to have some very upset fans.

  5. Why???? Cena should definitely have beaten Billy Gunn, for all we know Gunn will get injured for another 6 to 8 months and then come back as "The One"! McMahon better realize how badly his shows are getting. Big Show loses in 5 minutes to a kid that weighs half his weight. What is wrong with that picture!?

  6. Apparently TNA backed down from selling the DVD;s this week. My friend and co owner of totalnonstop.com has called and e-mailed the TNA office and they confirmed the DVDs are not going to be available this week. My first source this morning was incorrect and I apologize on their behalf and mine.

  7. If you go to NWATNA.COM there is a message on the merechandise page that says new merchandise like Videos, DVDs and picture paks will be available this week. I have news that the merchandise will be available tomorrow at the asylum and on the website by friday

  8. I'm thinking about taking the weekend down to houston to see Bad Blood in person but I dont want to spend 76 bucks for a seat. Do you think if i bought a cheap seat that I could move down to the 76 dollar seats? I say this because I went to Smackdown in Hartford and bought a 40 dollar seat while people who bought cheap seats were directed to 40 dollar seats because their seats were blocked off.


    Is it a good idea? Im not asking because Bad Blood looks good or bad. I just want a vacation.

  9. i saw it today, it was alright, not as good as monsters inc. or toy story. It was better than a bugs life (i hate that movie) definitely worth watching.


    the name of the next pixar movie as mentioned above about the super hero is called mr. incredible

  10. My PayPal account was inactivated due to me not getting my member number! I need help! If anyone is going to be at the show this week could you please get a golden circle ticket for me? I will pay you back the next week because I will be home from school that sunday (May 25th) I will try and work a deal with Bert (who usually holds a ticket fore me if I ask nicely) to save me a ticket.


    Anyways my AOL/AIM screename is pmoney316 any one who could help me out will be my number two hero, (my best friend is my 1st hero) because I really want a ringside ticket to this show!



  11. I talk to Bert(who assists in ticket sales) on a regular basis and last night he said a lot of seats are being filled. I'm debating on whether to get a golden circle ticket now or wait till I am back in Nashville May 25th. Bert said they were going fast due to out of town sales and I'd really like a front row ringside seat. You get a free t shirt valued at 20 dollars, a special gift bag and I don't know if it is everyone but there is an after party for the fans and wrestlers/staff after the show. I can't wait!

  12. The Impromptu match between Triple X and the SAT's with Red was an awesome match indeed! That night was awesome. I also liked the clockwork orange match between sandman and raven. TNA is getting better and better every week. I enjoy the shows even if they do have some bad matches because it is relief from WWE TV.

  13. What are some drive thru tricks you have pulled? My friends and I have gone to a shopping center and the KFC was closed but the drive thru was opened, so we walked thru. The people didn't care so much. My brother's friend went in a shopping cart as another kid pushed him. Then there is the classic Wayne's World trick. Anything I missed?