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  1. {''({o..o})''}

    WOW: Women of Wrestling

    I watched it all the time. Riot and Ice Cold were the best . Riot actually looked like she knew what she was doing. Ice cold just had a cool psycho bitch personaility kinda like Victoria.
  2. {''({o..o})''}

    Wrestling Observer Live

    I'm on it right now no problem. You usaully have to wait till a few minutes after the hour for the link on WO to work.
  3. {''({o..o})''}

    The Fighting game character tournament 2003

    Terry Bogard Sagat Ken Masters Iori Yagami
  4. {''({o..o})''}

    Old School Matches on Kazaa

    Much thanks for that. Unfortunatley when my old computer went down I lost the twenty gigs of matches that I once had. There is some new stuff mostly puro( for pussies ) and some indy stuff with more hopefully to follow.
  5. {''({o..o})''}

    Old School Matches on Kazaa

    I'm now on Kazaa so just look for the name because there's always enough piss to go around.
  6. {''({o..o})''}

    Old School Matches on Kazaa

    I guess this is as good a place as any for this. Some of you may recognize some Kazaa clips as having come from me. Now I finally have DSL and a computer thats decent and I will start adding new clips to Kazaa later tonight.