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  1. {''({o..o})''}

    Farewell JustPassinBy

    And what the fuck is cheesala anyway?
  2. {''({o..o})''}

    Gimmick/Extra Accounts.

    My temporary llama also got out and broke shit up on the day the story came about.
  3. {''({o..o})''}

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    This thread is pretty damn big, isn't it? And pinned now too.
  4. {''({o..o})''}

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    That second hoverboard race in Ratchet and Clank is more annoying than I remember it being.
  5. {''({o..o})''}

    TSM List of Fallen Posters

    Johnson being Brain was just something CWM said to get Johnson banned.
  6. {''({o..o})''}

    So, wildpegasus IS banned, after all.

    To be fair, I made fun of you before that board had a chance to die, while it was dying, and after the fact. The second to last WDI revival actually was doing quite well for a time until board errors killed it.
  7. {''({o..o})''}

    So, wildpegasus IS banned, after all.

    So alf or aoo will ban him again, then get de-modded for it.
  8. {''({o..o})''}

    So, wildpegasus IS banned, after all.

    Andy, you seem like a decent guy. Just stop wasting your time. Somebody always fucks up everything here.
  9. {''({o..o})''}

    HEY Hunter's Torn Quad

    Great vote of confidence for the new guy. Fucking Mike.
  10. {''({o..o})''}


  11. {''({o..o})''}


    Lookie here, I have plenty of money since I didn't go and buy Dirge of Cerebus.
  12. {''({o..o})''}

    Hey, Andy O.

    Czech forgot the great Rondo.
  13. {''({o..o})''}


    I had to open mine up once for a cleaning, but otherwise the same.
  14. {''({o..o})''}

    Hey, Andy O.

    Kotz is Human Jukebox...
  15. {''({o..o})''}

    "An insane amount of ranch please."

    ketchup, and only ketchup.
  16. {''({o..o})''}


    Who acts sillier: Andrew with Xenogears or Anya with anything Nintendo?
  17. {''({o..o})''}

    PS2 Games.

    Beyond Good and Evil deserved better than it got.
  18. {''({o..o})''}

    I'm moving.

    Baby steps I guess.
  19. {''({o..o})''}


    Yeah, it looks more like a NES controller than a SNES controller. God you suck.
  20. {''({o..o})''}


    That's pretty much it. There's not much of a problem with the individual posters here, because looking back at some of the board "highlights" it becomes clear that we all sucked. It's just as a collective group pretty much anything there is to see on a message board has been experienced.
  21. {''({o..o})''}

    Couple minor forum changes

    It's been mentioned many times that limiting him to the folders on the top of the board would make everybody happy. I've done that on another board and it took maybe 3 minutes to set up.
  22. {''({o..o})''}

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I like some of the NIS games and I'm not a violent man, but I'd beat the shit out of anybody I saw wearing that.
  23. {''({o..o})''}

    Gang Wars v2.0: Draft Discussion

    Czech needs to hurry up and pick me.
  24. {''({o..o})''}

    Gang Wars v2.0: Draft Declarations

    Marvin's posting in these threads more than a lot of people actually involved.
  25. {''({o..o})''}

    Rando's Opinion of Gang Wars V2

    Shouldn't you be off creating some witty AIM gimmick? You won my vote btw. Especially if the elevator was in Antarctica. That way I could use your corpulent mass like a tauntaun. It was suggested to me that you'd make a great tallow candle, but I don't care to verify that at this moment.