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    ROH Live Report for 9/19/08 in Boston

  2. Detective Comics

    Impact (8/14/2008)

    http://thecoolkidstable.net/archives/920 Good read about the possible Millionaire's Club angle.
  3. Anyone else going to this? Chris Hero was on the last show which was much better from what I remember seeing back in the day.
  4. Detective Comics

    AIW "Hell On Earth 3" Cleveland, OH 10/28

    Easily the best wrestling fed in Ohio. Besides Hybrid.
  5. Detective Comics

    ECW 10.23.07

    Not that Jericho would be wrestling in ECW if he was to return but I'd like to see him work with Morrison at some point down the line.
  6. Detective Comics

    TNA Talent May Leave

    It's too bad this whole discussion is about Angle and Sting as opposed to a TNA established star.
  7. ROH referees are typically pretty lax with the rules for big matches so the fans can see a decisive winner even when the wrestlers bend the rules.
  8. Detective Comics

    Jericho: "Ring of Honor fans are losers"

    He's really one to talk, considering all of the fantastic work he's done with VH1.
  9. When I first heard they were doing MITB again this year I thought I had it all figured out. Carlito, RVD, and Benjamin would be a lock in for RAW and I thought Hardy and MNM would do it for Smackdown! 6 guys willing to kill themselves for the sake of Wrestlemania. But then Flair got a spot in the match and I was sure Finlay and Lashley would have a 1 on 1 at Wrestlemania. But Finlay won, which meant one spot remains, and the person who takes that spot will have to win a Battle Royal on Friday night. Lashley makes sense, since he can continue his feud with Finlay. But Lashley is a big guy and I don't think he'd do too well in a ladder match. I'm sure Finlay is going to have some awesome road agent spots involving the ladder as a weapon, but no huge bumps. Flair is going to be limited as well. Hardy has experience, but RVD and Benjamin have been so terrible lately that they need someone who can fly to make the match more appealing. I'm not sure if Lashley is the type of guy who is capable of taking those bumps because he is enormous. Don't get me wrong, Bubba Ray Dudley was able to take some great bumps in the TLC matches, but that also went along with his persona. I thought Booker T might be put in the match before the announced he was going against Boogeyman. I honestly though for Wrestlemania we were going to see a 8-man tag pitting Hardy, Lashley, Burchill and Boogeyman against Animal, Finlay, Regal and Booker T. That didn't happen either. But Booker T has his match now so he won't be in the MITB. I seriously doubt they would have anyone do double duty on such the biggest show of the year. Anyone of the cruiserweights would make for a few good spots, but they wouldn't be a credible contender for the World Title. Someone like London or Super Crazy would steal the show if given the chance but it seems unlikely that they would even be given a chance. Hardy, Finlay, RVD, Flair, or Benjamin are all credible contenders and are over as single wrestlers at the very least. I've run down the Smackdown roster and I've come up with one wrestler who I think is going to take the spot (if it isn't Lashley). That man is Paul Burchill. Now, if you've been following anything I've been saying on the 'Link over the past few days you know my disdain for the man. But let me quickly run through the Smackdown roster to give you an idea of who is even available for the match. Batista - Injured Boogeyman - vs. Booker T Booker T - vs. Boogeyman Brian Kendrick - Cruiser Chris Benoit - vs. JBL Daivari - Managing Henry vs. Undertaker Doug Basham - Off TV Eddie Guerrero - Run-in during the Main Event Finlay - MITB Funaki - Cruiser Gregory Helms - Injured Gymini - Tag Team Hardcore Holly - Injured Jamie Noble - Cruiser JBL - vs. Benoit Jillian - Female Joey Mercury - Tag Team Johnny Nitro - Tag Team Josh Mathews - Commentary Ken Kennedy - Injured*** Kid Kash - Cruiser Kristal - Female Kurt Angle - vs. Orton & Rey Lashley - Possibility Mark Henry - vs. Undertaker Matt Hardy - MITB Melina - Female Michael Cole - Commentary Nunzio - Cruiser Orlando Jordan - Squash Guy Paul Burchill - Possibility Paul London - Cruiser Psicosis - Cruiser Randy Orton - vs. Rey & Angle Rey Mysterio - vs. Angle & Orton Road Warrior Animal - Possibility Scotty 2 Hotty - Cruiser Sharmell - Female Simon Dean - Possibility Steve Romero - Commentary Steven Richards - Injured Super Crazy - Cruiser Sylvan - Possibility Tatanka - Possibility Tazz - Commentary Theodore Long - GM Undertaker - vs. Mark Henry Vito - Tag Team William Regal - Possibility That leaves Lashley, Burchill, Animal, Simon Dean, Sylvan, Tatanka, and Regal (and Kennedy but I'll get to that in a bit). To level things out, there should be three heels and three faces in the match, but I don't think it is possible or necessary. RVD, Flair, and Hardy are the faces with Benjamin and Finlay in the role of the heels. From this list, only Animal, Simon Dean, Sylvan, and Regal could fill that role. Animal is terrible and has the worst gimmick, Sylvan hasn't been on TV recently, and Regal is being used to put over Burchill. I think Simon Dean could pull it off by having the Gymini help him win the Battle Royal and he'd do some awesome things in the match for sure, but he's not really getting a push right now so that seems like an unlikely option. The match would still work with four faces and two heels. I've already discussed Lashley, and that only leaves Burchill and Tatanka. I seriously doubt they'd put Tatanka in a match that is supposed to be about crazy bumping since all he can do is chop as of late. So Burchill is the only person that remains. I think Greg Helms would have been a great choice (and was probably who was actually booked to be in it). Even though he is a Cruiserweight, he is the champion so that means he is a cut above everyone else. Three faces, three heels, and another awesome performer willing to take some dangerous bumps. OK, I keep dancing around the issue. Burchill. Imagine the C4 from the top of the ladder to the outside through 4 tables. Yeah, it'd be some sweet shit. He's the only guy on Smackdown right now who is getting a push. Even though he sucks he is still well received because of his pirate antics. Even if he can't put on a great match he could still be willing to kill himself in a spot fest. Even the most limited of wrestlers can still get over in this type of match (like Kane). So yeah, I think that he makes the most sense. They should really continue the feud between Lashley and Finlay, but they should have also done more with Hardy, Animal, Booker T, Boogeyman, Burchill, and Regal. It would have been a great way to transition the feuds. I'm not even sure if Lashley will be in the Battle Royal since he had his chance and he blew it. Burchill is the only guy left getting a push and I think he'd be able to get it done. *** Now if I was allowed a wild card pick, Ken Kennedy would be my man. Not sure when his injury would be healed up and while it isn't a great idea to kill yourself on your first match back, he would instantly have heat again if he came out as a surprise Friday and won the match. The Green Bay Plunge off the top through tables would be awesome, too. It would mean three heels and three faces and give Kennedy (who was extremely over) a spot that he probably would have deserved had he not gotten injured. Hey, it is a long shot, but anything can happen in the WWE.
  10. Detective Comics

    Who Gets The Final Money In The Bank Spot?

    As unlikely as that seems that would be an interesting angle since I expect Masters and Carlito to feud after WM anyway. Rather than losing the tag match and fighting they could feud since Carlito gets to wrestle in Money In The Bank and Masters loses his WM spot altogether. And MNM gets on the card. I approve.
  11. Detective Comics

    Who Gets The Final Money In The Bank Spot?

    I mean, it is entirely possible for the Lashley/Finlay feud to continue through Wrestlemania without putting Lashley in the match. He had his chance and lost during the Lumberjack match. Granted, Finlay cheated, but even if Lashley ran in during the match and just beat the crap out of Finlay it would be a way to get Lashley on Wrestlemania. They could give the final spot to someone else who could make an impact. I just can't see Lashley hitting his 450 off of the top of the ladder... For the sake of discussion, does anyone else think that this year's Money In The Bank is going to involve using the ladder as a weapon moreso than just using it to jump off of? I mentioned this previously but I bet Finlay has some awesome tricks up his sleeve and I'm sure even Flair could pull out some unexpected tricks in what will surely be an overbooked match.
  12. Detective Comics

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Come on, Vince knows what is good for business. And what's good for business is making sure his match at Wrestlemania is promoted better than any of the other matches. I just can't wait for HBK to beat Vince, Shane, all 5 of the Spirit Squad, and hopefully Marty Jannetty.
  13. Detective Comics

    Who Gets The Final Money In The Bank Spot?

    This shows he hasn't thought about it enough. I'll admit that while it is rather unlikely it is possible.
  14. Detective Comics

    *MUSIC VIDEO* Quack's Best of the Best Journey

    I'm glad that Kevin Steen dude gave someone a powerbomb suplex into the corner.
  15. Detective Comics

    I'm sure someone's made this joke already

    Oh... what does it have to do with wrestling? Uh.. wasn't "War Zone" recorded to be the theme for Raw is War but they decided not to use it?
  16. Detective Comics

    Donkey Konga 2

    I'm going to hold off until June 3rd to buy the European version. Compare and contrast: DK2 - AMERICAN TRACK LISTING: DK2 - EUROPEAN TRACK LISTING: C'mon. Jungle Boogie? RUNAWAY TRAIN?! Sillier track listing = better game.
  17. Detective Comics

    How much is WM 21 gonna cost this year?

    So it is one hour less and the same price? They know it isn't going to sway anyone's decision to buy it but it doesn't make it any cooler that they are exploiting that fact. There are 8 matches now, so that is, what, more than 6 bucks a match?
  18. Detective Comics

    Albert has arrived!

    He looks much flabbier than he did in WWE.
  19. Detective Comics

    Happy Birthday

    I created Fongus Bellpop and I have no idea how such a stupid name is known on these boards. PLEASE, PLEASE somebody clue me in.
  20. Detective Comics

    Rene Dupree

    I honestly believe that he will be one of the major players in 5-6 years. He is decent in the ring now but I just have this really strange feeling that he is going to be telling great stories within his matches down the line. He is young so if he can remain healthy he can only improve. Plus, he is pretty good on the mic compared to some of the other guys they've brought up. And he takes the damndest german suplexes from RVD. EDIT: Found the .gif!
  21. Detective Comics

    Matt Hardy speaks on he and Lita splitting

    EDIT: I should really read threads before I post.
  22. Detective Comics

    NCW No Remorse - 2/26/05

    useless moron Scott Keith and Backyard Wrestling. God Bless TSM.
  23. Detective Comics

    Hottest Male Wrestler

    Yeah, you know it.
  24. Detective Comics

    A-trains Indy name is set to be......

    I take it Japan isn't interested in him?
  25. Detective Comics

    Women forced to suck cock

    Let me get the generic "what a world we live in" comment out of the way. Yeah, that isn't fair at all.