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    THIS GUY is a "wrestler'...

    I was looking on some random website and there was some wrestler whos finisher is called "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start" You know, like the Konami code in NES games. I've decided to mark out for that move, but also don't know what it is or who even does it.
  2. Detective Comics

    The Backbone of ROH

    I believe the members of Special K and guys like the Ring Crew are the most important part of ROH. They put guys over (Carnage Crew) all the time, and take the most bumps, usually the sickest of the night. For example, Dixie took one of the Maximo's behind the back piledriver onto the apron at the Cambridge show this past Saturday. Of the 5 ROH shows I've seen live, they have always impressed me by taking something insane, and usually innovative. BTW, Does anyone know where I can get more info on Special K?
  3. Detective Comics

    Purpose of Jobbers?

    I take a look at the rosters on both shows, and they have more then enough talent to fill 3 hours of TV each. I understand the importance of replaying some segments in case people missed it the first time. But why do they still have jobbers on Heat and Velocity? Are too many guys injured? If they used the talent they already had and showcased them, and only them on their programming, then maybe they would have had enough time to set up more fueds. I guess the point I am trying to get at is: If they didn't have jobbers, they would have more fueds, more matches on the Brand-Split PPVs, and less of the Redneck nonsense.
  4. Detective Comics

    My Thoughts On Bad Blood

    Tony Tulips is on this board? WTF?! Last time I saw this guy he had a face full of Carlotta puss. Don't know what I'm talking about? Don't matter. But seriously, only one gimmick poster per thread.
  5. Detective Comics

    The Backbone of ROH

    This was not the case Saturday. Had Daniels/Morgon or Samoa Joe wrestled most of the main event, I probably wouldn't have mentioned any of this. The fact is, they barely wrestled the main event. Watching Moff go up against Shane/C.W.A. (Nevermortal, see the inside joke to make fun of the dead?) was not what I paid to see. I always expect a lot from guys like Styles, London, etc, but the fact of the matter is they don't take the sickest bumps in the fed. I appreciate their work, and most people do. That is the problem: while guys like Justin Credible and Mikey Whipwreck are getting pushed, these guys are still squash guys. But they play the most important role because of that. Special K go out and bust their asses, while the booked champion takes lazy bumps. I've never seen anyone sell a headlock takeover in such a poor manner. Seriously, if a federation puts a belt on you, it is a time to try your hardest not slack. Don't know if I already mentioned this, but the fact that I was most impressed by that local guy Walters is pretty sad. I miss last year's ROH that I had grown to love.
  6. Detective Comics

    The point of Split-PPVs

    You are absolutely correct Cannon. They have no right to charge nearly 35 dollars for what they showed last night. I honestly think that most Raw shows are better then that. Dubbing burps? C'mon, I'm not 6 years old. And had there been a 6 year old in the room, I doubt he would have enjoyed it. Seriously, why didn't they throw in a Lance Storm or Hurricane match? I hope they realize they made a terrible mistake and take the next 3 months developing some fueds for everyone. Maybe Unforgiven in September will showcase more matches and less nonsense.
  7. Detective Comics

    Worst Pay Per View Ever.

    Can you imagine the reaction in the locker room? I mean, I had to stand up from my chair and walk to another room I was laughing so hard.
  8. Detective Comics

    The Backbone of ROH

    Well, you've got the guys who headline (Styles, London, Daniels) and with the exception of the Styles/London match Saturday, nothing really impressed me from established talent. However, that Walters guy wrestled most of the 4-way, including covering up for Justin Credible's lack of wrestling ability, and Walters got the crowd into, and had some great offense. I think the only other bigger bump of the night was a top rope piledriver given to the Christopher Street Connection's manager. What's that saying for ROH? I go to the event, and I expect to see the type of things that got me into ROH. Instead of innovation, I see Samoa Joe (he's a fat fuck, get over it) bumping very poorly, and Danny Moff (fomerly of Da Hit Squad) wrestling most of the main event with MICHAEL SHANE?! since Corino showed up. It would have been nice to see the guy they put the title on bumping instead of being lazy, or Daniels doing something more amazing then his moonsault. My point, if I have one, is that everything that made ROH special when I first started watching it had faded. Bringing in Whipwreck, Credible, and even Raven are bad moves on their part. I don't drive an hour out of my way to see the type of matches I could see for free on TV. I want innovation! I want neckdrops! I want stiff striking! And most of all, I DON'T want any more promos or Matt Stryker matches for that matter. He bores me. There, I said it.
  9. Detective Comics

    Worst Pay Per View Ever.

    Jericho?HBK was also a classic. It was the best match of WM. But not as good as Flair/HBK. How do you figure? Jericho carried HBK to a much better match then Flair did. And I want to know how you personally feel about the table spot, Johnson.
  10. Detective Comics

    Goldberg vs Mick Foley: Who will dethrone HHH?

    For whatever reason, when I picture Orton with the title I laughed out loud. Then I pictured what the WWE would be like if pushes were based on talent. Around this point during the post I went to the Raw roster to look at the "talent" on it. After reveiwing the roster, I have come to the conclusion that keeping the title on HHH may be the best move unless they do some major roster trading. I mean, its not like Hurricane will be on a PPV, nevermind get a title.
  11. Detective Comics

    Worst Pay Per View Ever.

    Hey, no need to make fun of Johnson. He is entitled to his opinions as much as anyone else is. JOKE! The main problem with the Flair/HBK match was the table spot. I think almost everyone can agree with it. It looked great, but it should have been in a match that needed a table spot (Duds v Mack Attack), rather then a match that should have been more old school wrestling. I think it worked against the match. Someone who I watch the PPV with said it just proves that Flair can adapt to anything, including table spots for the new millenium. They were dead-wrong.
  12. Detective Comics

    Goldberg vs Mick Foley: Who will dethrone HHH?

    I don't know the likelyhood of this, but it makes more sense to bring over a top guy from Smackdown! to go after HHH. Maybe if they traded a top guy from Raw who has gotten stale for someone deserving of a push from Smackdown! But I doubt HHH would job to a rising star. As of right now, I cannot honestly envision HHH ever losing the title. Except to Rock, who will hold it for a month before going back to film another crappy movie, and then drop it back to HHH. Boy, Raw is in bad shape.
  13. Detective Comics

    Goldberg vs Mick Foley: Who will dethrone HHH?

    I personally love Foley to death, however, do you think it is a smart decision? The guy is obviously over, but didn't he retire to spend time with his family? I can't imagine him having a very good run. And what happens after that? He drops the title back to HHH? I agree it would be better then Goldberg, but they should really put the title on someone who can entertain the crowd, and wrestle.
  14. Detective Comics

    For those who saw Bad Blood in a bar...

    I saw the PPV with a bunch of friends, including some members of this board. I've never seen people laugh harder then when Stiener tripped. Everything else blew, and we popped in some Backyard wrestling tapes after the show ended, and got more entertainment out of some goofy kids hitting each other with metal pans and taking bumps on piss-stained mattresses.
  15. Detective Comics

    Worst Pay Per View Ever.

  16. Detective Comics

    Something for the WWE to consider

    OK, I have to say that reading your "Bad Blood 2003 is the best PPV ever post" inspired me to join the board. However, this post was very lackluster. I am very disappointed. Although, is there any good reason WWE doesn't do live Smackdown! shows?