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  1. Detective Comics

    The ALCS: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

    This is very hard to watch. I've got so much shit to study for having an exam Friday, but living in Boston, I question if the city will be up and running by then, no matter what the outcome.
  2. Detective Comics

    Non-spoiler SD listings...

    I love when these two go at it. Maybe Kurt does have to worry about his spot after all.
  3. Detective Comics

    The ALCS: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

    Way to prolong the inevitible. Living in Boston and hating the sport, I've put off all work to watch this. This is killing me.
  4. Detective Comics

    An OAO SmackDown Thread for 10/14

    Farfetched but pretty cool finish.
  5. Detective Comics

    An OAO SmackDown Thread for 10/14

    LOL. I love Reigns not exiting when he was supposed to.
  6. Detective Comics

    An OAO SmackDown Thread for 10/14

    "... the quickness between the legs of Kurt Angle"
  7. Detective Comics

    An OAO SmackDown Thread for 10/14

    He better not. CCC is the future of wrestling, Angle is the past.
  8. Detective Comics

    An OAO SmackDown Thread for 10/14

    He obviously laughed at himself after cutting the promo. Bradshaw rules. Smackdown is getting much better under his title reign.
  9. Detective Comics

    An OAO SmackDown Thread for 10/14

    Since when is Tazz completely hairless?
  10. Detective Comics

    An OAO SmackDown Thread for 10/14

    Big German Kill.
  11. Detective Comics

    Make a bold prediction

    Kurt Angle dies. EDIT: That is mean. But BOLD!
  12. Detective Comics

    I need a name for my new death metal band.

    Dental Menstruation
  13. Detective Comics

    The Futureheads back on the road

    I saw them with Franz Ferdinand and they were surprisingly excellent. I'd go see them again if they came around closer to me (Rhode Island).
  14. Detective Comics

    Best Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five songs....

    Anything off of Whatever and Ever and the song "Army" are pretty good.
  15. Detective Comics

    Tony Hawk's Underground 2

    Oh, GOD! They took a few skaters out? The game must totally blow now... Phil > Elissa
  16. Detective Comics

    Halo 2 leaked

    Good, Microsoft will probably go bankrupt now.
  17. Detective Comics


    That calcium deposit on his hip seemingly sidelined him when he was in line for a push. I personally like him and firmly believe that he is destined for greatness further down the line. I honestly can't picture them getting rid of someone like him over some of the other jobbers they have. I mean, it took Bradshaw about a decade with the company to get a main event push, but it did happen. And Venis is so much better in every way.
  18. Detective Comics

    30 Hornets against 30,000 bees

    I'm more impressed with the cinematography.
  19. Detective Comics

    Velocity/Smackdown Non-Spoiler Cards

    Am I missing something here? Is there a reason Bradshaw never wrestles? Edit: N/M Is he still "injured" from Summerslam or something? I haven't seen Smackdown! in a while...
  20. Detective Comics

    Ring of Honor 8/28 show

    By my count it was a 990 splash.... I say give him the extra ten degrees and call it a GRAND SPLASH!
  21. Detective Comics

    The OAO "Will Orton Actually Get Over?" Thread

    Just joining the thread.... what is stopping Lita from simply saying no? I mean, if she says no then the person conducting the ceremony can't marry them, right?
  22. Detective Comics

    I nearly ran over a black kid today.

    Some jerk-ass 4-year-old-looking shithead ran out of his house SO FUCKING FAST without looking.... had I not honked the little fucker would have been Geo Metro-fied!
  23. Detective Comics

    The year's half over

    I will toss down a vote for Franz Ferdinand. It has consumed my life for the last month - I've downloaded 5 or so live performances, too.
  24. Detective Comics

    Smackdown (*Spoilers*) for 07/15/04

    Seriously the worst. The matches were short, boring, and uneventful. It was living hell. The taping only lasted about 2 and 3/4 hours as well. On a better note, I saw Stephanie McMahon in the back and she looked much better than in that awful picture posted in another thread. OK, that really isn't a better note. At least John Walters worked the taping. I was also surprised at how much of a pop Billy Gunn and Bob Holly got. They were really over...
  25. Detective Comics

    Hardy/TNA update

    I saw Maverick Wild wrestle once live and he got an erection. AN ERECTION. How is that better than Jeff Hardy? At least he keeps his sexuality in his back pocket. (Hanky signals)