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  1. Detective Comics

    Moves which went out of fashion

    Hardcore Holly used to do that as a finisher, I think. Didn't he call it the Holly-caust? That didn't last too long...
  2. Detective Comics

    Norwegian wrestling

    I love this stuff. Good work.
  3. Detective Comics

    I was at...

    If you have AIM, PM me your screen name and I'll host the files for you.
  4. Detective Comics

    What RAW superstar...

    I agree with Michaels, but I also think Christian should be elevated to a Main Event status on Smackdown! ' And as indifferent as I am about him, RVD should be main eventing Smackdown if he isn't already. He is still a draw, isn't he?
  5. Detective Comics

    WWE Does the Right Thing

    Benoit BETTER NOT have the title by then.
  6. Detective Comics

    Caption this

    I love the HHHonk. In fact, it is probably one of the greatest noises ever to come out of wrestling. I DARE YOU TO FIND ME A BETTER SOUND!
  7. Detective Comics


    Kinda looks like those ICP juggalo guys.
  8. Detective Comics

    Benoit wrestling twice at Bad Blood

    I did. HERE But I was a little off.
  9. Detective Comics

    Lita's dog is dead

    The topic of this thread is hilarious. It made me think of the picture with Dean biting the dog's head.
  10. Detective Comics

    OAO The Show that Isn't RAW Thread

    The groupies were the greatest thing in the history of professional wrestling.
  11. Detective Comics

    Who's better: Edge or Christian

    I'm going with Christian on this one.
  12. Detective Comics

    Has Batista got the basics down

    ON THE WRONG ARM~! They were clearly working the left arm the entire match, Batista comes in and straps it on the RIGHT ARM. Unacceptable.
  13. Detective Comics

    Best KOTR tournament

    Looks like you guys forgot some...
  14. Detective Comics

    Phish's Festival, Coventry...

    Phish sucks. You aren't cool at college unless you like them.
  15. Detective Comics

    Eddie's Blade Job

    Its 14 minutes
  16. Detective Comics

    Double Duty At Bad Blood?

    I'm not really sure where this Kane/Matt Hardy feud is going, but does anyone else think that maybe Kane and Benoit will do double duty at Bad Blood? Perhaps Kane v Hardy and Benoit/Edge v Evolution or some other tag team for the titles, in addition to Kane v Benoit for the World Title? Along with the HBK/HHH HIAC, Women's title match, and the IC title bout between Shelton Benjamin and Randy Orton, I think they will announce a tag match in the upcoming weeks involving Christian, Tyson Tomko, and perhaps even Trish going up against Jericho and....? Just a thought.
  17. Detective Comics

    Eddie's Blade Job

    Jay Briscoe v Samoa Joe from ROH's 3/13 At Our Best show. I was there, and it ruled. I found a clip right before Eddie gets busted open through the rest of the match on another board. Am I allowed to post it here? I'm going to work, but anyone can feel free to PM me for the link, and I'll get it to you in a few hours. I hadn't seen the PPV, and it is certainly worth watching.
  18. Detective Comics

    WWE Demographics

    But 68% of smarks
  19. Detective Comics


    I actually could. The guy is so over. I wouldn't even mind it.
  20. Detective Comics

    Meet the The Nintendo DS

    I think I am in love!
  21. Detective Comics

    The OAO Raw Fashion Report

    I think Christian is pretty in pink... God... What am I saying? I also think that Edge has gotten uglier since he has come back. The man looks like a freak! Just check out the Bad Blood poster for further evidence. I don't understand what the ladies ever saw in him. I think Jericho's Highlight Reel Tights are the best he's ever worn. HHH may be a fat slob, but it is easy to recognize he can move around easier.
  22. Detective Comics

    Let's play a game of "Would You Rather?"

    Cosby. Would you rather have any and all hair on your body replaced with tiny little retarded men, or have lard pour out of every orifice in your body for 22 out of the 24 hours in a day?
  23. Detective Comics

    Let's play a game of "Would You Rather?"

    Shit thumbtacks. Would you rather fuck your grandmother (even if shes dead [care for a little necrophelia?]) or kill everyone in your immediate family by removing their limbs and watching them die?
  24. Detective Comics

    Chavo's Opponent

    Where did SD! tape this week, Hawaii?! Where are these spoilers, I grow impatient!!!