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    Snatch Haggis

    Snatch Haggis
  2. Detective Comics

    Rene Dupree...

    I agree. I can see him putting on a shiny, black leather jacket, slicking his hair back, and going the Rick Martel route. After all, he also does have that cockiness. Dupree did get THE DANCE~! from Rick Martel. And he changed his tights since coming over to Smackdown to pink, Martel-esque ones. Maybe WWE can even get Martel back as a manager... Oh man, I would totally dig that. MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  3. Detective Comics

    Bradshaw's Promo

    He did. When he said he wanted it "Spic and Span" he emphasized 'spic.'
  4. Detective Comics

    The Smackdown! Thread, April 8th, 2004!

  5. Detective Comics

    The Smackdown! Thread, April 8th, 2004!

    Fast Eddie cleaning Bradshaws car! GENIUS
  6. Detective Comics

    Shelton Benjamin needs a good finisher

    I think a yellow(hatandapostoffice)jacket suplex would be fitting.
  7. Detective Comics

    Who's Your Favorite WWE Wrestler?

    I am on the biggest Chavo kick. I think he is playing the perfect heel, Chavo Sr. is doing a good job as manager, and I think he can get it done in the ring. BOLD STATEMENT: He is single-handedly reviving the Rey Mysterio division.
  8. Detective Comics

    In Honor Of Eugene

    Paul London - The Singing Cowboy Oh, and I think that if so many wrestlers get to enter in cars, Rhyno should come in riding a rhino. EDIT: I have ALWAYS wanted to see the 'player 1' gimmick from WWF Warzone.
  9. Detective Comics

    John "Bradshaw" Rules...

    I enjoy the whole situation. The Bradshaw push is the best thing to happen in professional wrestling.
  10. Detective Comics

    So..........EDGE is coming back

    I am so happy he doesn't look roided up.
  11. Detective Comics

    OAO "WrestleMania: The Movie" Thread

    This is awesome...I wish they would do it every year. If they released this into theaters, I bet it would make a shitload... it is an awesome documentary thus far.
  12. Detective Comics

    Sunday Night Heat Spoilers

    Onyx is indeed a Rock-type Pokemon, although in the Gold/Silver version of the game, you can use something to may him evolve into a Metal-type or something. I haven't played Pokemon since the late 90's. m-w.com: Main Entry: on·yx Pronunciation: 'ä-niks Function: noun Etymology: Middle English onix, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French, from Latin onych-, onyx, from Greek, literally, claw, nail -- more at NAIL : a translucent chalcedony in parallel layers of different colors Does this guy use the mandable claw?
  13. Detective Comics

    Cruiser Battle Royale

    Look at the risks Paul London has taken in front of 500 fans. Could you imagine what he would do in front of the entire world?!
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  15. Detective Comics

    Ron Simmons considering retirement...again

    Hey, I woudln't mind it. At least that means no super signles push for Holly, and I can't see how they would be any worse than they are now.
  16. Detective Comics

    ROH 2/14 Full Results

    Amazing show. Thats all that needs to be said.
  17. Detective Comics

    One and only Smackdown Thread

    Farooq looks awful
  18. Detective Comics

    One and only Smackdown Thread

    I am so fucking sick of Angle... after being force fed him for nearly 5 years, I've just had enough. Get him off my TV.
  19. Detective Comics

    One and only Smackdown Thread

    That Gorge character with Rey has some interesting taunts.
  20. Detective Comics

    Neat article on Sonjay Dutt

    Not the best choice of words.
  21. Detective Comics

    WWE Website stupidity

    Yeah, as if wrestling fans would ever need to use a condom.
  22. Detective Comics

    Bret Hart or Hulk Hogan

    Hogan did more for the business in such a short time; then Bret did in his entire career.
  23. Detective Comics


    LOL, what a series of botched spots!
  24. Detective Comics


    LOL, what a shitty slingshot
  25. Detective Comics


    Billy Gunn looks to be in great condition... I don't get all the hate.