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  1. tekcop

    The TSM Fantasy Wrestling Game.

    This is my favorite trade idea.
  2. tekcop

    WWE SmackDown - September 26, 2008

    Why? Is that funny?
  3. tekcop

    The TSM Fantasy Wrestling Game.

    I've got nothing better to do. Throw my name in there, too.
  4. tekcop

    Rocky. (Deon, MVP, Douchebag)

    I seriously thought the political thread in the WWE folder was easily the least worst thread Deon's ever made.
  5. tekcop

    Smackdown Your Vote

    Kane's endorsing Bob Barr and Venis is Canadian.
  6. tekcop

    ECW on Sci-Fi - September 16, 2008

    I thought his gimmick is that of a collegiate wrestler frat boy dick.
  7. tekcop

    ECW on Sci-Fi - September 16, 2008

    He had a very passable match with D'lo at a the RAW house show I went to Sunday night. He kept doing exaggerated versions of his already weird entrance poses, though. It was... distracting.
  8. tekcop

    Freaks & Geeks

    I used to watch this show sometimes on Fox Family years ago and I remember when the DVD set came out, but it's taken me years to finally rent the DVDs from Netflix. I'm about to get the last DVD next, and I'm already kind of sad that it's over.
  9. tekcop

    Have you ever sucked a cock?

    ...should I post in this thread?
  10. tekcop

    Religion and Politics

    If SpiderPoet is who I think he is, he's still my favorite Christian. He should post more.
  11. tekcop

    You know there's a hurricane out there

    Completely selfish, but I'm afraid to go to work tonight. I work in a factory that makes generators and we were working 7 12-hour days for a week for about 2 months after Katrina.
  12. tekcop

    Subway thread

    I always get turkey and roast beef with pepper jack cheese, spinach, carrots, green peppers, mayo, oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Occasionally bannana peppers and/or jalapenos.
  13. tekcop

    Ohio Inmate Says He's Too Fat to Execute

    Didn't Greeks just give them a cup of poison?
  14. I wonder what he thinks about when he logs onto TSM.
  15. tekcop

    How many old timers are still around?

    I'm just posting to see my member number.
  16. tekcop

    Rated PG Superstar?

    To everyone complaining about this change-over: What exactly is it you're going to miss from the TV14 rating? What does that add to the product at all? "JBL is poopy" doesn't count, because it was very obviously supposed to be ironic and goofy.
  17. tekcop

    WWE Raw (7/21/2008)

    I've said it more than once before, but this really should be an auto-ban type of thing. It's really the worst.
  18. tekcop

    Bobby Lashley, WWE copyrights, and AAA

    Not entirely the same topic, but I once saw either Juventud or Ricky Marvin come out to a match in NOAH with Rey Mysterio's mask and first WWE theme.
  19. tekcop

    Gas Price Check...

    I currently drive a Cavilier just like that. I make industrial-sized generators. The vast majority of them are exported.
  20. tekcop

    Name a food you didn't like/truly appreciate....

    Fish, seafood, tomatoes, onions, mustard, jalapenos, green peppers, shit... everything, basically.
  21. Fuck Chris Benoit. And Eddie Guerrero, too, for that matter. That Hashimoto guy is on my list, too.
  22. tekcop

    Random Thoughts

    Hey now, Khali busted his ass in their matches.
  23. tekcop

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    Does cancer count? Because that would be pretty cool. Anyways, what exactly is Battlenuts proposal to get guns out of everybody's hands? You take a gun away from a criminal, he goes and buys another illegally. See that? He already broke the law. You take guns away from law abiding citizens, then the only people with guns are people willing to break the law to have them. How can you not see that problem? Also, have you ever seen a badger or opossum? They're mean fucks that aren't afraid to kill your pets, chickens, and anything else smaller than them.
  24. tekcop

    News You Can (barely) Use

    Concussed in the face? Anyways, I actually had no idea Kofi was... Ghanaian. It's funny, I checked his Wikipedia page a few months ago and he was listed as actually being from Jamaica, but now all of that's been replaced with direct quotes from that article.
  25. tekcop

    News You Can (barely) Use

    Shit, I live in Tennessee, I know at least eight guys that look more like Austin than that guy.