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  1. Didn't Rhyno hire an acting coach or something while he was out?
  2. Didn't you hear? He's blind!
  3. *goes to the hardware store for materials* ...be right back.
  4. Whew, I thought you were serious for a moment...
  5. You're kidding, right? You should know better than that.
  6. tekcop

    Mid year WRESTLING awards

    Promotion of the mid-year -TNA Match of the mid-year -America's Most Wanted vs Triple X, NWATNA 6/25/03 Tag team of the mid-year -Triple X Wrestler of the mid-year -AJ Styles Champion of the mid-year -Kurt Angle, WWE Tag Champions of the mid-year -Triple X, TNA Show of the mid-year -Wrestlemania XIX, WWE Worst wrestler of the mid-year -Sandman, TNA (What's with all the Albert hate?) Nastiest spot of the mid-year -AJ Styles breaks Kazarian's neck, TNA Move of the mid-year -AJ Styles' Styles Clash '03 Feud of the mid-year -Raven vs Jeff Jarrett, TNA Jr. Heavyweight of the mid-year -Rey Mysterio Jr.
  7. tekcop

    met virgil last saturday

    I think it was the Motor City Comic Con. I wasn't there, but I saw a a flyer/pamphlet for it that advertised him. I believe as a "WWF Superstar."
  8. tekcop

    Favorite moments as a mark

    Pretty much anything that had to do with Ric Flair, Dean Malenko, Jeff Jarret, or Arn Anderson winning a match or just generally looking strong in WCW 96-97.
  9. Steven Regal, Owen Hart, Jerry Lawler, Eddie, and AJ Styles at the moment.
  10. tekcop

    Ah, WWE priorities...

    Well.... I'd rather see him at number one or two than either of the McMahons--y'know, seeing as how he is a wrestler and everything.
  11. I was pretty old when I found out wrestling wasn't real. In retrospect, I can't believe I was the stupid, but I have a pretty good excuse. It was maybe less than a month after my family got satellite service for the first time in my life. I was probably in about fourth or fith grade and I was flipping through the channels when I just had to stop. These two huge men (The Big Show/Giant was one of 'em. I don't remember the other one) were fighting outside of the ring. Shortly after that Lex Luger came out celebrating his new belt he had one the PPV the night before. This was maybe two-three weeks before Scott Hall appeared on Nitro. Anyways, the next week I made sure to watch Nitro again. I'm pretty sure I found RAW during some channel flipping during commercials, but I stayed a WCW mark for years. As for the excuse... well... no one ever told me. My dad knew, but he never said anything. My mom didn't know. She actually used to watch wrestling when she was younger and was a huge Flair... uh... anti-fan(?). I found out the truth very slowly, basically. People saying things. Those specials that appeared on TV. I just sort of realized it. I think I was in about seventh grade. So what about you, eh?
  12. tekcop

    To Build Up Tag Teams...

    A-Train should be in the tag division. Maybe with an energetic, cruiser face like Spanky or Scotty 2 Hotty (if he comes back). I could see it working.
  13. tekcop

    The WWE Contract Termination Game!

    Goldberg Nathan Jones Kevin Nash Rodney Mack Tommy Dreamer
  14. tekcop

    Best Entrance Today

    Y2J. Goldust. HHH.
  15. tekcop

    I don't know about you...

    In his interview in Legends of Wrestling 2 (damn, that game sucked) Duggan said he was the only undefeated TV champ ever... ok, mayber not, but, he did say he never lost it.
  16. tekcop


    Didn't someone say Jindrak and Orton were tagging at house shows? While that's not proof of him being the next member, it's does sound about right.
  17. tekcop

    30 Lamest Superheros

    I flipped through an issues of "Premire?(?)" at the video store the other day. They had a 1/4th-of-a-page joke list of crappy super heroes who should get their own movies--complete with actor/actress suggestions. I rememer Dazzler, Night Nurse, and some stupid truck driver hick with a bull's head like Chuck E. Cheese or the cartoon characters at Disney World. There were a couple more, but they've slipped my mind.
  18. tekcop

    Mark Waid fired from Fan 4

    Bill Jemas = Vince Russo... He much worse. So much worse. If not for Joe Queseda (who's not the greatest himself) Marvel would probably be sunk because of him.
  19. tekcop

    SJL Stats Thread!

    Wrestler's Name: Doug Sienkenwicz (Sign-ken-wiz) Nick Name: The Sien Height: 5' 11" Weight: 210 Hometown: Lexington, TN Age: 26 Face/Heel: Heel Stable: N/A Ring Escort: N/A Weapon(s): Anything he can choke someone with. Extension cord lying around outside the ring or an opponents shirt. Chair. Quote: "You are so not worthy." Looks: Randy Orton like build. Short, receding hair (think Dean Melenko) dyed black. Sort of shiny Randy Orton-ish green tights. Plain green elbow and knee pads. Black boots that reach about and inch below the knee pads. Ring Entrance: The Sien's metal-ish theme plays. He struts out with his nose stuck up in the air. He climbs the ring steps and into the rings, puts his hands on his hip and waits for the bell (or opponent). Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 3 Speed: 4 Vitality: 5 Charisma: 8 Style: The Sien's a showboat and a cheater, but as for his wrestling style, I'd compare it to a rookie Rocky Maivia or Maven with just a pinch of Ric Flair and heel Rock throw in. Signature moves: Snapmare and a kick to the back of the neck. Springboard legdrop Blocking of a suplex by landing on his feet and schoolboy rollup pin while holding the tights. Eye rake. William Regal-like knee drop. Common moves: Gutwrench suplex. Turnbuckle backhand chops. Tonado DDT. Reversal neckbreaker after being whipped into ropes. Figure-four. Atomic drop. Samoan Drop. Snap suplex. Sleeper hold drop. Backdrop while in a headlock. Missle dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Standing dropkick. Crossbody. (From top turnbuckle or standing) Rare moves: D'Lo Brown-like running powerbomb. That suplex where they hold the opponent in the air for a few seconds. (Usually tries to do atleast one of these moves while against a smaller wrestler.) Finishers: Sien of the Times (Side Effect in Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth! -- Stands to the right of the opponent, grabs his neck and head with both arms, jumps and falls to the ground). (Preffered). Stop Sien (Opponent must be sitting up straight on the mat or floor with his back turned to one of the turnbuckles. Sien climbs up the top turnbuckle, raises his hands up in a "Y" position, looks at his right and and makes it into a fist, looks at his right hand, smacks his hand into his fist with his hand, and then jumps down, driving his right elbow into his opponent's skull.) (In his face days, fans reacted to this like they do to the People's Elbow.) Notes: Cheating. Trash talking. Slaps and kicks while the opponents down. Arguing with audience members. Y'know, just your average "I'm better than anyone" heel. Also, Axis never refers to Doug as "The Sien". Bio: Doug Sienkenwicz was the biggest babyface in the MWA (Memphis Championship Alliance). The seven-time Heavyweight champion left the MWA hoping to make it huge in the SWL. The Sien (as the fans affectionally called him) expected to get a huge push and at least start out as an upper-midcarder. He was surprised to find out that he'd have to start as an undercarder in the SJL. Doug believe's that none of the SJL wrestlers are worthy of faceing him and doesn't take his matches seriously. He'd much rather cheat for the easy win than put on a good match and beat his opponent fairly. Doug never treats his opponents seriously. He trash talks them and refers to everyone in the SJL as "jobbers".