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    Feuds That Could Have Happened But Never Did

    I'm sorry, but under no possible circumstance would anyone, ever, have picked to push Owen in the main event ahead of Rock. Ever. Owen, as good as he was, just did not have anything like the charisma and promo skills to be a legitimate top guy against anyone other than Bret.
  2. The Decemberists

    English Football

    Blatently Stolen World Cup Facts
  3. The Decemberists

    Impact taping results for may 18 th & may 25 th

    Sounds reasonable stuff I guess. Not particularly brillaint but not really that bad either. God I hope Kip James blacks up for this...
  4. The Decemberists

    English Football

    I can remember on which one it was, but on one of the old Champ Managers Jordan Stewart is an absolute God... There are quite a few Forest fans who are utterly deluded, and it annoys me to a massive extent.. To the where I've had stand up arguments at games with people who can't understand that we're not 10-0 up again Southend because 'we've won the European Cup!' (which I know is an argument I occasionally use, but I try to keep in tongue in cheek). However, I do think that we should realisticly be a Charlton-like Premiership club. We've got the ground, the history, the fan base... just not the team. And that annoys me, because if we'd been run by a chairman and managers anywhere near the level of 'competent' then I think we'd be there. Anyway! On to more important news. The LDV Vans Trophy is no more! Those of us in the lower leagues now how the highly coveted... Johnson's Paint Trophy to try and win! Oh how I cannot wait till next season....
  5. The Decemberists

    English Football

    Good point. I was just getting carried away with myself I guess. Anyway, my point remains damnit!
  6. The Decemberists

    English Football

    Yes it did. To make me feel better. All that and much more. Yep, I agree with you there. I don't go on my regular Forest forums much at all now as I'm fed up with everyone. However, I don't believe I had at a go at the fans as such. I had a go that they don't have many, but the ones that go are, frankly, pretty hard to critize. They're completely insane, but they do create a hell of an atmosphere. It was more a general moan at Premiership fans who don't realise how good they have it at times. Massive is pushing it, and clearly you're taking the piss with the Champions League, but regardless of how you measure a club's 'bigness' we're certainly 'bigger' than most. Last season we had the 30th highest attendance in the country with 20,257, and that's - for the most part - as a mid-table third divison team with nothing to play for. I'll admit Leicester were slightly higher than us with 21,691 but of course you had the possbility of an exciting relation fight for some of the season and the novelty of the shiney new ground still probably hasn't worn off Portsmouth had an average of 19,840, Wigan had 20,610. Fulham 20,654 and Blackburn 21,015. Our highest attendance was 28,193 which is higher than Wigan (25.023), Fulham (22,486), Leeds (27,843), Leicester (25,578), Coventry (26,851), Wolves (27,980), Norwich (27,470), West Brom (27,623), Charlton (27,111) and Portsmouth (20,240), all of whom are either regarded as proper 'big clubs' by the Media (Leeds and Wolves) or were in the Prem/Championship. Now, to say we're close to Leicester in terms of honours though is just utterly wrong. The mighty foxes have won the Premiership/Division 1 a grand total off... 0 times. You're best attempt was finishing 2nd in 1928/29. You've won the FA Cup an unbelievable... 0 times. You did though choke when you reached the final four times in 1949, 1961, 1963 and 1969. To be fair though you have the won the League Cup three times, 1963-64, 1996-97 and 1999-00. However, Forest have won it four times, so you're still not quite there. And of course there's your proud European record which consists of reaching the second round of the Cup Winner's Cup in in 1961/62, and your two adventures to the first round of the UEFA Cup in 1997/98 and 2000/01. Now Portsmouth are closer but still aren't really at our level. They've won the League twice, which is once more than we have, in 1949 and 1950. They won the FA Cup just the once in 1939, and although we've won it twice we have only managed it once in the 20th century so that's more or less even. However that's it. So they've done a better job that Leciester, but aren't on the level of ourselves or even Derby. So to compare. League Titles Pompey 2 Forest 1 Leciester 0 FA Cups Forest 2 Pompey 1 Leicester 0 League Cups Forest 4 Leciester 3 Pompey 0 European Cups Forest 2 Pompey 0 Leciester 0 UEFA Cup Forest - Semi's 1984/1985 (referee later admitted he's been bribed to be anti-Forest and wrongly disallowed a winning goal deliberatly), Leicester - 1st Round, 1997/98 and 2000/01, Pompey - never qualified Cup Winner's Cup Leicester - 2nd Round 1961/62, Pompey - never qualified, Forest - never qualified. In all areas apart from that their current teams are better than ours, I find it impossible for anyone to claim that we're not a 'bigger' club than Leicester or Portsmouth.
  7. The Decemberists

    English Football

    Sorry about the rant. But I've fallen out with football following the end of our season. Bet you've never lost 3-0 to Yeovil though
  8. The Decemberists

    English Football

    How many good ones have there been since the Palace/Man U one? only ones that I can think of are 91,95, and today, the rest were one sided and/or boring. after 76 years we finally get a player in the world cup finals, even if he's spending it on the Aussie bench. I honestly can't think of a good one since the early 90's. Or at least not one I've been so engrossed in as a neutral. Count yourselves lucky you've got a player at the World Cup. I don't think Pompey has one. Man, we suck. You suck!? Oh fuck off. Fucking Premier League fans complaining there team is shit because they've no one at the World Cup. Boo fucking hoo. You're Portsmouth for fuck's sake! It's a minor miracle you're in the Prem at all considering your shit ground, tiny attendances and that you've won fuck all for 50 years and yet you're complaining you've got no players at the World Cup. Jesus Christ. You try watching the absolute shite which is the fucking third division all season if you think Pompy suck. Besides, you're billionaire Russian owner Gaymark or whatever he's called will no doubt let Redknapp buy some players from the WC for some rediculous amount of money only for 'Arry to then complain the teams got to many foreigners who can't understand what he's saying as soon as results go downhill.
  9. The Decemberists

    OAO 5/11 Impact Thread

    The idea was to give the impression that Sting didn't actually have anyone decent as his partner and that Jarrett was right, before he swerves Jeff and annouces Joe. I thought it worked reasonably well as the end result - Joe's pop - was definatly loud enough to make it seem a big deal on TV.
  10. The Decemberists

    English Football

    UEFA cup's a joke. It's on ITV 4 for God's sake! Back when you had proper clubs like Forest in it you'd get Prime Time BBC 1 with Lynam, Hill, Brooking, Hansen etc... those were the days.
  11. The Decemberists

    OAO 4/27 Impact Thread

    He refused to allow TNA to copywrite Low Ki, so TNA told him to come up with another name and Senshi was the best he could think of.
  12. The Decemberists

    whats wrong with this picture?

    What they're doing now, as much as I personally enjoy it, is not working. Buy rates and viewing figures aren't improving, so they do need to do something if they want to continue to grow.
  13. The Decemberists

    Ring of Honor 4.28.06

    Back at Dragon Gate, I would presume
  14. The Decemberists

    Mostest Underatedest Songwriters

    Erin McKeown Colin Meloy
  15. The Decemberists

    Ring of Honor 4.28.06

    Spud!? Bloody hell, he's came a long way since I used to watch him in front of *maybe* 30 people in the English east midlands.
  16. The Decemberists

    Free Agency in the US wrestling scene?!?

    Sabu could've just signed a 5 year exclusive contract with TNA and he'd still have jobbed to Joe.
  17. The Decemberists

    Impact Spoilers

    No Low Ki?
  18. The Decemberists

    Bands with the worst fanbase

    Fuck off is it.
  19. The Decemberists

    Bands with the worst fanbase

    Smiths fans are generally whiney, pretentious, twats who think they're 'special' and better than others. Fortunatly I'm a Morrissey solo fan so I'm a pretentious twat who thinks I'm 'special' and better than Smiths fans.
  20. The Decemberists

    U2's One has been named the greatest lyric of all-time

    Morrissey mentioned this at his gig in Salford last week, saying, Not that How Soon Is Now? is anywhere near the best lyric he's written anyway, but that's what happens when you let people vote. When will people learn democracy doesn't work!
  21. The Decemberists

    Lockdown Spoiler

    Fucking awesome :D Edit: About Low Ki that is, not Kidman. Kidman, frankly, I could do without...
  22. The Decemberists

    English Football

    Pos Team Pld HW HD HL HF HA AW AD AL AF AA GD Pts 1 Southend United 44 12 6 4 36 16 10 6 6 33 25 28 78 2 Colchester United 44 14 4 4 37 21 7 8 6 18 17 16 75 3 Brentford 44 10 7 5 34 22 10 7 5 35 27 20 74 4 Huddersfield Town 44 13 6 3 39 23 6 9 7 32 34 14 72 5 Barnsley 44 11 10 1 37 19 6 7 9 23 24 17 68 6 Swansea City 44 11 8 3 40 21 6 8 8 32 32 19 67 7 Nottingham Forest 44 14 4 4 39 14 5 6 11 26 36 15 67 8 Bristol City 44 11 6 5 37 21 7 4 11 28 39 5 64 Bastards...
  23. The Decemberists

    Even MORE changes to "World X Cup" Line up...

    Well, he's Japanese in as much as he's a New Japan guy and in the wonderfull world of kayfabe Rocky Romero and Black Tiger are totally different people. You're just picking holes for the sake of it.
  24. The Decemberists

    English Football

    Nottingham Forest - Living In The Past? Steve Bloomer can kiss our asses.