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  1. The Decemberists

    Russo, the IWC and Jim Cornette

    Yep, it did. Thanks a lot.
  2. The Decemberists

    Invasion vs Goldberg

    Me and a mate were laughing at a mutual friend being a huge Goldberg mark, and my mate declared that Goldberg in the WWE has been booked worse than the Invasion angle. So then guys, which was worse?
  3. The Decemberists

    Most significant match of the decade

    I'm going to go for Bret/Austin... at Surviour Series 96. In my opinion, a better match than the WM13 one, and I also think it proved to Vince that Austin was the man to carry the ball in the Main Event and that Bret could still cut it at the top level, for a bit anyway. Plu you could also argue that that was the very start of Bret's turn and eventual screwing at Surviour Series 97.
  4. The Decemberists

    Invasion vs Goldberg

    In that case, Derby Franchise, I'd better say Goldberg. I mean, agreeing with a Sheep!?
  5. The Decemberists

    Invasion vs Goldberg

    Holy shit! Less than 10 seconds after I post it - two replies! Anyway, I meant to add that In think Invasion was booked worse, but thought it would be interesting to see what people smarter than I think.
  6. The Decemberists

    ***** Match from Dames on EWR4!!!

    I was going to put this in the EWR now released thread, but i want it to be seen by as many people as possible. I'm very proud "World's Greatest Tag Team vs Filthy Animals. Match Background: Filthy Animals and World's Greatest Tag Team have been feuding recently. Neither team holds an in-ring victory since the feud started. This match is for the WWE Tag Team titles. Filthy Animals have been WWE Tag Team champions since 16 October 2003. The Match: Rey Mysterio takes a butterfly suplex from Haas. Flying reverse elbow by Charlie Haas. Hooks the leg for a two count. Haas tags out to Shelton Benjamin. World's Greatest Tag Team whip Rey into the ropes and hit a double back elbow. Shelton slams Rey Mysterio down and motions to the crowd. Covers for a quick two count. Rey takes a back suplex. Rey Mysterio reverses a hip toss. Diamond Dust from Rey Mysterio and Shelton is out! Rey tags out to Billy Kidman. Shelton takes a flying neckbreaker from Billy Kidman. Kidman crushes Shelton with a running senton. Shelton Benjamin reverses a hip toss. Shelton tags out to Charlie Haas. Lightning kick by Haas on Kidman. Kidman walks into a face crusher variation. Has anyone's face ever really been crushed by one though? Pinfall attempt: ONE...TWO...NO! I would have bought that as the finish! Dropkick connects to the BUTT of the jaw and Kidman goes down. Haas walks into a drop toe hold. Flying cross body off the top rope! Charlie Haas gets knocked to the ground by Kidman, who is already climbing the turnbuckle. Off the top - Shooting Star Press, forget about it. 1....2...3! World's Greatest Tag Team don't look like they're finished by any means...and they rush forward to attack Filthy Animals, and send them to the outside. Threats are exchanged as the chaos ends. My Opinion: *****! What can I say! It earned EVERY star. You, my friend, know what you're doing!" So damn happy. I just a bit annoyed I threw away this match on Smakdown rather than the upcoming Survior Series. What the hell, I'll make it a best of 7 series. Despite kicking ass on Smackdown though, Raw is still unwatchable...
  7. The Decemberists

    Worst Injury You've Seen On TV?

    I guess Sid is probably a given, but Eddie in his first WWF match when his elbow went out and also Scott Putski at, erm, I think it was Ground Zero against Brian Christopher in 1997 was pretty bad too see too when he kneecap went half way up his thigh. Y'know if any of these were worked, I'm gonna be damn embarrassed...
  8. The Decemberists

    Sean Mooney

    What the Hell happened to Sean Mooney? That last thing I think featured him was the Countdown to Wrestlemania IX, but since then he's vanished. Surely he could do a better job than any of the idiots that do the re-cap shows (then again my next door neighboroughs cat could do better than Josh Matthews).
  9. The Decemberists

    Worst Injury You've Seen On TV?

    Brian Christopher threw him over the top rope and then jumped on top of him and Putski's left (I think) knee just kinda 'went' and he he knee cap lept up to his thigh. It really didn't look good. BUT Jerry Lawler then left his commetry position with Vince and made fun of Putski for being a "quitter" and saying Brian Christopher would never quit. That's why I'm still not sure if it was a work or not, although how you'd fake a dislocated knee cap I have no idea.
  10. The Decemberists

    just checking my avatar thing

    will my avatar appear???
  11. The Decemberists

    No Heat before Vengeance

    Free For All!! They really should bring these back for the 'big 5'. I'm sure Todd Pettengil would do it for almost nothing, and if not, does anyone know what the legend that is Sean Mooney is doing nowerdays? Remember the beach party they had backstage for SummerSlam 96? They should do that again to. And have palm trees on the ring apron. That'd get buy rates up.
  12. The Decemberists

    Someone paid $700 on ebay to either:

    I can't believe anyone would pay $700 to wrestlee him... now $700 to have him follow you around for a day and make him run into things like he used to in his last WWF run?? maybe.
  13. The Decemberists

    What are you listening to right now?

    Morrissey - Alma Matters. it rules.
  14. The Decemberists

    just checking my avatar thing

    yeah! it did