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  1. USC looks a little too low, Hawaii's a little too high, and Clemson probably shouldn't be ranked (the last time they beat a Top 40 team was the opener vs. FSU, but overall I can't complain too much. I think my good sense is rubbing off on you.


    You did get a little creative on the records in the other group though. ;) Rutgers at 6-4 instead of 7-4 I can understand since their game with Pitt today wasn't really on a lot of people's radars, but Michigan at 9-4? There have only been 12 weeks of the season. I think the only way you're even allowed to play 13 in the regular season is if you schedule Hawaii.

  2. How do you have Arizona State all the way down at #8? They just spanked the same Cal team that beat your #4 Oregon at home. I don't expect them to beat the Ducks in Autzen, but they should at least be given the benefit of the doubt this week. I mean Missouri over Arizona State? One-loss Missouri who's best win is over Illinois compared to undefeated ASU who beat Cal?


    Also, I can tell that you really looked over Alabama's schedule closely. Outside of Tennessee, they've beaten no one this year and they have losses to both Georgia and Florida State. So yeah, not exactly "flawless" there either. They should definitely be behind Florida, Auburn, and USF.


    I would say you're improving though. Thanks to my criticisms, you're still keeping Hawaii out of the Top 15 and outside of underrating ASU, your Top Ten's fine. I can't argue with BC over LSU as I think it's pretty close and could go either way. If LSU finally gets a road win over a Top 20 team in Bama though, I think they have to pass BC. The Oregon/ASU winner should pass BC too at least until BC faces Clemson and Maryland.

  3. LSU 48 Virginia Tech 7

    LSU 28 South Carolina 16

    LSU 34 Tulane 9

    LSU 28 Florida 24


    6. Virginia Tech


    14. Florida


    Come on now. Do you really believe Virginia Tech belongs in the Top 6? Their defense ranks 26th (good, but not great) and their offense ranks 113th (absolutely fucking terrible). There's no way they should be 8 spots ahead of Florida. The Gators would destroy them. Even if you want to punish Florida for having two losses, at least put VT behind Missouri and Oregon.


    Oh, and if you're going to rank Mississippi State, I don't see how you can have Georgia ahead of Auburn. A 3 TD loss to Tennessee is much worse than a 5 point loss to MSU under that criteria, a loss to South Carolina is worse than a loss to USF, and Auburn's best win (at #14 Florida) >>>>>> Georgia's best win (at unranked Alabama). Even Auburn's second-best win is better than Georgia's as Kansas State's on your close list.

  4. OK, these are some weird rules you've got. One-loss teams are automatically out, but two loss teams are OK? If Auburn had gotten by Mississippi State, would they be disqualified from the Top 25?


    In all seriousness, for a thrown together Top 25, it's not bad. I don't agree with the "don't rank a team with a loss" theorem. Either a team is one of the Top 25 or it isn't. Would you drop Texas out of the Top 25 when they lost to Ohio State last year? Still though, if you're ranking the Top 24 undefeated teams (throwing out the obvious Auburn mistake), it's at least reasonable throughout. The only thing I'd really complain about is Hawaii at 22, because they really don't deserve to be ranked at all right now. I'd put Air Force, Texas Tech, and Michigan State all ahead of them for starters, especially if you're working on the "this season counts above all" theory.

  5. USC was my preseason #1, yeah. I briefly dropped them after LSU stomped Virginia Tech, but then when the Trojans got a win that was just as impressive, I moved them back up. I feel Nebraska and Virginia Tech are really comparable in talent and the fact that LSU blew out Virginia Tech worse is mitigated by the fact that USC had to play on the road. And actually, it was probably just as impressive, since Nebraska's only TD in the first 3 quarters came on a ridiculously silly penalty.


    I see Miami as almost the same as Virginia Tech. Both looked like Coastal division contenders coming into the season, both got blown out by a Top 3 opponent, and neither has been really impressive in their other two games. Virginia Tech gets the nod for now due to a higher preseason ranking, but I didn't have them ranked that much higher than Miami in the preseason anyway. (Maybe #15 vs. #21.) At home, I'd actually expect Miami to beat Texas A&M, but yes, if they lose, they'll be out of the Top 32 for the foreseeable future.


    As for Oregon, yes, I'm really sold on them. I think that not only will they beat Cal at home, they'll also beat USC, but will drop a road game somewhere along the way to either Washington or UCLA on the way to an 11-1 record.


    Oh, and on West Virginia, yes they performed better than Texas this year. That's why they deserve a #6 ranking. However, no way in hell should they be ahead of USC, Oklahoma, LSU, or Florida, all of whom have been completely dominant, and all of whom have beaten better teams than Maryland.

  6. OK, just saw your Top 25 now. Not be a dick, but not only is this not better than mine, it's frigging horrible. Where do I begin?


    First off, West Virginia at #1? WHY? WHY? WHY? I'm really curious why you'd possibly have them that high. Their pass defense has been really bad this year (they rank 71st in the country in pass efficency D), they gave up over 20 points in both of their first two games and they trailed Marshall at the half. Where in all that, did you get the impression that they were better than LSU or USC? All I can guess is that it's a preseason impression based on their skill guys that you stuck with, but I think their offense should actually be slightly worse this year as they lost their two top linemen including a first-team All-American at center who's being replaced by a converted tight end.


    Next off, Virginia Tech at #10? What the hell? They haven't played one good game all year and currently rank 102nd in the country in total offense and 103rd in scoring offense. Yeah, they have a good defense, but they still gave up 48 points to LSU and I don't see how you can have them ahead of a balanced team that's actually beaten someone like South Carolina. Do you really think the Cocks will lose to LSU by 41 points this week? I'd be shocked and amazed if they did. If they do, all it means is that LSU is just that good and should be ranked #1 instead of #3 behind West Virginia and Florida. You can't have it both ways saying LSU's good but not great if the team they beat by 41 is still in the Top Ten after losing to them.


    You'd think I'd be getting bored writing this much, but then we come to the most ridiculously overrated team on your list. Hawaii at number FOURTEEN! OMGWFTBBQ! Are we sure you didn't accidentally post your preseason rankings here? Have you been paying any attention to what's been going on at all? In Week 2, Hawaii played Louisiana Tech who is one of the very worst teams in the country. They're coming off of a 3-10 season and were picked to finish last in the WAC. What happens in that Louisiana Tech/Hawaii game? Hawaii gives up 410 yards and 44 points en route to a one point win in overtime. Yeah, that's a real national title contender all right. Maybe you were impressed by those tough wins over Northern Colorado (1-10 in I-AA last year) and UNLV (2-10 last year) though. Seriously, Hawaii's defense looked terrible against La. Tech and they shouldn't be within sniffing distance of a Top 25 until they play someone who's at least in the top half of I-A. (Not going to happen until Nov. 10 against Fresno State.)


    Also, Oregon's way too low (best yardage differential in the Pac-Ten last year, dominating wins over good teams in Michigan and Fresno State), Missouri's too high (no good wins, nearly lost to Illinois), and South Carolina should at least be Top 15 if not Top 10 (very good win on the road vs. Georgia, 17 starters back from a team that went 8-0 last year vs. teams outside the Top 12.)


    P.S. Don't take this personally. I just really enjoy arguing about college football, and with no Dama around or anything, you provided a pretty ripe target.

  7. I like 2+2 a lot, but if you're not looking for "gambling types", I guess a board based on gambling isn't your best bet. I will say that the "sporting events" section there is completely different from the "sports betting" folder and gets a lot of action, but I can't vouch for the quality, as the only time I posted there was right after Michigan got screwed out of the title.

  8. How can I do better than Princess Cunt? That just has a ring to it. I guess it does sound a little on the heelish side though.


    In all seriousness, I think you should just stick with Princess Leena at this point. Everyone recognizes you under that handle instantly. I hate trying to have to play the "X poster used to be Y poster" game to keep track of who everyone is all the time. I think at this point, people just think of you instead of the name anyway. No one thinks, "oh her name has princess in it, she must be trying to start shit".

  9. Can't really argue much here. Everything is close enough to where I have it, that I can see where you're coming from. One thing though, I really think Florida's overall resume is much better than USC's at this point.


    Even using your rankings, Florida beat #11 LSU by 13, #18 Tennessee on the road when they had Ainge and were much better, and #30 Georgia. The only loss on the year was to a still very good #10 Auburn team on the road.


    USC does have the one big win over Arkansas, but McFadden was injured that game and only had 9 carries, and the Razorbacks weren't the same team at all. It's like comparing the Rutgers that barely beat UNC in the opener to the team that beat Louisville last week.


    Outside of that, the only ranked team the Trojans have beaten is #25 Nebraska, and that would have been a lot closer if Callahan had a decent gameplan. Add in the loss to unranked Oregon State, and I think their overall resume's significantly weaker than that of the Gators. Sure, USC looked better than UF last night, but over the course of the season, Florida's accomplished a lot more.


    Still though, the rankings were pretty good overall. You got Nebraska and Clemson back in there, and dropped Cal, Tennessee, and Texas about as far as they deserved. Auburn should be down a little further and LSU should be up a little further, but it's probably better than what the AP and coaches will come out with this week.

  10. Michigan was pretty dominant again this week as Minnesota was never really in the game at all. Are you sure that you want to have two one-loss teams over them? I mean for as good as Texas has looked this year, who have they beat? Iowa State and that's it. Also, Texas got beaten pretty soundly at home by OSU, and I really think that if the Wolverines got the Buckeyes at home this year, they'd beat them. Glad to see Georgia Tech in the Top 20 though, even though I'd probably put them a little higher.

  11. SMU 55, Arkansas State 9. Isn't there something in the NCAA rules that if you lose by more than 40 to SMU you are demoted to Division II the next day? I mean god damn, it's fucking SMU! Let's not forgot Arkansas State is the defending Sun Belt champions. I think a 46 year old Eric Dickerson could run circles around a Sun Belt defense.


    The funniest part about this as that SMU already lost to a Sun Belt team this year in North Texas, 24-6. The teams from that conference are so schizophrenic that you just never know what they're going to do. (Yes, I used that prior fact to bet on Arkansas State last week and well..... I felt stupid.)

  12. Not bad. I actually like LSU at #3; if I didn't feel obligated to keep them behind Auburn, I might have them there myself. The only thing far off enough to even argue with would be Texas. They didn't just lose, they lost by 17 at home. That kind of loss, to me means you're not a real contender for the national championship, especially when they haven't beaten a ranked team yet.

  13. I actually agree on the 9/11 stuff. People are emotional and easily manipulated. The way the media was reacting now, you'd think the bombings just happened. For three days, it covered the entire front page of the newspaper. I just don't see the big deal about an anniversary I guess. It's nothing but a day on a calendar.

  14. The point is that Auburn won every game they played in a major conference agains tough competition, and they had no chance to win a national title. That's controversial almost by definition. Who cares if they didn't "look good" against Virginia Tech. It's pretty hard to get motivated to play at your absolute peak when you know you just got ratfucked out of a shot at the national title.


    I think Utah deserved a shot too. They were extremely impressive all season long, and I think they could have given USC a hell of a game. 2004 was a perfect argument for a playoff. When you've got four legitimate teams that haven't lost at the end of the season (five altogether), no bowl system is going to crown a true national champion.

  15. Wow, and here I was sure this was going to be a topic about Phil Mickelson choking in the US Open. You should change the title to "Leftist Scum" to make it less misleading.


    I try to avoid CE discussions online about 95% of the time. It's like trying to argue religion with someone. You're just beating your head against a brick wall.