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    The Lamest, Most Confusing X2 review

    It's a bad review because it's hard to follow. I could barely make sense of what the reviewer is saying. If you don't like the movie, fine, that's your opinion. But at least write in a clear, concise manner.
  2. Anakin Flair

    X-Men 2 DVD artwork and some specs...

    Damn. I'd buy it only if there are more extras in that version.
  3. All the same, I'll just skip aol... I hate calling customer service people enough, and I don't feel like going threw that. I guess I'll just have to use a bunch of e-mail names
  4. Anakin Flair

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 7

    Damn, I miss Oz.
  5. Anakin Flair

    X-Men 2 DVD artwork and some specs...

    They do it to make money. They also do it because a lot of people unfortunately do not like widescreen. Personally, I wont buy full screen anymore. And those are some ~SWANK~ covers
  6. Anakin Flair

    So what superstars are assholes to fans?

    wait... SPIKE DUDLEY was being a dick? Yeah, cause he's so over.... The only reason I wanted one of his shirts is because I'm a Buffy fan. And I'd guess Nowinski was staying in character.
  7. Anakin Flair

    So what superstars are assholes to fans?

    My friend said Jericho was a dick. I tried to explain that he was probably staying in character (This was at the TLC in Vegas), but he wouldn't hear any of that.
  8. Anakin Flair

    So Who Attacked Brock?

    And of course I forgot to tape it. D'oh!
  9. what if you're already ON aol? could I still sign up and then cancel?
  10. Anakin Flair

    Vince, "imagine what I could do with you"

    rumor has it that Shane/Kane is happening at Unforgiven. Who hear paid to go see that show?
  11. Anakin Flair

    I got robbed at a funeral!

    Man, and I thought I hade a bad year... I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope god does something right for a change and smites that thiefs ass straight to hell. I know how it is to loose somebody close to you, although thankfully it's been a while now for me. My condolances.
  12. Anakin Flair

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 7

    *marks for YNA's Bufy Sig*
  13. Anakin Flair

    X-Men 2 DVD artwork and some specs...

    Thank god for small favors.... And how did region one's 1.5 cover differ from other regions?
  14. Anakin Flair

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

    Hush Chosen
  15. Anakin Flair

    Dead Like Me Fans

    I would watch, because it sounds interesting, but I can't get Showtime in my room:( Damn digital cable!
  16. THANK YOU! I've been meaning to start a thread on how to do this, as I desperately want to rebuild my DVD collection after selling of much of it during my unemployment. I will send my address after work.
  17. Anakin Flair

    I don't know if this has been posted yet

    Is it real, or is it Photoshop? No, really..
  18. Anakin Flair

    Triple H as world champ

    I don't mind long reigns, but lets face it- he's no where NEAR the performer he was a year or two ago. I know it's due to the injury and all, but if he can't bring his "A" game to the table while holding the belt, he doesn't deserve to hold the belt.
  19. Anakin Flair

    TSM Forums Crash 2003

    Damn, Now I got tow work back up to 1,000 again.
  20. Anakin Flair

    TSM Forums Crash 2003

    So that's why I couldn't log in this morning. good work on getting he borad back up, Dames.
  21. Anakin Flair

    90 minute SD! on 9/11

    Hey, nothing more American than mullets
  22. Anakin Flair

    New Shopzone Items

    Great Googa-mooga, that Hardy shirt is ugly. It tookme a while to figure out how to read it. The Kane shirt is pretty good.
  23. Damn, Jericho DOES look like Jarrett. Slapnuts=Assclown?