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  1. From Marvel.com:


    Did YOU stay for the credits of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine?"


    We certainly hope so because there are two different Easter Eggs to look out for after the credits run and they kick off two sequels!


    *****SPOILER ALERT******

    Be warned: if you haven't seen "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" yet, the next few paragraphs will reveal plot points you may want to see for yourself!



    One Easter Egg involves Wolverine sitting at a bar in Japan and delves into that backstory.


    The other is about Deadpool. Yes, Deadpool!


    The newly confirmed Deadpool film, which would be produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel, has Ryan Reynolds slated to star and would be a complete exploration of the character - his origins, his emergence as the Merc with the Mouth, and more!


    We sure can't wait, how about you?


    In the meantime, check out classic Deadpool right now in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

  2. The regular Phoenix saga was the deal with the M'Kran crystal. The Dark Phoenix saga was... well, the Dark Phoenix Saga. Possibly the most faithful adaption the show did to the comics' storyline. Also- fun fact- the cartoon's Dark Phoenix saga ended almost exactly how the comic storyline was going to end, until the editor stepped in and said that Jean Grey must die.

  3. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I was forced to move back home for a few months while my roommate buys a house. Sadly, my parents have Charter *cough* High-Speed Internet *cough*- which means that, anytime I try to download or upload large files, it crashes. Or it just crashes for a day or two for no other reason other than the fact that Charter sucks.


    Well, the good news is that by June, I should be back on a good, high-speed connection at my rommie's new house. Untill then, though, updates will be sporadic and small.