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  1. Pricks were: Test, Stacy, Christian, Lance Storm, Nowinski, Kevin Nash, Booker T (he didn't mean to though cuz he was running late), Buh Buh Ray, Spike, Val Venis, The other french guy

    Sylvian, and Chris Jericho of course.


    SPIKE DUDLEY was being a dick? :lol:

    Yeah, cause he's so over....

    The only reason I wanted one of his shirts is because I'm a Buffy fan.


    And I'd guess Nowinski was staying in character.

  2. Man, and I thought I hade a bad year...

    I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope god does something right for a change and smites that thiefs ass straight to hell.


    I know how it is to loose somebody close to you, although thankfully it's been a while now for me. My condolances.