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  1. 1234-5678

    Anyone up for a party

    I thought the bowls of cheetoos and the scrabble tournament would have kept everyone interested. Oh well, time to call the escort service and grab a few bottles of tequila.
  2. 1234-5678

    Anyone up for a party

  3. 1234-5678

    Guns N Roses New Album

    Most of my friends are still so pissed about the concert, I am going to buy all of them a copy of the new album for Christmas if it does come out. Hopefully that will turn them back into fans.
  4. 1234-5678

    Guns N Roses New Album

    Damn. I gotta tell ya, if this isn't actually it, I might finally lose faith. Just a reminder, the Illusion albums were released in a similar manner though, with rumors of a greatest hits album, etc. Axl obviously doesn't do things like many other people. I honestly expect an announcement sometime this week. A Metal-Sludge.com article also said something about a big announcement before the end of the week about GNR. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed. Another point, the only new material we have heard debuted January 1st 2001. And that's not including "Oh My God" which debuted, when? Fall of 1999? I think it may finally be time BPS. I mean what the fuck else could possibly need to be done on the album?
  5. 1234-5678

    Guns N Roses New Album

    Yeah, I remember how mad my friends were that he didn't show, and I was like "Duh, this was a Guns N Roses show." I knew what I was getting into when I bought the tickets. So, BPS, what do you think the odds are of this actually being THE album.
  6. 1234-5678

    Guns N Roses New Album

    Yeah BPS, but at least you got to see him live, right? I got shafted in Philly big time.
  7. 1234-5678

    Guns N Roses New Album

    Yeah at least make fun of Axl for his awful wig or obvious plastic surgery. Or make fun of me and Illusions for continuing to support a guy who has spit in our faces time and time again.
  8. 1234-5678

    Road Warrior Hawk passes away

    Yeah, pretty soon Wrestlemania 7 and 8 will be able to be reenacted in Heaven. On another note, I would like to sample some of the immortality serum that Scott Hall has been making in his basement. Word is he also shared it with Raven and Tammy Sytch.
  9. 1234-5678

    One And Only Beg For A Pass For The No Mercy Webca

    Have faith people. Someone always comes through before 9.
  10. 1234-5678

    Guns N Roses New Album

    Ya know, the band has only released, what, 50 original songs? How can you release a greatest hits CD based off of that. Hopefully if they do go that route, there will be one or two new songs on there. You know how it is though, in the world of a GNR fan any news at all is good news, so I had to post it.
  11. 1234-5678

    Guns N Roses New Album

    Yeah don't crack open that beer yet. There has been rumors of a greatest hits package for Christmas to recoup some of the money spent on making Chinese Democracy.
  12. 1234-5678

    The Ring

    Spoiler (Highlight to Read): Before they freed here from the well she couldn't leave the TV, I think. That's why the kid got all freaked and said "You weren't supposed to help her". In the beginning of the movie, the girl's other friends died, two of em driving a car, the other on a motorcycle. Supposedly, and this is from what I read, her original way to kill was by showing someone what they would look like incredibly aged, or by throwing other images at them through any reflective surface (windshield, inside of motorcycle helmet, TV screen.) The images of course would have to be terrifying enough to cause a stroke or heart attack. Another interesting fact.....the reason the people's faces looked all fucked up after she "killed" them was because they were made by her to look like they had been dead underwater for a long time, as she had.
  13. 1234-5678

    The Ring

    Yeah, it is probably my narrow tastes. I've never given a subtitled movie more then two minutes on my TV before I change the channel. I personally Love Subtitled movies for obvious reasons. Like to read, do you? Yeah. Every book in my room has been read and reread til they have fallen/are falling apart.
  14. 1234-5678

    Give me your "I was there" list...

    I was there for: The WWF debut of the Blue Meanie Kane vs. Mankind- Hell In A Cell The Dudley Boyz last night in the ECW Arena, almost causing a riot, then turning full babyface The Break The Barrier Independent Show at the ECW Arena NWA 50th Anniversary event and Convention in New Jersey Taz vs. HHH on Smackdown (when Taz was ECW champ) Cyberslam '99 The Nitro where Perry Saturn won the TV title from Disco Inferno The Nitro where Reggie White attacked Steve McMichael, starting their feud The 76ers-Bulls game where Iverson crossed over Jordan, a clip that lives in highlight show infamy
  15. 1234-5678

    Sell me on Hating Linkin Park

    I just caught the tail end of their video "Numb" on MTV. Do I even need to describe what is so horrible about this group. I mean, just listen to the song, for Christ's sake. 3 minutes of cliches and whining. Now, I am all for a good whining song, but only if I can feel what the guy is singing about. Linkin Park almost turns me into the guy who beat their asses in the locker room after gym class. I just wanna strangle them and tell them to stop being such a bunch of pussies.
  16. 1234-5678

    Jake/Rude, Judgment Day 98, Show's Dad Dies

    One of the stupidest match endings I have ever seen. Should've just given Micker the strap.
  17. 1234-5678

    The Official John Cena Album Thread

    I don't think he will be laughed at too much. Only because the only people who hear it will be the few wrestling fans that are left. It's not like he is gonna get any extended airplay or anything.
  18. 1234-5678

    Sell me on Hating Linkin Park

    I remember reading in Rolling Stone that, at least for their first album, the songs were all written for them. That's a big no no in my world, especially when they are a band that pretend to be about some sort of deep issues (getting dumped again and again and again.) Besides, the two singers are supposed to get married to each other soon. (or so I tell every LP fan I encounter.)
  19. 1234-5678

    8 Simple Rules Casting News

    They should just cancel the show.
  20. 1234-5678

    Dog Chews off Crippled Boy's Fingers

    Evil thing will scratch his eyes out If that happens, and the kid is still all smiles, I think we may have found "Job" for this millenium.
  21. 1234-5678

    The Ring

    Yeah, it is probably my narrow tastes. I've never given a subtitled movie more then two minutes on my TV before I change the channel.
  22. 1234-5678

    The Ring

    I've never seen a movie with subtitles that I have enjoyed. Maybe this will be a first.
  23. 1234-5678

    What were some concert events you attended

    I saw the Who last summer in Camden, probably the best live show I have ever seen, and I am not even a very big fan of theirs. Kid Rock in Camden was a good show as well, he knows how to entertain, and he did a little segment where he played every instrument on stage! And of course, let's not forget 12/6/02. Guns N Roses. Philadelphia. RIOT! I had tickets to their next show two days later too. Nice time to have your meltdown Axl. Oh, and let's not forget going to see the 21st Century Doors earlier this year. It was cool to see Ray and Robby, and Ian Astbury did a nice job on vocals. Of course a picture of Morrison flashing in the background got the biggest pop of the night,
  24. 1234-5678

    Better version of Don't Cry

    True, Coma is fantastic, but I think that was mostly Slash's baby, as much as I hate to admit it.
  25. 1234-5678

    Damn Dirty Apes

    Eventually they will try to rebuild the world in their own image......start stockpiling weapons and canned goods.