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    Impact Spoilers

    That's not the guy's real name, it was given to him in Puerto Rico when he started wrestling. The name is somewhat a combination of Ricky Martin and Antonio Banderas. Anyway, he's been dubbed "The Messiah" (or "El Mesias" in spanish) for quite a while now, and he's been doing the vampiric/satanic gimmick for a long time. The scarred-face version was new to him in WSX (they used that to exploit his past relationship with Vampiro) but I don't know if he'll be using that in TNA.
  2. pochorenella

    We Have Us An Iron Man

    "That's ridiculous. I don't paint." Now THAT'S what I call an awesome trailer. And who said Sabbath's "Iron Man" wouldn't fit? Those power chords rocked the trailer, IMO.
  3. pochorenella

    WWE General Discussion - September 2007

    The Austin/Rock thing at Mania19 I see it more as a respect thing, as Austin was very determined to put a good match for the Rock despite his terrible health, and Rocky was very grateful and emotional afterwards. He even cried a bit IIRC. Regarding London & Kendrick vs Cade & Murdoch, I don't see why WWE shouldn't recognize the Tag Title change, even if it is a "make the fans happy" deal for the international tour. They recognized Nunzio's Cruiser Title win in Italy, Edge's IC Title win in Canada, and even MOM's Tag Title win back in the 90's when one of the Quebecers couldn't get out of Mabel pinning him, just to name a few. This should be no different, so congrats to the new Champs!
  4. pochorenella

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    Dude, you're absolutely right. I remember now, that match IS included on the 619 dvd along with the Malenko match from Nitro and Rey's SD! debut against Chavo. Edit: Checked again. The AAA 6 man tag is also repeated, as is the other Malenko match from the Bash. The ECW matches I haven't checked yet but at least one of them appeared on an ECW release.
  5. pochorenella

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    That actually was the first match that came to my mind that I think they missed including. Really really great bout. I also hoped they would include either the finals or the rematch for the WCW cruiserweight tag titles with Kidman or possibly his Tag Title match with him against TWGTT from SD! Of course no matches from the "SD! six" era are included, which is a shame. And I'll have to check when I get home, but there are at least 3-4 matches that already appeared on Rey's 619 dvd, and those ECW matches may have already appeared on ECW dvds also.
  6. pochorenella

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    Here's the complete match listing for Rey Mysterio: Biggest Little Man DVD, from PWInsider.com via 411mania.com:
  7. pochorenella

    SD Spoilers for the 8/31 Airing

    double post
  8. pochorenella

    SD Spoilers for the 8/31 Airing

    I remember a couple of years back me and Lushus were some of the few who wanted a Rey Mysterio World Title push, and I still think his overness and ability warranted it, but like many have pointed out, the booking for his reign was just terrible. I wouldn't mind Rey facing Khali and I would suspend my desbelief no problem. Rey just has to hit and move and score with some high risk moves and he'll be just fine. Of course his previous bout with Khali was a tremendous squash but it'll be different this time. Khali also completely squashed Cena at SNME (Cena didn't even hit a single move IIRC) but his other matches were completely different. No reason Rey's upcoming match shouldn't be different also.
  9. pochorenella

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    Found THIS on amazon.com. I remember JR confirming on his Blog that he did interviews for an upcoming HBK dvd but this is the first I heard about the possibility of it being released this year. Also of note is that IIRC the supposed release date for this set (Nov. 27th) was the original release date for the Austin 3.disc dvd, which is no longer available on amazon. Anyway, here's the description:
  10. That's truly awesome. I also read that the dark match between Cade & Murdock and London & Kendrick was better that most matches on the PPV. Hopefully that'll be included as an extra on the DVD?
  11. I didn't watch it but the recapper at 411mania gave nothing over ** except Rey vs Chavo ** 1/2 and Cena vs Orton ***3/4, ne even gave a DUD rating for Batista vs Khali.
  12. pochorenella

    SummerSlam's UnderCard...

    I don't think either of those matches qualify as surprises quality-wise. Benoit & Y2J had amazing chemistry since WM2000, and RVD & Jeff already had a nice hardcore match at Invasion.
  13. pochorenella

    WWE General Discussion for August 2007

    Was it the West Texas Rednecks?
  14. pochorenella

    Smackdown Spoilers 8/24/07 from Columbia, SC

    No, quite different. Even if they did the feuding tag champs thing, it's a completely different story. (An actually interesting one) Especially since Matt/MVP hate each other, Cena/Michaels didn't persay. ::Waiting for people to shit on this idea:: Just like they shit on Joe and Angle being teamed together. IIRC people were complaining that Joe and Angle being teamed together was shitty and they didn't want to see the feuding tag champs thing again. If people don't shit on this as much as they did when TNA did it, that just proves my point I made a while ago that when TNA does something people shit on it, but when Vince does it they have no problem with it. There really is no comparison because Angle vs Joe is a match that should sell by itself, being that both guys are generally regarded as one of the best around, two bad-asses, hence they don't need any generic or stupid storyline, specially the one that just happened at Hard Justice.
  15. pochorenella

    The LIVE on-going SNME Thread

    That would make a terrific extra for any dvd, IMO.
  16. pochorenella

    The LIVE on-going SNME Thread

    According to 411mania, rating for SNME was a 2.5, up from the previous edition which did only a 1.9. Not a mind-blowing rating, but still, on par with SD! at least.
  17. pochorenella

    Marvel Comics thread

    The sidekicks were part of the Invaders, I'm sure. Toro and Bucky were both active members. You can see Bucky's arm beside Cap's left arm on that Ross picture.
  18. pochorenella

    Monday Night Wars DVD

    I agree with your choice, but not by much. Both are fantastic matches IMO and are pretty close in my book, but with HBK being on that match I have to give it the nod. I remember being amazed at how fast HBK was and how he showed no ring rust despite coming back from a "career threatening injury." Yeah, right. Still, I wish Austin/HHH vs. Y2J/Benoit would be available on dvd, but it seems unlikely now.
  19. pochorenella

    The Simpsons Movie

    At my theater they even let some people sit on the couch and pose for pictures. I have one with my girlfriend. Homer, I'm happy to report, has both arms.
  20. pochorenella

    WWE General Discussion for August 2007

    Some PPV buyrates info, taken from 411mania.com: WWE WrestleMania 23 - 1,188,000 buys (+230,000 compared to last year) WWE Backlash - 194,000 buys (-19,000 compared to last year) WWE Judgment Day - 242,000 buys (+4,000 compared to last year) WWE One Night Stand - 186,000 buys (-108,000 compared to last year) WWE Vengeance - 243,000 buys (-96,000 compared to last year)
  21. pochorenella

    The Simpsons Movie

    Also caught the midnight showing, and it is a great and funny film. One question for the people who've also seen it already: Unfortunately, I didn't sit through the whole list of credits so they might have and I missed them.
  22. pochorenella

    Orlando Theme Parks

    Agreed. I love the Disney parks, but you need more than one day to make it to all the great rides, specially Magic Kingdom and MGM. Epcot I haven't been in ages, and the Animal Kingdom is pretty decent but you have to get up awfully early if you ever hope to see some of those animals when they're awake.
  23. pochorenella

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Oh, dear Lord... I can't even comment on this...
  24. pochorenella

    Top Ten Holy $#!T Momments

    Sorry, that was such an UNDERWHELMING moment for me. The battle done in single-page panels just didn't do it for me. There was no drama and no tension, since it was Supes who was being beaten to death and Doomsday was shown being really hurt only once, then all of a suddden one two-fisted blow and Doomsday goes down? Yeah, right. Also, the stupid way in which Superman approached the fight: no super-speed attacks? No hit and move tactics? No wonder Batman always manages to beat that idiot.
  25. pochorenella

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    I can't find that survey anywhere on wwe.com. Direct link, please?