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    The Old School questions thread

    That was the excuse he used for weeks on WCW when he was a heel. This was a knee injury IIRC.
  2. pochorenella

    WWE SmackDown - March 13, 2009

    Since you were in attendance could you add a little more detail on this, spman? Other set of spoilers I read indicate that Matt only HINTED at doing this, not flat out admitted so. This would be another case of just waiting to see how it plays out on TV, but of course most people just bury this without watching how it actually unfolded.
  3. pochorenella

    WWE Smackdown - March 6, 2009

    Well, both titles belong to SmackDown right now and Vickie is the GM of both shows, so she can have things where she pleases. Just pretend this thought process all went down off camera. That is still technically RAW's Title, only Edge is a SmackDown wrestler. Triple H holds the SD Title.
  4. pochorenella


    I can't remember where, but he's mentioned it before. He's said it's the best rendition of one of his stories on film. That could be taken as a backhanded compliment, but the episode was really well done, so I think he actually meant it for the best. Wow, did he actually watch that episode? I thought the only cartoon Moore watched was The Simpsons.
  5. pochorenella


    Haven't seen the unrated DVD yet but I don't see how much it can improve on the awesomeness of the regular film.
  6. pochorenella

    One and Only Star Wars Geekiness Thread

    The Clone Wars series have been very enjoyable IMO, and along with the Spectacular Spider-Man series (hands down the best Spidey cartoon EVER) both are my animated kid-friendly guilty pleasures.
  7. pochorenella

    WWE Raw - February 16, 2009

    Taken from 411mania.com:
  8. pochorenella

    WWE SmackDown - February 27, 2009

    I don't see where Vickie implies either HBK o JBL appearing on SmackDown. But anyway, I do like your scenario where HBK beats JBL but has to get thru Kozlov, who just beat Taker clean.
  9. pochorenella

    Best Live Show that you've attended

    Other than the three I mentioned, Mania 2000 in Anaheim, which was my very first. Not an unforgettable show but an unforgettable experience for sure, being my first major wrestling show ever. I was nowhere near those fireworks. I was completely across the other side and in a lower level.
  10. pochorenella

    Best Live Show that you've attended

    My Top Five: 1. WrestleMania X-7 in Houston. Not my first Mania but still the best without question. I had shitty seats but that didn't decrease the enjoyment one bit. I invited my nephew who was a Rock fan and we had a total blast, including the Axxess show. 2. WrestleMania XX in New York. I remember I almost had a coronary yelling at Triple H to tap out. Of course life has intervened but that final moment of the show will remain with me forever no matter what. 3. WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando. My cousin came along for the ride and he enjoyed the hell out of the show, even if he'd never seen a wrestling show in his life. CM Punk's win and Flair vs Michaels were the highlights for me. And yes, I did cry. 4. RAW in Orlando, Ric Flair's Farewell. Just an awesome top to bottom show, with all the people in attendance never wanting to leave. Yes, I did cry again. 5. SummerSlam 2005 in Washington, DC. Hogan vs Michaels had heat like you wouldn't believe. Seeing my favorite wrestler of all time (Michaels) main event versus an icon like Hogan (even if I hate his guts) remains unforgettable.
  11. pochorenella

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    I think that now that the Randy Savage DVD has been all but confirmed to come out on June 2009 by several sources (including JR) we can finally start creaming our pants, I mean, candidly discussing a potential or wishful set list. The usual suspects should all be there (even if Savage vs Steamboat has been featured in several sets), but I'm gonna go on a limb and wish for a Savage vs Bret Hart match from Japan back when Bret was WWF Champ that I read was tons of fun. A lost gem like that would really make my day.
  12. pochorenella

    WWE Raw - February 9, 2009

    Maybe you should stop watching wrestling. You always are clamoring for someone to get hurt or screw something up. Grow up. Seconded. And that goes for all the posters that apparently live to post that kind of stuff. No wonder this forums have been going downhill for quite some time.
  13. pochorenella

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    JR has confirmed on his blog that WWE is producing a "Greatest Tag Teams" DVD for future release.
  14. pochorenella

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Here are Billboard's Top selling WWE DVDs for 2008 (December 2007 - November 2008): 1. Best of RAW 15th Anniversary 1993-2008 2. The Rock: The Most Elecrtrifying Man in Sports Entertainment 3. John Cena: My Life 4. The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin 5. WrestleMania XXIV 6. The Shawn Michaels Story - Heartbreak & Triumph 7. Triple H: King of Kings 8. Twist of Fate: The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story 9. Nature Boy Ric Flair: The Definitive Collection 10. Rey Mysterio: Biggest Little Man 11. Hell In A Cell 12. WrestleMania 23 13. Triumph aand Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling 14. Royal Rumble 2008
  15. pochorenella


    Best line from this episode: Sylar: "Cake?"
  16. pochorenella

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Totally amazing dvd set. About the only glaring omission I can think of is that there is no Demolition matches. I would have loved for them to include the 2/3 falls match for the Tag Titles with the Demos and the Brainbusters. Other than that this is just about perfect. Another buy for my collection no doubt.
  17. pochorenella


    Dude, I really think you're overeacting on this time travelling thing. If it were so easy then why don't they just go back in time and kill Arthur and end this whole mess? Why didn't Hiro just go back in time and save Claire in Season One instead of just warning Peter? Nobody complained about that one back then, did they? Time travelling is a tricky thing and can mess things up more if it isn't done correctly. If it were so easy as you state then everything could be solved in a literal blink of an eye. This was another fine episode IMO.
  18. pochorenella


    Well, I don't want to turn this into a comic book debate but: Professor X or Magneto? Magneto has his special helmet that doesn't let Prof X fuck with his mind, plus he can control magnetism. Advantage Mags. Richards or Dr. Doom? Both about similar in brainpower, but Doom is only second to Dr. Strange in mastery of the mystic arts so that's a huge advantage in my book. Awesome armor vs. elastic body? I'll go with armor. Spider-Man or Venom? You gotta be kidding. The Venom symbiote gives the host superhuman strenght (more than Spidey) plus all his abilities and makes the wearer undetectable from the spider-sense. Clear advantage to Venom. In the DCU, you have: Superman or Lex Luthor? Superman may be the most powerful in any Universe so he's the exception that confirms the rule I guess. That's why I hate him so much, he's so invincible, and it's not like any villain can get any kryptonite from the neighborhood's grocery store or something. They had to invent Doomsday, upgrade guys like Metallo and the such and reboot Darkseid as a Supes villain to power up his rogue's gallery. Otherwise, the Toyman? Give me a break. Batman or the Joker? In a fistfight of course Bats gets the nod, but Joker's insanity (and clear intelligence) makes him so unpredictable that I feel that gives him an advantage, but you may be right on this one. Flash or all his Rogues Gallery? The Wally West Flash could kick 99% of all superpowered people's butts on any Universe, but somehow he's mostly never mentioned in the most powerful category.
  19. pochorenella


    Meethinks thou dost protest too much. I felt this was a fine episode, and like someone else said before, the villains always have to look more powerful than the heroes, otherwise it would be completely boring. The heroes have to overcome the odds thru teamwork, a good gameplan, sheer will, or capitalizing on the enemy's mistake. At least that's the comic book way. I'm still enjoying this season, but I seem to be in the very minority here.
  20. pochorenella

    WWF/E Tidbits from the past

    Both Hugo Savinovich and Carlos Cabrera rule at commentary. Do yourself a favor and check the spanish audio on PPVs once in a while.
  21. pochorenella

    What Wrestling Shirts Did You Own?

  22. pochorenella

    Quantum of Solace

    So I got to see the movie last night and I thought it was a worthy addition to the franchise, even if it cannot compare to the brilliance of Casino Royale and really, it would have been foolish to aspire to match that movie. Yes, it is more Bourne like than Bond-like but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The fact that I did not like the theme song that much. And for someone who asked before, there are almost no Bond cliches going on in this picture. Still, go watch it.
  23. pochorenella

    Let's Talk About... The Apter Mags

    Vader won his versus Diesel IIRC. And I also seem to remember that Michaels was finalist at least three times, one the aforementioned Hogan showdown and one of the others against Kevin Nash.
  24. pochorenella

    What Wrestling Shirts Did You Own?

    Back in the 80s I used to have a Hogan t-shirt and a Warrior t-shirt but both were really cheap imitations you could buy at the mall or something. It wasn't until the Atttitude Era that I got more into the official shirts with my first one of course being the original Austin 3:16 shirt. So my list goes like this: Austin 3:16 RAW is WAR (with a RAW Zone logo in the back) Official WrestleMania 2000 event Austin 3:16 Blood from a Stone (the one with Austin's bloody face on the back) Austin 3:16 (the one he wore around Mania X-7) Official SummerSlam 2005 event Eddie Guerrero commemorative t-shirt D-X (the one they reissued with the reunion in 2006) D-X with the cartoon characters in the front and back Edge's R Rated Superstar Official WrestleMania 24 event (which Hugo Savinovich himself gave me as a gift!) Triple H skull & Hammer Shawn Michaels (the one he wore around Mania 24) I've always hated the Rock's t-shirt designs, so even though he's one of my favorites ever I've never owned one of his t-shirts. And you'll never see me buy one of those insanely expensive football jerseys from WrestleMania, even though some look cool as hell. And ones I wish I owned? The Wanted Dead Cactus Jack t, the Mankind Happy face t, a Kurt Angle one with a "1" in the front, an original ECW logo one, and I think that's it.