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    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    The Histoy of the IC Title DVD is already in the works for a late Nov - Dec. release according to amazon.com. Best of Starrcade now seems a possiblility since they had this fan voting at wwe.com for favorite Starrcade matches for a 24/7 special, so who knows if they might translate that to an actual dvd release.
  2. pochorenella

    The one where we talk about Secret Invasion

    That looks exactly like that Secret Wars issue (I forget precisely which #) where Doom steals Galactus' power to face the Beyonder.
  3. pochorenella

    What's the best match you've ever seen live?

    I'll second HHH vs. HBK vs. Benoit from WMXX. I thought I'd have a heartattack during that match. Austin vs. Rock from WMX-7 is a close second, although I had a "limited view" seat. And HBK vs. Flair from WMXXIV this year holds a very special place for me. Just so emotional. I've never been to a TNA match, but for ROH I'd have to say the 6 man Dragon Gate match from the Mania weekend show.
  4. pochorenella

    WWE Raw (8/18/2008)

    Oh yes, the match itself was going pretty good. When I said a "shitty draw" I was referring to the finish only, sorry if I didn't make myself clearer. That finish didn't do Rey any favors for his Title reign either, that was my point.
  5. pochorenella

    WWE Raw (8/18/2008)

    Other than beating JBL, he ends pretty much every show on his back...how is that not like Rey Mysterio again? Because he wins his matches. Well...he's won most. I can only think of two in which he's actually been pinned: The handicap match (odds against him, obviously), and tonight, which was an 'iffy' finish at best. IIRC Rey as World Champ in a less than 2 month span got pinned clean, with ZERO interference, by people like Kane, Khali, Mark Henry, and Rob Van Dam, and also went to a shitty draw with Sabu on the ONS PPV. Like JPop said, Punk's only lost a handicap match and yesterday's match which had interference from Cade which Jericho (a really hot heel right now) capitalized on. Yeah, I'll say there's a big difference, Lushus.
  6. pochorenella

    Impact! Spoilers for 8/14

    Spoilers for next week's Impact taken from 411mania.com via PWInsider.com. I think you all will love these:
  7. pochorenella

    Impact! Spoilers for 8/14

    Found this at 411mania.com, on the comments section within the news item so take it for what it's worth:
  8. pochorenella

    WWE Raw (8/4/08)

    JBL won the US Title from Chris Benoit at WrestleMania 22.
  9. pochorenella

    The Dark Knight

    From boxofficemojo.com:
  10. pochorenella

    ECW on Sci-Fi (7/15/08)

    Taken from 411mania.com via PWInsider.com: So ECW Champ Mark Henry=ratings? This has been quite an upsurge for ECW as of late.
  11. pochorenella

    Smackdown Spoilers for 7/18

    More detailed spoilers from 411mania.com:
  12. pochorenella

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    You sound as if releasing that match on dvd will bring eternal damnation upon us or something. I'm sure among the minority but I like that match and find it highly underrated around here, possibly because it features no high spots or death-defying moves. It's definitely better than HHH/Jericho, HHH/Nash, and I'll go on record as saying I prefer it over Brock/Taker, which most people are only impressed just because of the sick blade job by Undertaker.
  13. pochorenella

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    One of the extras for the Night of Champions DVD is going to be Jim Ross' farewell address on RAW. Hopefully that means the CM Punk Title win will be included as well.
  14. pochorenella

    Guitar Hero.

    Those two items look totally kickass. Anyway, I'm really really late to the party here (having bought the game just a few weeks ago for PS2) but after a couple of weeks of practice (never more than maybe an hour a day, possibly 4 times a week) I finally entered career mode on Easy (of course) and I won the game in about three sittings. The only song I wussed out on was Slayer's 'cause I practiced it and just gave up on it, maybe I'll tacke it later. Lots of 100% scores, and mostly 98-99% on the latter ones. The Dragonforce one is fucking insane even on Easy, as I'm still struggling with 30 notes missed. My aim is to have all of them 100% and then move to medium and try to master that blue fret. EDIT: I have done everything 100% on Easy, including the Dragonforce song, but I'm still only 99% with "Raining Blood" with 3 notes missed. I won't move to Medium level until I nail that fucker 100%.
  15. pochorenella

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    That Mr. Perfect set looks really sweet, although the SSlam match with HBK is rather poor given the people involved. I would have preferred an unedited version of the Perfect/Flair loser leaves RAW match. I'm also surprised they included that 60 min. match with Bockwinkel. I've heard nothing but good things about that series so it should be great. Regarding the IC dvd set, I also picked mostly rare matches. Here are my choices: 80's Santana vs. Orton (MSG) Savage vs. Steamboat (Boston Garden) Honky Tonk Man vs. Savage (MSG) 90's Perfect vs. Santana (SNME) Hart vs. DiBiase (MSG) Diesel vs. Razor (Superstars) 2000's Guerrero vs. Jericho vs. X-Pac (SD!) RVD vs. Hardy (RAW) Shelton vs. Jericho vs. Christian (RAW)
  16. pochorenella

    and the new Incredible Hulk is....

    I already have tickets for tonight but I'd like to ask those who already went if I need to stay until after the credits like the Iron Man movie.
  17. pochorenella

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    I thought both were pretty good, but definitely the WCCW is the most powerful one.
  18. pochorenella

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Cover for the Mr. Perfect dvd, from amazon.com:
  19. pochorenella

    ECW on Sci-Fi 5.27.08

    Yes. No he didn't. Chavo hooked the tights.
  20. pochorenella

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Remember there's a Best of Starrcade dvd coming up soon, so maybe they're saving the match for that release. But yes, I'm also disappointed it's not in this set so hopefully they'll add it to the Starrcade dvd.
  21. pochorenella

    ECW on Sci-Fi (5/6/2008)

    It's called an hilo.
  22. pochorenella

    We Have Us An Iron Man

    According to boxofficemojo, the movie did approximately $32.5 million on friday ($38 million if you count thursday showings.) This could be a $90-$100 million opening weekend for Iron Man. Terrific news.
  23. pochorenella

    We Have Us An Iron Man

    They revised that list on rottentomatoes.com, with Superman II below X2 with 87%. And yes, seriously, X2 is better than Batman Begins.
  24. pochorenella

    We Have Us An Iron Man

    Dammit! I knew it!
  25. pochorenella

    We Have Us An Iron Man

    Just came back from the movies and I can't recommend this enough. Fantastic first outing from Marvel's movie division and I think anyone who doubted on John Favreau's abilities is in for a nice surprise. Pretty much everything was spot on, being a comic book fan myself and a die-hard Iron Man fan as well, as the movie borrows from several past stories. I'd have to say the weakest acting might've come from Terrence Howard, but then again he wasn't given that much to work with. Downey is excellent, Bridges is terrific also, and Paltrow delivers. And I'm happy to report that Black Sabbath does rock in the movie and with the perfect introduction. Another great thing is that the movie (or rather Downey) is very funny, but not in a forced way at all. As I hoped before, I rank this one right up there with Spider-Man 2 and X2 without question. Go see it, I know I'll do repeat viewings myself. You won't be disappointed.