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    So has anyone seen the HBK DVD?

    The only complaint I have is the poor sound-mix on most matches, it's not 5.1 Dolby or nothing like that. Other than that it's an awesome DVD from my favorite wrestler. Highest recommendation.
  2. pochorenella

    KISS Alive IV

    No complaints on my part with the CD. I thought it was a terrific sound with the orchestra, but can somebody confirm if it's the exact same set list they did on the show or were there any songs not included on the CD? Thanks.
  3. I second that Jericho win. But isn't HHH vs Goldberg already being announced for the next RAW-Exclusive PPV? Could it be a non-title match (so HHH loses to Goldberg but doesn't lose a title?) Lots of possibilities...
  4. pochorenella

    Essential Albums

    Kiss "Alive!" Van Halen "Van Halen" The Police "Every Breath You Take - The Singles" Fleetwood Mac "Roumurs" Def Leppard "Pyromania" Elton John "Greatest Hits" Journey "Greatest Hits" Gin Blossoms "New Miserable Experience" Probably get flamed for the latter two...