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  1. DCMaximo

    Recent purchases

    A Guy Thing Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
  2. DCMaximo

    CZW's Chris Cash passes away

    I can't believe it, I've just watched a CZW video for the first time in ages and was just thinking about Cash. It's unbelievably tragic, the guy clearly loved wrestling and seemed to have a real connection with the fans. RIP Cash
  3. DCMaximo

    Bands that everyone hates, but you like.....

    Really? Everyone I know at least likes the Fountains Of Wayne, I personally love them. However, I get a lot of shit for liking They Might Be Giants, Phil Collins, Tiffany and Crazy Town (hell, I even bought their second, more-earnest-less-fun, album)
  4. DCMaximo

    bands that everyone loves, but you hate!

    Most bands that seem to be popular in the UK right now:the White Stripes, Jet, James Blunt, Franz Ferdinand, Keane, the Libertines, Babyshambles, the Killers, Snow Patrol, Coldplay. All utterly hateful
  5. DCMaximo

    What are you listening to right now?

    "Boys In Stereo" by the Randies
  6. DCMaximo

    Favorite Movie Quote?

    Will: I'd be the worst possible Godfather. I'd probably drop her on her head at her christening. I'd forget all her birthdays until she was 18. Then I'd take her out and get her drunk. And, let's face it, quite possibly try and shag her -About A Boy The Shoveller: If we had a billionaire like Lance Hunt as our benefactor.. Mr. Furious: That's because Lance Hunt IS Captain Amazing The Shoveller: Don't start that again. Lance Hunt wears glasses. Captain Amazing doesn't wear glasses. Mr. Furious: He takes them off when he transforms. The Shoveller: That doesn't make any sense, he wouldn't be able to see. -Mystery Men The Blue Raja: Am I to understand that you have inserted your father's skull in that ball for bowling? The Bowler: No, the guy at the pro shop did it. -Mystery Men Vern: If I could only have one food for the rest of my life? That's easy. Pez. Cherry flavour Pez -Stand By Me
  7. DCMaximo

    Recent purchases

    From the Blockbuster "3 for £10" bin: Before Sunset Pieces Of April The Toxic Avenger Yeah, pretty happy with that little haul...
  8. DCMaximo

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    The more I listen to "We're A Happy Family:A Tribute To Ramones", the more I come to appreciate it. The Chili Peppers' "Havana Affair" is better than most of their last album, Eddie Vedder/Zeke's "I Believe In Miracles" is fun, Pete Yorn's "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" is surprisingly good, maybe the best song on it and the Tom Waits finale is tremendous. That said, there is still some utter shit on it, especially the sickening, limp-wristed effort by U2 to "rock out" on "Beat On The Brat"
  9. DCMaximo

    The Mountain Goats

    I once stole one of their EP's from my student radio station because Atom And His Package covered 3 of their songs on "Redefining Music". It was pretty decent, haven't played it in about 2 years, but yeah, something about the vocals was quite irritating.
  10. DCMaximo

    English Football

    My fantasy team: Mido-Mania!: Cech © P.Neville,Delaney,Jaidi,Wes Brown, Tainio,Scholes,Cahill,Lampard Mido,Bellamy Subs: Carroll Luke Young Robbie Savage El Hadj Diouf Pretty good, I'd say
  11. DCMaximo

    CZW & Chikara Double-Header THIS SATURDAY

    Awesome stuff, thanks. Nice to see CZW using Niles Young better, saw him fight Sabian in last years Chikara Young Lions Cup and couldn't believe it was the same guy who seemed to job to Jon Dahmer for the best part of 2004
  12. DCMaximo

    What are you listening to right now?

    "Experimental Film" by They Might Be Giants
  13. DCMaximo

    * OAO Greatest Horror Movie Tourney FINALS *

    It's a moot point at this stage, but having watched the Evil Dead last night, it'd be sad if it didn't receive one vote.
  14. DCMaximo

    CZW & Chikara Double-Header THIS SATURDAY

    Haven't seen them posted elsewhere, anyone got results for these shows?
  15. DCMaximo

    English Football

    It's that time of the year when I get convinced that Tottenham will have a great season, although I've got more basis this year. Looking strong all over the pitch, with good cover in all areas (although I rate Davenport far higher than Tony Gardner). Really hope we don't sign Jenas though, he's just not worth £10 million whe we have Davids, Carrick, Mendes and the excellent Teemu Tainio already battling for a midflield spot, plus Super Michael Brown if we get desperate.
  16. DCMaximo

    What are you listening to right now?

    "Chest Fever" by the Band
  17. DCMaximo

    Randy Savage...

    It was in a huge thread about wrestling urban legends on the DVDR boards last year
  18. I'm afraid there is, an animated version from 1989, with David Jason doing the voice of the BFG. It's IMDB listing
  19. DCMaximo

    Movies that pleasantly surprised you

    I had zero expectations for Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, but I thought it was really funny in places and even David Spade didn't annoy me that much
  20. DCMaximo

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Oh man, they are the absolute worst for that. I suggest you never hear 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl?' because you may have a seizure. They literally add nothing to the riffs they steal. A new level of awful. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Agreed 100%. Nothing is more annoying than the nights I get dragged along to some awful indie club, I get momentarily excited thinking that "Lust For Life" has just started, before that awful, teeth-grinding Jet riff vomits from the speakers and crushes my expectations. I fall for it every fucking time.
  21. DCMaximo

    * OAO Greatest Horror Movie Tourney *

    The Exorcist (1973), having defeated Shaun of the Dead 12-10 Vs. The Evil Dead (1981), having tied The Shining 11-11 Vs. The Shining (1980), having tied Evil Dead 11-11 _____________________________ Semi Final #2 Dawn of the Dead (1978), having defeated Night of the Living Dead 18-4 Vs. Halloween (1978), having defeated Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn 13-9
  22. DCMaximo

    Favorite Movie Quote?

    Abby: If I was a guy, I think women would like, line up to go out with me. I'm smart. I have a good sense of humor. I make a great living. Noelle: I'd fuck you. Abby: Thank you, honey. I know you would. -The Truth About Cats And Dogs Penenberg: But there is one thing in this story that checks out. Foroohar: What's that? Penenberg: There does appear to be a state in the union named Nevada. -Shattered Glass Rob: It made sense to pool our collective loathing for the opposite sex, and while we were at it, you get to share a bed with somebody at the same time. We were frightened of being left alone for the rest of our lives. Only people of a certain disposition are frightened of being alone for the rest of their lives at the age of 26, and we were of that disposition. -High Fidelity
  23. DCMaximo

    Recent Purchases

    "The Spine" by They Might Be Giants "Music From Big Pink" by the Band "Utopia Parkway" by the Fountains Of Wayne "Contaminated:Relapse Records Label Sampler Vol 1", which was £2 and contains stuff by Pig Destroyer, DEP, Unsane, Nile, Mastodon and Planes Mistaken For Stars. Bargain price.
  24. DCMaximo

    Favorite tune from a film soundtrack

    "My Sharona" by the Knack from "Reality Bites" "Playground Love" by Air from "The Virgin Suicides" Plus the Cowboy Junkies cover of "Sweet Jane" worked really well in "Natural Born Killers", not so well on the actual CD soundtrack
  25. DCMaximo

    Who should Michaels make a star?

    With the way they're pushing him, I'd say Masters would really benefit from the win. After all the boring MasterLock segments, they've actually started making a decent effort with the guy, as he has in-ring MasterLock victories over Tajiri and Benjamin. If he wins this feud with Big Show, a close, clean win over Michaels with the lock would make Masters look like a real contender and HBK is good enough to carry the improving Masters to his best match yet (while that isn't saying much)