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    Shaniqua marks....

    I must admit, I thought Linda Miles was a lousy choice of a TE Winner, but she's come a long way. I've enjoyed her manager role, but I just need to see more of her in the ring before I pass further judgement. Can't wait for Alexis to show up, hope the WWE doesn't just mold her into another generic diva.
  2. SamoaRowe

    Star Ratings...

    I give star ratings out due to how entertained I was by the match. This way, a fun and well put together five minute match can do as much for me as an awesomely built up 20 minue match. I've never seen a five star match before. The closest that comes to mind are a few different matches involving Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle (against eachover and others).
  3. SamoaRowe

    Paul London to debut this Weekend

    Look at it this way. The first time I ever saw Shelton Benjamin, he was jobbing to Justin Credible in a Raw dark match. Now look where Benjamin is! Just because Paul London might lose his first few UNTELEVISED matches doeesn't mean anything! On a side note, Brock Lesnar used to job to Lance Storm and others at house shows as well, so the WWE will probably just have Paul London pay some dues first.