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    Dixie finally reveals target demographic

    Judging from their Youtube fanbase, mainly a whole bunch of virgins. I own a few TNA toys, but I've actually opened them... how sad does that make me?
  2. SamoaRowe

    Slumdog Millionaire

    Yeah, my fiance did too, I corrected her before
  3. SamoaRowe


    I got Super Mario Galaxy for Christmas last year and I'm more than halfway through the game but I keep telling myself that I'm not allowed to buy any more long adventure games until I finish it. Luckily this means I'll be able to get Nights for 20 bucks, rather than the 50 it was when I was first interested in it.
  4. SamoaRowe

    WWE Raw - December 29, 2008

    I was at Raw last night. It was an enjoyable live experience for the most part. I couldn't believe something that happened late in the show. I was sitting with a couple of friends, one of whom I don't see that often, and we were discussing the show. Now I probably had to raise my voice from time to time, due to us being in a sold out arena with thousands of people yelling and chanting things, and carrying on their own conversations. However, for the most part I wasn't chanting or yelling anything myself. Then, out of nowhere, during the television main event, this cranky looking old man yelled at me for talking. At first I thought he had to be joking. But nope, he was mad that we had been talking. Now if we were at a movie, that would have been one thing, but we were in a sold out sports arena. Later on he was amusing me because our entire section was screaming for HBK to not lay down for JBL, and the fucker was covering his ears. I think I will remember him as the Wrestling Grinch.
  5. SamoaRowe

    WWE Folder sucks dick

    While I would never think less of you for having not seen it, you really owe it to yourself to sit down and watch it. Not only is it a great story, but there is a rediculous amount of nudity in it for a PG rated film.
  6. SamoaRowe

    Guys, I think Marney is dead.

    It's too bad if she did pass away. I'm in the party of people who probably never agreed with her on anything (and at times had a hard time wrapping my brain around her logic) but if she's gone then I do feel genuinely bad for her. However, it does sound like she was suffering for a long time, so hopefully wherever she is, she has found peace.
  7. SamoaRowe

    Slumdog Millionaire

    Saw this last night. Definitely a top notch experience.
  8. SamoaRowe


    You must get ExciteTruck.
  9. SamoaRowe

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Nope, I'm with you on that one.
  10. SamoaRowe

    Worst Series of All Time

    I actually really enjoyed their pay-per-view outings, but I wasn't watching Smackdown on a consistent basis at that time so I probably missed another 6-8 matches between those two, so I didn't really get a chance to get sick of it. The Booker T/Robert Roode feud in TNA was dreadfully boring. Apply that to any Roode singles feud, just can't give a damn about any of it.
  11. SamoaRowe


    Because Mario Kart is in high demand and in limited supply. We are frequently out of it at my Best Buy. People can criticize Nintendo for not releasing anything big for the holidays this year, but they didn't have to, Wii Fit and Mario Kart are more than carrying the load.
  12. SamoaRowe

    Have you actually met anyone from the board?

    I've spotted who I believe to be The Dames at some ROH events, otherwise no.
  13. SamoaRowe

    Teenage Mutant Team Ninja Turtles Bros Brawl

    Yeah, how is this bad news? I'm absolutely looking forward to this title.
  14. SamoaRowe

    The 2008 TSM Forums SLAM-E Awards

    BEST OF: A. Performer Of The Year - the best overall combination of someone who can back it up in the ring but can entertain on promos. 1. Chris Jericho 2. Nigel McGuinness 3. Shawn Michaels B. Wrestler Of The Year - the wrestler who can best work a technical match. Though part of "working" is the ability to entertain a crowd (this is why Hulk Hogan can never be called a bad worker - bad mat technician yes, but the man could work a crowd), this is meant for those who may not be over with Casual Joe, but Hardcore Henry says he's the greatest of all time. 1. Shawn Michaels 2. Bryan Danielson 3. Nigel McGuinness C. Entertainer Of The Year - while everyone is eligable of course, the idea here is that just because all their matches are about * or less, you find them to be a guilty pleasure or hilarious or what not. I already know who the winner is but we'll go through the motions. 1. John Morrison and The Miz 2. Santino Marella 3. The Great Khali D. Tag-Team Of The Year: 1. Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs 2. John Morrison and The Miz 3. Kevin Steen and El Generico E. PPV Of The Year: 1. Wrestlemania 24 2. Summerslam 3. No Mercy F. Match Of The Year: 1. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels (No Mercy) 2. Roderick Strong vs. Erick Stevens (FIP Redefined) 3. Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico (ROH Driven) G. Best Television Show Of The Year: 1. ECW H. Smart-Mark Out Moment Of The Year: 1. CM Punk winning the World Heavyweight Championship. I. DVD Of The Year: 1. History of the Intercontinental Championship. J. Feud Of The Year: 1. Erick Stevens vs. Roderick Strong K. Angle Of The Year: 1. The Main Event Mafia L. Non-Match / Segment Of The Year: 1. Chris Jericho smashes Shawn Michaels into the Jericho-tron. M. Female Of The Year (either for wrestling ability or because you find them hot, I don't care): 1. Beth Phoenix 2. Awesome Kong 3. Roxxi Lavaeux N. Announcer / Colour Commentator Of The Year (one or the other): 1. Dave Prazak WORST OF: A. Least Entertaining Wrestler (Don't use the "Best Of" classifications, this is for the person who you hate to see in the ring because you find no redeeming entertainment value with them - it probably goes without saying they can't wrestle): 1. Vladimir Kozlov 2. Mike Knox 3. Mr. Kennedy B. Worst Interviews/Promos/Non-wrestling Segments: 1. Mike Adamle C. Worst Tag Team Of The Year: 1. Deuce and Domino D. Worst PPV Of The Year: 1. Great American Bash (it was decent enough, I didn't see any Pay-per-views that I hated this year). E. Worst Match Of The Year: 1. I'll have to come back and edit something in. F. Worst Television Show Of The Year: 1. Impact (despite the last couple of months). G. 2008's "Embarrassed to be a Wrestling Fan" Moment: 1. I'll come back to this one, I feel like I'm forgetting something. I. Worst / Most Disappointing DVD Of The Year: 1. Triple H: King of Kings J. Worst Feud: 1. Booker T vs. Robert Roode K. Worst Angle: 1. Vince McMahon's Million Dollar Giveaway L. Worst Announcer / Colour Commentator (one or the other): 1. Matt Striker M. Worst Non-Match/Segment Of The Year: 1. ODB taking a dump. N. Worst Female Of The Year 1. Maria
  15. SamoaRowe

    Joey Styles JKO's JBL overseas

    In regards to Striker, I remember a story floating around about three/four years ago that Benoit and Eddie threw Striker and his gear out of the locker room because of what they perceived to be disrespectful behavior.
  16. SamoaRowe

    Ben Folds - Way to Normal

    I actually like Way to Normal quite a bit. Not every song clicks (don't really care for Dr. Yang) and a few others are generally good songs with a few awkward lyrics here and there ("Cologne" sets a good atmosphere, but is lyrically weak). However, I can't see how everyone who states that they have been big Ben Folds fans in the past can hate songs like "Brainwascht" or "Kylie from Connecticut." "Kylie" in particular sounds like it would have fit in perfectly on "Rockin' The Suburbs." Either way, it's not his best work, but is far superior to Songs for Silverman.
  17. SamoaRowe

    Jobs w/ Highest Amount of Douchebags

    Winner! Two years ago, I would have disagreed, but lately it's been really hard to deny.
  18. SamoaRowe

    Planned champions

    Eddie Guerrero seemed pretty happy to get rid of his "prop" ASAP too.
  19. SamoaRowe

    The Fred Phelps World Tour

    That's fucking wonderful. It would be nice if everyone they've hurt in that way would sue them.
  20. SamoaRowe

    The Fred Phelps World Tour

    It'll be a glorious day when they are.
  21. SamoaRowe

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    Humble request: Survivor Series 2008? I was there live, but haven't been able to hunt down a proper version to review for a website.
  22. SamoaRowe

    What did/do your parents think of wrestling?

    My dad to this day always talks about how foolish it is, though I can recall a few times from when I still lived at home when he'd accidentally get sucked into the occasional Nigel McGuinness/Bryan Danielson match. My mom resisted my getting into it. I would have been a fan a lot younger than I was if she'd have let me. I can remember watching some goofy afternoon show in the early 90's and being forced to change the channel because wrestling was "violent." In retrospect, I don't know what she was so concerned about, perhaps watching ten minute bear hugs and chinlocks would have warped my fragile little mind.
  23. SamoaRowe

    ROH Live Events [a few questions]

    Yeah, they have a lot of t-shirts, as well as a lot of the non-ROH DVDs they sell on their website. Sometimes action figures and DVD grab-bags as well.
  24. SamoaRowe

    Planned champions

    Would it salvage this thread to turn the discussion towards title changes that were planned out months or years in advance in comparison to title reigns that were booked on the fly? For example, Homicide's ROH title run was months in the making (and I believe would have happened with or without Danielson's injury) and when Bret Hart won the WWF title he didn't know it was going to happen until he arrived at the building.
  25. SamoaRowe

    ROH Live Events [a few questions]

    Make sure you bring plenty of money. The merch table is gloriously packed with DVDs and they tend to run a buy 3, get 1 free sale on ROH titles.