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  1. I believe there was a celebration when Ronnie Garin won the title from Flair too. I also remember one when Kerry Von Erich beat Flair for the title.
  2. kirk angel

    Favorite heel acts

    What are everyones? Mine is when IRS destroyed Tatanka's Indian Head dress because he said he didn't pay taxes on it. Some others that I likes are when Earthquake killed Damien, HTM's numerous guitar shots and the beating Rick Rude gave Piper on the Brother Love show
  3. kirk angel


    I agree about the commentary. I just watched my tape of the match last night and Ventura had me laughing the whole match. Monsoon:Obviously we have a difference in opinions. Ventura:Yeah well, good for me
  4. kirk angel

    The ONE and ONLY Demolition Thread

    I remember on wwf primetime the monday after it happened, Monsoon kept talking about how the brainbusters cheated to win and Heenan said he would prove they didnt. So then they show a replay of the match but Heenan edited out the chair shot.
  5. kirk angel

    Triple H *defends* steroid use in wrestling

    I could care less if he juices or condones it. It's his body, and if he abuses steroids then he will have too pay eventually.
  6. kirk angel

    Mainstream Leak of Brock

    Does anyone else think Brock doesn't have any chance of amounting to anything in the NFL?
  7. kirk angel

    Austin/McMahon feud

    Mine was the raw after the Undertaker/kane match with Austin as ref where I heard my favorite Vince quote " You didn't live up to your end of the deal, NOW I'M NOT GONNA LIVE UP TO MINE"
  8. The promo he cut on the titantron when he was revealed to be the higher power was one of my favorites.
  9. kirk angel

    bret vs austin

    I like the WM match better. The main reason being the SS match had almost the exact same ending to the bret vs piper match when bret won the IC title. As soon as I saw Bret in the million dollar dream near the turnbuckle i knew he was gonna reverse it for the pin.
  10. kirk angel

    So What Did You Think Of The Contract Singing?

    After the NFL draft in April, I'm gonna start following the first pick around, and when he's about to sign his contract, I'm gonna give him some sweet chin music and sign the contract and collect all of his money.
  11. kirk angel

    Gimmicks that overshadowed the person

    Wow now that I think about it, I completely forgot that he was part of the SST
  12. kirk angel

    Favorite heel acts

    I forgot all about Taker locking Ultimate Warrior in the casket and him needing mouth to mouth to get revived. Also anytime Taker would beat a jobber and stuff him in a bodybag after the match and give him a beating.
  13. kirk angel

    NWA Great American Bash

    Magnum/Tully KILLS Flair/Funk for I Quit. They could have had Rock threaten to slam Foley's wife in the head with a chair if he didn't Quit after Rock had slammed him those 15 times or so. That would have made it the best of all time. And then after Foley said I quit they could have had The Rock hit Foley's wife in the head with the chair anyway.
  14. kirk angel

    They gotta change something in the rumble

    I'm not sure what year it was but I marked out when Lawler tried to hide under the ring
  15. kirk angel

    the top ten quotes of all time

    Also when he's testing the mic after an encounter with the Rock... "Testies testies one two one two." I believe it was: Testies testies one, two... three?." That was from an episode of Beavis and Butthead
  16. kirk angel

    Rock to fight HHH at wm20

    Don't hold your breathe waiting for that to happen
  17. kirk angel

    Backstage politics

    Sounds alot like HHH in 2003. I've learned to expect HHH to win every match he is in
  18. kirk angel

    Want to own the WCW TV Title?

    He won it from Haku, Haku beat Race to become King Haku.
  19. kirk angel

    Want to own the WCW TV Title?

    Hahahahahahaha Good ol Jesse the body
  20. kirk angel


    I think Edge is horrible on the mic as a face. I think he just sounds ridiculous when he is talking about his "Edge heads". I just dont think i could ever view him as a threat unless he is a heel. Bring back the conchairto
  21. kirk angel


    Tag champ Edge reeked of awsomeness
  22. kirk angel

    Confidential Preview

    I was hoping for some footage of the HHH/Ultimate Warrior match
  23. kirk angel

    HHH face turn

    It looks to me like WWE started it this past Monday by having JR question where he was during the main event. I wouldn't be surprised to so some mini confontation if HHH is on Raw this week and then see Evolution turn on him at the ppv.
  24. kirk angel

    Trish/Jerich & Xitan/Lita

    Maybe Matt was in on the whole thing too.
  25. kirk angel

    WWE 2003 welcomes back WWF 1994

    They seemed to be into the you tapped out chant.