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    never been face/heel

    what wrestlers have never been a face or never been a heel throughout their career.the onlyones i can think of are never face rick rude kevin sullivan...i havent really followed his career but from what ive seen i dont remember him ever being a face never heel ultimate warrior...not positive about this though, i think he could have possibly been a heel when he first came to wccw ricky steamboat...i dont really know anything about him pre wwf, so if he was ever a heel it was before he first came to the wwf
  2. kirk angel

    Best ring entrances

    my all time favorite is rick rude and i'll admit, im a mark for ultimate warriors entrance
  3. yup, thats my choice too
  4. kirk angel

    never been face/heel

    He was a face, i remember him wrestling heyman who was heel at the time at GAB 89
  5. kirk angel

    Austin Interview

    first brock, now stone cold...
  6. kirk angel

    The OAO Velocidential thread

    my fav part of the hart/yoko match was when hart was covering yoko and piper was counting and cornette pulled piper out of the ring before he could count 3. so piper gets in cornettes face and cornette yells "what, it wasnt me"
  7. kirk angel

    World Class Championship Wrestling

    i used to watch wccw on espn every day...lots of great memories. i remember some match where somebody won a car and then afterwards the one man gang destroyed the car haha.
  8. kirk angel

    One and Only Smackdown Thread for October 30, 2K3

    did he bet somoene to see how many times he could say fine and dandy in one promo?
  9. kirk angel

    So both teams need 1 more person....

    i really dont mind mark henry being in it if that means there is a chance i'll get to hear teddy long call somebody white boy. im assuming batista will be on bischoff team and the heartbeak cracka on austins
  10. kirk angel

    never been face/heel

    shit i completely forgot about when him and windham were a face team
  11. kirk angel

    never been face/heel

    was mike rotundo ever a face
  12. kirk angel

    Ambulance match at Survivor Series

    Didn't Sting/Vampiro have a ambulance match in WCW or It was someonelse? was that the match when sting got lit on fire
  13. kirk angel

    Wrestlers without entrance music

    Thankfully they quickly changed that. And he got the...PERFECT...theme. his music has always been one of my favorites
  14. kirk angel

    Wrestlers without entrance music

    mr perfect didnt have any music when he first came to the wwf
  15. kirk angel

    Which year was Kurt Angle at his best

    i thought he was the most entertaining in 2000
  16. kirk angel

    The Old School questions thread

    it was def savio vega that beat austin causing dibiase to leave wwf at the may 1996 iyh. the austin bret feud didnt get started until their match at survivor series 1996 when bret made his return after losing to michaels at wm 12 anyway, when did austin change from the ringmaster to stone cold? I'm pretty sure it was at the beginning of his feud with savio, but im not sure if maybe he changed his name after dibiase left
  17. kirk angel

    A theory

    then how did brock or kurt end up with the belt
  18. kirk angel

    Stu Hart dies

    who is the tall guy in the back behind hogan
  19. kirk angel

    Austin/Hart 2?

    angle used to my my fav wrestler in the wwe, but that was when he was heel...i could give two shits about face kurt angle. I just watched the kurt angle its true its true video the other day and its really sad how bad the wwe has ruined his character
  20. kirk angel

    Stu Hart dies

    when/how did helen die?
  21. kirk angel

    Another film role for TripleH?

    if it keeps him off wwe tv then im happy
  22. kirk angel

    WWE's saddest sight

    Goldberg represented a climax in WCW. One of the most over guys in the HISTORY of Pro. Wrestling finally got the world title July 6th, 1998. The ratings durring his reign for the RAW/Nitro war went back and forth every few weeks. The WCW product as a whole had began, and had been for a while, declining while WWF was improving. The strength that WCW had, was weakening, but that was because of the overall product, and the failure to pay off the nWo. The fans loved Goldberg, there is no way that anyone can deny that. The moment that WCW started going wrong, was the night at Starcade 1998. The very MOMENT that Kevin Nash pinned WCW's so-called "golden boy", was the moment that WCW died. It was one of the most pointless things in the history of WCW, and it had the biggest effect. After Kevin Nash won the title, the ratings started a serious slide, and they NEVER improved. Not only that, but having Nash just GIVE the title to Hulk Hogan shortly after didn't help at all. After building up Goldberg for so long, after WCW finally found something the fans cared about once again, they had Nash beat him with a flawed cheating victory, which meant nothing. After Nash FINALLY beat him, just handing the belt to Hogan was very sad. Had WCW allowed Goldberg to truly continue being the champion for a while, and promote some sort of huge Benoit/Goldberg (after proper promotion obviously) or a Bret/Goldberg match in which Goldberg lost, I firmly believe that WCW would still be alive today. So there. off topic...the last monday night that wcw had higher ratings was the night after halloween havoc that they replayed the ddp/goldberg match
  23. kirk angel

    WWE's saddest sight

    those are def my top 2 choices
  24. kirk angel

    Should pulling the tights even be called cheating?

    so if its illegal to pull there tights when your covering an opponent then shouldnt it also be illegal to grab onto their tights and throw them out of the ring like hogan did to savage at wmV