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  1. kirk angel

    The over-the-top-rope DQ in the NWA/WCW

    i think the piledriver was illegal for a while in the awa too
  2. kirk angel

    The over-the-top-rope DQ in the NWA/WCW

    Were there any other dumbass Rules Bill Watts made during his booker run in 1992? BESIDES pushing his son Erik down out throats. i remember the reasoning behind banning moves from the top rope was to try and avoid wrestlers from being injured but then he also made a rule that all the protective mats around the outside of the ring had to be removed to show how tough wcw wrestling was...kinda contradicting if you ask me
  3. kirk angel

    Ok so where is the Test/Steiner fued going now??

    i cant believe im admitting this but this angle is one of my guilty pleasures...ever since steiner fell off the ring on ppv a few months ago i knew this angle would be golden
  4. kirk angel

    Anyone else think

    i hope he isnt...i dont see anything good coming out of him juicing, or any other wrestler juicing for that matter
  5. kirk angel

    HHH Gone Until The Royal Rumble!

    was brock a heel when he one this past years...if not then i think it was mcmahon in 99
  6. kirk angel

    Old School

    -Akeem -Bam Bam Bigelow doing cartwheels in the middle of his matches
  7. kirk angel

    The Old School questions thread

    i believe he took a leave of absence and then the wwf started airing cheesey promos of him as the genius and then a few weeks later he debuted as the genius
  8. kirk angel

    ~The Hate Game~

    i just find hhh really boring. now that he doesnt have the title i have no interest in anything that involves him
  9. kirk angel

    Would a trade be good

    i'd love to see them bring a heel angle to raw and send hhh to smackdown
  10. kirk angel

    If Angle had joined the WWF in 97

    angle didnt enter the wwf as a cocky gold medalist, he was a baby face at first. i remember him having a feud with tiger ali singh when he had some india is better than america gimmick goin on, but i think angle got hurt before that went anywhere and then came back with the cocky olympic hero gimmick. i was watching the kurt angle its true its true video a few days ago and i just wish wwe would turn him heel again. some of the promos on that video were some of the funniest ive ever seen. his character seems kinda lame now
  11. kirk angel

    The Old School questions thread

    when he came to the ring they always announced him as being from queens ny
  12. i think that has to do with a marketing standpoint...a lot more people know him as the rock than duane johnson
  13. kirk angel

    Champion Vs. Champion

    I think that's the match that British Bulldog subbed since Owen's baby was being born (possibly storyline?) and Owen showed up midmatch, got pinned, and the next night the Kliq had to relinquish the tag belts? I can't remember yeah i think owen and yokozuna had clarence mason as there attorney and he said that the titles couldnt change cause owen got pinned even though he wasnt officially in the match
  14. kirk angel

    Old School

    i love ultimate warrior interviews/promos "i am the quintessential undefeatable"
  15. kirk angel

    Champion Vs. Champion

    not sure if this fits the world vs midcard champ category but... world and ic vs tag team champs diesel and hbk vs yokozuna and owen hart in that match where whoever scored the pin won the title of the person they pinned. i think it was called a triple crown match
  16. kirk angel

    Greatest wrestling quotes ever?

    kurt angle talking about triple h the night he came back from his quad injury " i just tore my quad this morning, look at me i'm fine now"
  17. kirk angel

    If you could only watch 3 matches

    hart vs perfect ic title steamboat vs savage wm III hart vs bulldog ic title
  18. kirk angel

    Top 5 *LEAST* favorite wrestlers.

    jeff jarrett x pac road dogg rodney mack bubba dudley