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  1. I thought Hogan vs Savage from WM V should have been on there somewhere, and I'm not crazy about the ending from the Rock vs Austin match. I thought all those chairshots made Austin look weak, it would have been more effective if Mcmahon hit the Rock once, and that led to an Austin stunner and then a pin followed by Austin and McMahon embracing and then a post match beatdown of the Rock

  2. How could we forget Mongo?



    I think I tried to block him out. Man, he simply could not wrestler. Killed me watching him flash the Horsemen sign.

    Was Jarrett ever a horsemen? I think I remember him and Mongo working together, but like you I tried to block that incarnation of the horsemen out

  3. Yeah it is. They recap it again. Quick question, the bracket must change for the WM IV Title Tournament, right? Cause doesen't Dibiase get put on the top of the bracket, then buys off Andre to get a double DQ.

    I was wondering that after last weeks episode. This week Monsoon was talking about possible outcomes and mentioned Dibiase and Andre could meet in the finals and that Andre would just let him win the match, so I get the feeling that they will switch the brackets in order to avoid that from happening. That's my best guess

  4. I could be wrong but the way Gorilla said it, Survivor Series was either occuring or was happening as the show aired. It's possible it was going on at the same time...I think Prime Time might have still been on Thursdays at this point. You know, I remember watching Prime Time religiously back in the day but I never remember them being on Thursday.


    Since my Prime Time memory is apparently not up to snuff, I was wondering...a while back I read that Andre's performance was so bad at the Survivor Series that they didn't show footage from the event for two months. Anyone know if that's true? I wonder how they discussed the event on Prime Time. Gorilla ragged Heenan's team for weeks leading into the show but it was Heenan's team (namely Andre) that emerged victorious. Gorilla was never one to eat his words though.


    We should soon be coming up to the point where Heenan sells Andre's contract to Ted Dibease. That should make for some fun Heenan/Gorilla banter. It's a shame Heenan couldn't have still be managing Andre when he won the WWF Championship. Brain deserved to manage the champ and get a big one over Hogan, even if it lasted only two minutes.

    Gorilla said that after this episode they would be moving to mondays

  5. Did the WWF acknowledge that Col Mustafa was The Iron Shiek? When Slaughter was coming to the ring Heenan said there was 3 former WWF champions in the ring ( Hogan, Savage, Slaughter) and then Monsoon said moments ago there were 4 in the ring. I'm assuming they were talking about Hogan, Savage, Undertaker, and Mustafa. I don't recall them ever acknowledging that Mustafa was the shiek but it's been 16 years so I guess I could have forgotten if they did

  6. The funniest thing about War Games though is the coin flip. One thing you know is that the good guys will NEVER win the coin flip. The heels always have the 2-on-1 advantage. So they shouldn't even bother with the flip.

    One thing they could have done if the faces ever won the toss was, when there is only 1 face left on the outside and there are 2 heels waiting to go in, have the 2 heels attack the one face on the outside so that he isn't any help when it's time for him to go in

  7. I still have to wonder why Summerslam's set was released before Survivor Series' set...when Survivor Series is the older PPV.

    If I was to take a guess I would say because in the early years Summerslam had more significant matches than the survivor series. It wasn't until 1991 that there was a title defended at the survivor series