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    Jericho's book torn apart

    I've never seen it around.
  2. For the "Durr, concussions don't make you attack your family" crowd, a look at a brain damaged NHL player.
  3. Bix

    The PS 50

    Great matches with Cena, RVD, Edge, Triple H and HBK, I guess. Also, he's the best seller in that company by far, in my humble opinion. Yea right. not when the company has HBK gainfully employed The HBK whose fake fainting was so laughably bad that the crowd LAUGHED AT HIM en masse?
  4. Bix

    Script for Impact on 1/3/08 (with working link)

    What? Christian made his career based on scripted promos.
  5. Bix

    WWE General Discussion - December 2007

    It's not 1999 anymore.
  6. Bix

    WWE General Discussion - December 2007

    A wrestler DID die before that. Sherri Martel, remember? And the angle just kept chugging along. They didn't stop it until they were absolutely forced to by the Benoit situation. I've participated in 10-bell salutes to real dead people. As in, been the one actually ringing the bell for locals who were now in the ground. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who would do a fake 10-bell for "entertainment" purposes should go fuck themselves for being utter disgraces to humanity. Also, the tribute shows are not sacred and don't mean anything. It's workers working. It's a chance for wrestlers to get themselves over as genuinely good people with the fanbase by playing top this with each other to see who can do the most touching tribute and get the most adoration from it. If there's reality to it, it's incidental and rare. Acting like they've committed some sort of sacrilege by mocking it isn't cause for scorn. If anything, WWE should be commended for being more honest about their lack of class, rather than disguising it as they've been wont to do before. Do you really think an Owen Hart tribute show that features the Undertaker staying off camera to protect his gimmick, Road Dogg making drug references in honor of a guy who never did drugs, and Steve Austin, who didn't even like the guy, closing out the show by toasting a beer to him simply because he's the company's top babyface, is something special that should somehow be protected? Is Stephanie McMahon comparing the Federal government to Al Qaeda really a standard that is too important to be mocked? Is a show really the best effort possible to honor Eddy Guerrero when they can't even deliver a clean finish in the main event because they want to protect guys they're building around?
  7. Actually, I'm not sure if he did, but anyway... In WCW, ECW, or NJPW, I'm pretty sure that he didn't take a chair shot that knocked him out for several minutes, then, when he regained consciousness, left him unable to stand for several minutes, while the company didn't have him checked for a concussion. Even with all of the concussions that could be hidden, it seems like there's a smoking gun in the fact that WWE claims to have records of no concussions when the above happened on their watch after the bizarre incident where HHH knocked out Benoit & a referee.
  8. Bix

    RAW XV

    Well, that and the terrifyingly brutal knockout.
  9. Bix

    WWE General Discussion - December 2007

    Ditto. Anything else would've been written more venomously.
  10. Bix

    Raw 11.26.07

    Two guys looking each other in the eye by itself is not gay. Two guys staring deeply into each other's eyes while one of the guys rubs the other's shoulders is gay.
  11. Ah yes, Regal's big comeback from severe drug addiction so he could do more drugs.
  12. No, I didn't mean it that way. My point was just that it was largely information that had previously been known mostly to Observer readers and didn't get any mainstream attention, so it's just interesting that its big mainstream exposure has come 5 months later in a magazine that is actually read largely by WWE's target audience.
  13. WWE should hire their own independent doctors via an agency and only accept their prescriptions within the wellness policy. I'm scared that I can't tell whether or not this is sarcasm.
  14. I thought the article was pretty poorly written myself. The author tried too hard It's far more in-depth than anything else out there, though.
  15. http://www.maximonline.com/Thelastdaysofch...icles/9733.aspx The best mainstream piece I've seen. Nothing new if you've been following the newsletters, but certainly interesting to see in a magazine w/ 2.5 million readers that's geared towards WWE's target demographic.
  16. Then I hope you're willing to accept the inevitable consequence of the vast majority of wrestling companies going out of business because they can't afford the expense. Dunno about Alaskan, but I can. I mean c'mon: A TABLE? If they didn't have the proper equipment and training, they should've called 911.
  17. ??? The hearings are actually scheduled. They're happening. Yes but that doesn't necessarily mean any wrestlers will end up testifying. It kinda does.
  18. ??? The hearings are actually scheduled. They're happening.
  19. Lesnar, big dude during his era, hates WWE, makes a perfect person to be there. Hall, known drug addict during his days, would make a key witness to 90's WWF. I'm sure we won't see Cena or Punk at these hearings. Cena, big dude during his era, vehemently claims to be drug free while using doubletalk and suffering a steroid injury. Punk, gimmick is being drug free in an industry of addicts.
  20. Yes, and...? I understand perfectly that many indy shows aren't even budgeted to gross 1/10th of these new expenses, but the new expenses are all safety-oriented, so I have no problem with it. If a promoter has a problem, he can lobby for a sliding scale based on the size of the show while they're still seeking feedback (asking the commission to drop the rule entirely would come off as callous).
  21. Too bad for them, then. Don't run wrestling shows if you can't afford safety precautions.
  22. Also when you classify it as sports programming to get around the Writers' Guild.